Replacement Council Member Election

Due to the sudden departure of WindowsError, we’re going to be electing 1 more Council Member to replace him. Only players can apply for this election. It’s important to keep in mind that Council members are not Administrators and a Council Member cannot apply for Admin during their term. You also may not apply if you are permabanned from either server.

Reply to this post after filling the format below if you wish to be a nominee:

Your CKEY: 

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001):

Why do you want to become a Council Member?:

What do you want to change?:

Additional Information:

Replying to this post with anything other than an application is strictly prohibited and may result in a forum ban. Another thread will be created for discussion.

Applications will be closed on 30/12/2019 18:00 GMT+03

EDIT: This should be a given, but non-serious replies will also be deleted. This is not a place to shitpost.

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Your CKEY: fighterslam

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001): fighterslam#3109

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: so I can improve the community.

What do you want to change?: I want to allow players to better understand the rules, how they will be punished, and to prevent bullshit bans in the future. So many admins take situation x and give it solution y or z, when all admins should really just put solution x to situation x.
oh yeah i also want to get ideas processed so community can be like: hmmm this is idea, can we have it ingame? instead of it being lost it can actually be considered and/or implemented

Additional Information: me popular, unga bunga


Your CKEY: Wilchen

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001): Wilchen

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: Because there will ineviteable be a lot of non-serious candidates that are going to run for the sake of running.

What do you want to change?: I want to try and reduce the length of the rules while keeping the spirit of them.


To make the server better and stop cringe, to enable people to do what they want that causes fun and doesn’t do cuck things
To change the rules that they would allow playing for fun rather than making it so you can’t pick up this item, do that, or specifically do it like that and also make coderfags do cool shit and not implement hats
Add Info: fuck wilchen, stay based, also fun fact dimas is blonde and has a furry gf who he gets dommed by, real fact




Why do I want to be council? Cause someone’s got to be it, why not me a player first and foremost very active on discord and game

What would I change?: not much but I’d be a representive to the playerbase, I believe a lot of admins live in a self induced bubble away from the players and see them selves as a separate gang if you will
I will be the bridge between the 2
A vote for me is a vote for bee!

i will bring back the N word


*Your CKEY:

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001):
VictorPride / Zane Blake#something

Why do you want to become a Council Member?:
I’ve been an admin for a short while, done a few PRs and have one of the highest playtime as a Bee player so I think I understand the Bee culture well and how to enhance the quality of the server whilst retaining it’s core charms.

I want to be voted in because I know my taste appeals to many members here (search on the forum for some of my ideas such as clown cult and mime cult) so you’re likely to see more of that if I get an influential position.

What do you want to change?:
Dynamic in rotation, increased transparency and discussion for controversial PRs, better communication regarding council rulings, and anything I can do to help add more content (gamemodes, mid-round antags, job content etc).

Additional Information:


Your CKEY:
Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001):
Why do you want to become a Council Member?:

Do you know what I see in the current administration?
Do you know what I see rampant upon the mods and rampant among the council members, whom supposedly speak for us?
One word.


I speak for the man who keeps the wiki permanently open on another monitor!
I speak for the man who, as security, misses every shot with the disabler before getting pushed and it stolen from him!
I speak for the man who, instead of lighting the cigarette in their mouth, lights themself on fire!

I speak for the unrobust!

Elect me to prove that we outnumber them!

What do you want to change?:


Oh, and make MRP more actual RP. RP, after all, is the saviour of the unrobust.

Additional Information:

Additional Information Adds Additionally


Your CKEY: derpymcderpderp

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001): big cheese#1641

Why do you want to become a Council Member?:
I want to improve the quality of both servers while keeping core gameplay features in and unnecessary additions out
What do you want to change?:
An important thing to change would be rules about escalation and validity to make them clearer as many new players do not seem to understand how validity works. I’d also like to have more serious discussions about the state of some antags’ balance.
One more thing would be to have the new council rulings ported over to the rules page and to make them more compact
Additional Information:


Your CKEY: electrosssnake
Your Discord: :black_heart:eLeCtrOssSnake​:black_heart:#2372

Why do you want to become a Council Member?:
Get the power to change stuff, because I care about this server.

