Removing abductors

First why i suggest this? abducters themselves ad no RP or chances to RP ( expect the “fun” objectives you get). the abductors cant even communicate with the crew only with themselves so there isnt even the chance for them to maybe lure a victim away to experiment on.
secondly they can just screw the roudn up of multiple people with a single click and put them out of it for multiple minutes and when they return they have a deeprouted trauma and a organs thats may just slighlty inconvience them or activly harms them in someway.
You cannot easilly deal with them because they can teelport away, one hit stun you or you cannot even reach them.
I believe they are not fit for an RP server as their playstyle and how they work isnt in any shape or form
RP friendly or encouraging.


I dislike abductors as well, you’re not the only one who feels this way about them. In fact, a similar thread was posted here before (What abductors tell us about the server - #2 by MayumiBun)

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So because extraterrestrial aliens can’t understand English, we should remove them? Abductors don’t kill you, they don’t round remove you, they simply add chaos to the ongoing round. This push for a removal of abductors sounds like it was made because you got abducted and got mad about it.


mmm, magic space man made it so i can’t walk or talk properly for the rest of the round with no counter. This is fine


cope + skill issue
abductors are good fun, best i can do is cut how much sleepy time their batong has


Big overstatement, you can find the actual list of symptoms from a fleshy mass on the abductor wiki page. Some of them even help you.


Abductors shouldn’t be removed, they need to be tweaked and revamped, i’ve already explained my point of view about abductors in… pretty much any abductor thread, they need a strict ‘‘SOP’’, they need to have the most cancerous organs removed and they need more features to let them experiment and create interesting RP scenarios rather than haha funny plasma organ and me grey alien go brrr and stun 20 people.


Yeah lets remove this antag and deprive the server of content instead of changing their brain traumas :))) i love open source coding


The wiki isn’t in character information by definition. Abductors suck ass for RP and have never improved a round, they are just troll antags. Which is why some people are so attached to them.


I’m on the stance on NEVER removing an antag. Try to rework it first, this server doesnt have much content to begin with.


Don’t think I’ve seen abductors add much besides stun sleeping 5 people at once, keeping someone in a coma for 10 minutes, or causing valid hunters across the station to storm them

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I agree that some organs are worth removing. Some of the organ’s visual effects are difficult to stomach for a full round.

Rainbow vision and screen shake for a whole shift had me physically ill. It’s too much visual noise. Gives me a massive headache.

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hands down worst antag, would rather play revs than get super crippled.

One gives you random chems until you die from it. One spawns a cloud of plasma for… reasons? The slime one is rather harmless but annoying as they dont attack (atleast outright on spawn) and only follow their host.
A couple are just malicious, Gain 5 random traumas (can be deep rooted), Deal electric/brain damage to those around you periodically, Cause a pandemic the host is immune to.

Also… I just found out that the gland names aren’t randomised between rounds…? If im reading this right that is… So a scientist could just be super malicious to anyone/everyone they wanted to and choose only the ones that cause the worst effects.

Just make you wish you were. Better?

Dumb argument I keep hearing when something is broken but no one is willing or able to deal with it… Especially if they agree that there is something wrong but still refuse a stopgap.
Disable them and Re-enable when something better is made of it. YOU want it. Rework it then… Or put incentives out to do so. No reason to keep it active and suffer through it while you do…

People hate abductors because literally no one does abductee objectives, despite the fact you were supposedly brainwashed to do them. Add better objectives to the list, make not attempting to do them bwoinkable, and you fixed it.

We had this discussion several times before.


this solution would be in my mind really bad. You are now forced to do something you had almost no chance to prevent from happening and even if.
But i agree with the others they should eb worked on but in their current state it is just no fun do deal with.

So? What makes them different from literally any other conversion antag in this case? When cultists instatstun you or when revs run up to shove and flash you.
But yes, a nerf that targets their ability to mass stun might be appropriate. Maybe add a cooldown to their batong


Yup, as Diaper and the rules say… Not every round will go 100% as you planned, and sometimes you can’t control the flow of the round, it is what it is you can’t use that excuse since it applies to a lot of antagonists.

There’s different takes on what would be useful to do for the Abductors but overall IMO it needs:

  • A proper ‘‘SOP’’ in the form of a message on the antagonist description that tells you what you can and can’t do

  • A removal of the organs that are annoying as fuck and don’t contribute anything for the player or the round other than annoyance/uncontrollable grief

  • More brainwashing objectives that encourages people to do them (though at the end it’s up to the player)

  • QoL changes for the abductors gameplay in general, for example a vendor that would help them spend the points in something else like different organ/body parts so they can do proper experimentation and surgeries on the player, hell you can even put stuff like med-hud implants or any other organ/implant so at the very least you can impact positively a player too

  • While in my ideal SOP the Abductors would be forbidden to go YOLO mode and go into populated places like brig, insta-stun 10 officers and put them all on the ship for 20 minutes a lot of players want the batong to be removed or ultra-nerfed, a good alternative would be to make it run out of charge if it stuns multiple people in a row, mostly to prevent the scenario i described, i’m personally fond of the idea of the advanced Ayy’s civilization that let’s them have a super avanced tool such as that but players obviously abuse it

I’d say they really don’t need a super strong-counter play, they’re there to drive the round forward via creating RP opportunities through default brainwashing, custom brainwashing, experimentating with organs and stalking/kidnaping crewmembers, they’re not murderboners and they’re not supposed to be out in the middle of brig abusing the batong (I’ve seen that countless time and i thank fucking god that the meta of mass-stun + bs body bag is less popular, it should straight up be forbidden too.)

I want the ayys to be a fun antagonists that can create good opportunities, on their current state they’re a 1-click win spammers who prioritize getting le greentext and fucking around afterwards with suicide charge tactics with the add of causing annoyance and grief with the shitty organs and questionable brainwashing objectives they’re long due for a QoL update and i wish i could learn to code faster because i would’ve done it myself but i’m not having that much free time lately.

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You forgot to read the part that says the gland heals toxin damage at a very fast rate. It’s also constantly switching the chemicals, so it’s not likely you’ll be dying to a chemical as it’ll probably be switched for something else in a few seconds.

You can’t see the names of any of the glands in-game. When you examine it, it just says it’s a fleshy mass.

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ayylien scientists see the true name when examining it, not just fleshy mass

Poor objectives and the traumas are one of the issues of abduction. these two PRs help rework that.