Ranking every limited rp antagonist

most blob rounds i see end in a shuttle call. It causes too much death and damage normally once it reaches a certain size


it’s true, but i have to be objective and rank the antags, not the players. if the crew is being cowardly, that has nothing to do with the blob itself.

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Why is your pfp a square with a tilted orange square inside or it

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Why is your pfp some ai generated anime clown?


When there is a Blob and half the crew is sitting on the EVAC shuttle. All of them SSD waiting for the Blob fight to be over and arguing “I’m not a fighter”, thinking that all there is to it.


Because I thought it was cute and is meant to portray Odessa. She had bi polar any time she got antag between good Odessa (green) and bad Odessa (red) and wore the jester outfit.

Does that satisfy your curiosity.

It must have some history behind it. All PFPs do.

Odessa is literally a bpd girl
Oh my god

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This makes a lot of sense actually with how much she flirts…

erp!!! ahelp!!!

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More that your original comment felt so hostile.

Also role playing someone with bod? Feels kinda insensitive

I feel like if you have any given mental illness you are inherently allowed to portray characters with that illness in whatever manner you deem appropriate.

I agree, but I don’t know if Suzuki has bpd. Had friends and a gf with bpd and it’s honestly obnoxious seeing people use it as a character quirk


Its one of those thing you just don’t ask man. Like if you see somone sitting in the disabled seats on the bus, do you have them prove they are disabled?


It was just mean to be funny. I like asking about people’s PFPs.

I think this is silly because it will eventually fall into other things such as race and sexual preference.

A character is a character.
It can be male, female, gay, hetero, have herpes, or cancer.
Provided you’ve done research and are not making a mockery out of it.

When I mentioned bipolarity it was more as a figure of speech and less so as the actual disorder.

However Odessa has RDS, you know, the disorder you can have in game.

I choose to portray that with some symptoms that may also coincide with Borderline and Bi Polar.

She’s a character, don’t get your panties in a twist.
Just because my grandfather died of cancer doesn’t mean I have to police whenever someone’s character has cancer, unless it’s something like “Hur dur what you said gave me cancer” or whatever (clearly a troll or mocking the condition).

Even then, they’re the ones acting shamefully so it’s up to them to be ashamed while I judge silently from the corner.

All in all, I’m playing a character in good faith. I’m a method actor so I believe they have a will of their own and act in their own different ways.
Having obstacles is part of their journey in whatever shape they might come in.


My favorite round as a revenant was where I asked a medical doctor to produce bodies for me, and that I was their guardian angel and needed bodies to keep them safe. I then convinced the chaplain that I was their deity and that salt was a sinful material of which’s creation should be impeded at all costs.

The medical doctor eventually told the CMO and was psychologically evaluated because I never showed up aside from talking in her head, I eventually gave up trying to convince her to help me and decided to get ahead of the curb and convinced the Chaplain that she was a sinful individual who wished to deceive him.

I eventually convinced the chaplain to bring the corpses into the morgue and the doctor pleaded to him trying to tell him not to sacrifice to me, and he just said,“I’m sorry, are you telling me how to worship my god?”

It was a really fun interaction with the two, and recall a post from the doctor in SS13 stories on the discord server sharing the same feeling. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people use the revenant as simply license to grief when it has so much more potential story wise.

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It’s not that you can -only- do it if you are of that demographic, but that you definitely are socially allowed to do so if you belong to that group. Self representation I mean.

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As if most of these are on the same level as bpd. I’ve never said that playing as any gender, skin colour, age or whatever from your own person is bad, it is using serious mental conditions as a goofy personality quirk.

Then why couldn’t you said she was moody or something of those lines? It’s the same as people saying “I can never remember where I put my keys, I must have ADHD lol”. You’re just making a disorder into a personality quirk.

On the topic of cancer I think it’s more fine to joke about, since it’s something everyone can get and probably most people have experience with, being that loved ones, friends or even oneself.
Getting shot by the cancer gun and shouting that someone gave you cancer is kinda funny and is just a joke, even though it has potential to be hard hitting to some people who are dealing with it in their life.

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It makes you a nerd