What do you want to change?:
First of all the ban related stuff, how ban appealing works, perma handling and ban times. Also tweaking the rules.

Additional Information:
I am banned on bee to 30th of december, this is what caused me to realise what is wrong with ban appealing.
Because I was doing some PR’s so it serves as a kind of evidence.
Not going to take it long so this is what it is.


Your CKEY: honkhonkclown

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001): Clown#7307

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: maybe I can finally get a coder to accept my code bounty for clown cult also some sort of middleground between jannie and mentor is needed to deal with the extreme jannie shortage that appears often now on LRP with 8 mentors on at once and 0 jannies.

What do you want to change?: clown cult instead of clock cult now that clockcucks is dead in the water.
henk also better path between mentor and jannie for people who want to help more but don’t want to deal with the headache of full jannyship
Additional Information: if dimas and wilchen are actually serious candidates in these kinds of things then fuck it why not clown meme candidate #3



Your CKEY: ZoeyTheZany

Your Discord : ZoeyTheZany#3439

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: I am not easily corrupted by personal temptations nor the desires of others. I don’t fit in any of your cliques and will only vote for matters or propose matters that I truly find right. I will happily and openly call bullshit on anything council or admins do that is blatantly wrong. We have seen instances of that before and we no doubt will again. If you want a council member that doesn’t want power for the sake of power, I’m your girl.

What do you want to change?: The silicon laws need to be altered. The “You cannot change your interpretation” part for example is pointless. If the Captain for example makes a unclear law that can be taken in several ways the AI should be capable of asking for clarification and going off the clarification. While the AI should be able to realistically interpret a law as well if they are still programmed to take orders and be loyal to human crew someone of proper authority like the Captain who changed the law should be able to set the record straight should there be any confusion. I would also argue any good lawsets like asimov or Paladin would ask and act on the clarification if they are capable of getting it as understanding the law properly is concern to the safety of the human crew.

I would also like to reform the ban policy. I believe punishments exist to reform behaviors and I’d love to go into more detail about this but I could likely write a book on it. So, to put it simply I think bans should rarely go over a 3 month period except for ban evades and extreme other behavioral issues.

Additional Information: You know technically I am a ex-Council member because qwerty once promoted me to such and headmin several times for a brief period too when I was helping Kev setup some things on discord. :upside_down_face:

Also yes, I will totes come back full time if I am elected.


your CKEY: Optimumtact

Your Discord (IE: Xlyana#0001): oranges#0001

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: I am a lot better than the rest of these candidates

What do you want to change?: I want to make bee less like tg station

Additional Information:Face it, i’m a better choice on my worst day than any of these people on a good day


Your CKEY: Ksanavaari

Your Discord: Ksanavaari#1488

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: To vote in important matters and have them overruled by qwerty

What do you want to change?: Censorship

Additional Information: I like to post gachi and ill be a spokesperson for the gachi community


Your CKEY: Thatguythere03
Your Discord: thatguythere03#4418

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: While I have avoided running for a council seat in the past due to a variety of reasons, we need regular council members who have the community in mind first and foremost.

What do you want to change?: I’d like to make the voting process behind any and all council ruling as transparent as possible. The community needs to be properly informed about this sort of thing so we can avoid as much shit-flinging as possible.

Additional Information: I miss Dimas.

Your CKEY: brother_jeff

Your Discord: dhhrrnng#9591 (imhotep)

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: To represent the mentor gang, and to provide input in votes.

What do you want to change?: I think beestation is fine as it is. aside from the shitstorm going on right now, but i’ll support for better improvements and changes to the game.

Additional Information: i miss dimas


Your CKEY: RobottJesus

Your Discord: RobotJesus#7507

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: To represent the server for changes to be made the majority would enjoy.

What do you want to change?: I’d like things to be changed in fun ways for the whole crew, such as antagonists and their items. Lings are notorious for being unfun to fight, personally, I have my eye on holoparasites, having seen hippie’s version of the item, I’d say that their version of the item is exactly my point on things being more fun for all involved, as when you see a holoparasite on bee, the moment you see it do something, you know all of its power, on hippie, you never really know, as a stand that’s seemingly tanky and anchored to it’s user, can then start throwing ranged attacks at you. The user has more options to work with, and the crew has more options to work against. More in spirit with ss13, with finding out more creative ways to deal with problems and is the epitome of the changes I wish to implement.

Additional Information: I started playing ss13 back when mandalore did his review, I have gone on many servers, from hrp to lrp and have never been banned. I have no notes on bee, only time I remember being bwoinked on bee was when I was a ling and killing another ling’s objective in spirit of him killing my obj.


Fine i’ll do it myself .jpg

Your CKEY: Fronsis

Your Discord): Fronsis#0357

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: I feel like i can fit right in for a Council player representative to push a healthy agenda for the server and players with clear objectives of:
-Push the server forwards to have more players and make it worth it to have an LRP and MRP Server
-Wish to improve the community mentality to stop being so self-destructive with itself and against any newcomer that doesn’t quickly adapt to the ‘‘meta’’ of the humour surrounding it
-Make sure there’s a clear difference between when to be serious and when to shitpost.

What do you want to change?:
-As a player representative i would like to encourage players to keep improving themselvs and how to avoid doing stuff that made them get punished for.
-Promote better interactions between Admins-Players at the time of a Ban Appeal, have healthier conversations and not to end up with the classic situation of ‘‘many notes = must be shitter that never learned, perma’’
-Make sure the rules are to be seen everywhere so there’s no excuse for the players to act like they don’t know.
-Take serious the use of @everyone on Discord, remove unnecesary channels, keep a moderation team that’s able to delete out of place comments, make the admins be more conscious about where they put stuff, update descriptions of channels so there’s no excuse for anything, overall make a healthy Discord, have a proper place for ‘‘hey don’t take any of this serious this is le meme channel’’ and a proper ‘‘SERIOUS STUFF ONLY, NOT JOKING, VERY IMPORTANT’’
-Better internal and external conversation and interactions about the merge or removal of some PR’s
-Permit a placer to consider the rehab of players and improve the time sanctions properly since most admins vary based on their own judgement.
-Have a clear policy of ‘‘Everybody get the same end of the stick’’ There’s always gonna be consideration for a ‘‘veteran player’’ ‘‘veteran admin’’ but there are some things that some admins and veteran players think they have for granted and they can go over the rules that we all agreed on, i’ve seen this behaviour on other communities from games i’ve played or administrated myself so this is very important to me because this usually ends up on rotting the bee hive from inside, preventing it to grow larger and healthier, allowing new bees that can potentially benefit us but get to be denied for some old bees that think they can do as they please.

  • Have a real ‘‘You’re on thin ice’’ that statement became a joke literally.

Additional Information:

Drrr… Drrrr… Drr…

I like to shitpost as much as anyone else, but there’s a place and time to do it, having a clear line it’s very important so we all, at the end of the day, get to have a good time with our own shitpost and epic memes…

Also yeah, more events ideas.


Your CKEY: MinecrafterBoi

Your Discord : Thatoneguy#8289

Why do you want to become a Council Member?:
To improve the state of Beestation from previous states.
What do you want to change?:
Lots of things on the server are cringe (lings, AI law interpretation, antag balancing, the amount of transparency, amount of content, state of the council , amount of communication, ban policy, level of similarity with tg, Transparency of council, admins) I would like to work on reducing cringe. So it would be the best descision to allow me to be in the council via election in order to get these goals done.
Additional Information: yes

Your CKEY: DonkersHonkers

Your Discord:DonkersHonkers#0420

Why do you want to become a Council Member?: Vote for me for class president and I'll put racism in the water and cameras in the moths changing room 

What do you want to change?: Ban all cringe and moths 

Additional Information: Beestation more like Baystation