Radstation feedback thread

there is also no fire lock doors at the bar.
There is only one fire alarm button at the cafe, there should be one in every sub-department and maybe a few for the cafe due to the size. There definitely should be one for the kitchen since firelocks run through the kitchen and bar. meaning you need one on both sides of it.

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Perma (prison wing and shielded prison wing)
-Perma vendors cost money? Perma residents should be without their ids and therefore money so they cant be able to buy anything.
-Perma lacks a cultivator for the trays, or they literally cant grow anything when weeds overtake everything
-Perma should have a special intercomm (i think that tunes to general)
-Perma lacks cameras.
-Lacks a holopad in both perma and the shielded area for the shuttle
-the perma console to sent people to gulag should not be blocking the window, removes interaction with hostiles in space

Brig Medical
-Lacks a IV drip to use the blood in them (or the anathetic tank for that matter)
-Need a fire alarm.
-perhaps another station intercomm in the south
-Should have a dedicated APC/designation. the scrubber is brig cell 3 meaning it pings on sensors as stated.
-Could use a fire extinguisher in this room
-should be some morphine with syringes as well as restraints (muzzle etc) for violent patients.

Hos office/quarters
-there are no vents or scrubbers in his personal room (engineers playing the long Co2 assassination card)
-lack fire alarms and firelocks
-I question the need for a medical laptop in hos office. Add a normal bulky moveable laptop and it might change the dynamic. The laptop is also static and blocks reach of the light in the corner.
-also think there should be a lightswitch
-holopad could be moved south 1 tile since it might be invisable to ai
-Station intercomm inside hos quarters.

-maybe add a recorder
-The microphone is correctly set up but i dont see the observation room / area
-Needs a light swtich to set the mood.
-Area is the same as brig cell 3 but most people can ignore it, probably someone might ping this as a problem.

-Lacks a air alarm
-the chute fires directly into the door, best not to as doors sometimes come in the shocked variant.
-The disposals LEADING into the evidence room is deceptive and stupid, secoffs wouldnt bother using it and desperate criminals will see it and use it without regard thinking its disposals. I suggest revamping it and putting a delievery chute in each cell( or in the main sec hall) blocked by a windoor so players instinctively realise its different.
There is also a lack of a disposals in the main hall outside the cells for potential escape

Brig Cell 3 (this is the main hall outside the cells. i think it should get a rename)
-There should be more intercomms through the halls
-Perhaps 1-3 more plants.
-Cells could have intercomms in them. not required though
-there is a lack of ‘security warrant console’ in the public outside brig for people to pay fines.

Armoury/warden’s office
-the camera inside normally has a proximity sensor (basing expectations on other maps)
-should be a locker called contraband
-the Prison monitor displays nothing because the camera net isnt set up
-Warden’s office should have a intercomm.

Secoff office
-Pepperspray refiller needed

Secure Eva storage
-This place need a few intercomms in each chamber in case someone gets trapped including the airlock

Det office
-Holopad missing
-privacy shutters/curtains should be added
-fire alarm

Law office
-Holopad missing
-Fire extinguisher missing
-some stations have a prison monitor in here
-space law book should be present
-Maybe a folder for paper
-add a fountain pen for the paper bin
-fire alarm

Law court
-the special holding room? to the west could use a camera and made more well know with a window with privacy shutters curtains.
-intercomms should be planted for judge, prosecution and defence (might be using a old map to view)
-There are 2 air alarms
-fire alarms should be installed
-Everyone but the judge has a nice chair. Maybe change that.
-Suggest replacing the wall right above judge seat with a glass window with privacy curtain so sec knows where the court is and people can potentially intervene with a court process.

i think i missed out a lot more, ill check back another day but there is a fire alarm problem through the station i feel


Prisoner IDs perhaps?

Thanks once again! The “special holding room” is a private deliberation room, hence the lack of windows and cameras, its meant to be used for the judge, defence, prosecution, jury ect. They can make it public by enabling the intercom though!

i meant adding windows so that more people actually know/acknowledge it exists. the privacy can be enabled by shutters

Tried to pull myself to the AI sat tele and this happened:

Please have there be power to allow the AI to use a shell to pull itself from the AI default spawn to the AI teleporter. Thanks.

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the exofabs in robotics have their output set to down and not left ( unsur eif oyu can change thats)


And the bots appear to lack proper patrol routes from Robotics. Seemed to somewhat work outside? Might need more testing. The two floorbots and three medibots I made wouldn’t move an inch.

the patrollign for bots seems to be broken on all stations currently

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Ya pods don’t work.

were you in delta alert? the pods durring some events like imminent nuclear annihilation, Nar’sie cult victories and blob victories tend to just NOT work for some reason, if this is intentional to prevent players from escaping last second is unknown to me but if it is it is stupid.


Hi, I don’t know if anyone else said it but, science server room glass sliding window has a wrong access. Even Research Director or AI can’t open it somehow.

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It has been said already.


I like the open space in the middle, It is perfect to turn into a station project. From a custom entertainment room to a BSA. Nice spot to get crew together working on something.


Medical review 2

-Virus Food dispenser should be at the work station instead of the chemaster.
-there are 2 boxes of syringes, one ought to be a box of beakers
-There should be a all purpose grinder or pestle/mortar for the plasma
-no Intercomms in monkey/treatment area

Medical Storage
-Air alarm is behind a windoor that is locked to medical access meaning atmos techs cannot get to it.

Break Room
-There isnt any vents or scrubbers here
-air alarm
-fire alarm (the door doesnt have a firelock
-could replace a table with a vendor

Medical Office (above lobby)
-There needs to be a medical records console
-There are no vents (but theres a air alarm!)

Cloning lab
-There should be a disposals here
-fire alarm

Medical Treatment centre
-The cryo freezer needs a oversight console to retrieve things
-Could use more intercomms to cover the treatment area between storage and genetics (this is for ai to listen in)

Medical Maints (south)
-This area has no dedicated apc?


It broke for a while, but then it got fixed. They just haven’t been set up right in rad.

Captain Quarters Doesnt have the Chain of Command (item)

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Engineering review I

Tech storage
-The south reinforced window with the grill doesnt have a wire node under it
-fire alarm
-maybe a fire extinguisher
-The secure storage camera should have a proximity sensor
-Secure tech storage doesnt have vents, intercomms (emergencies if someone teleports in)
-holo pad maybe

Hallways outside/Foyer
-The scrubbers and airpumps are not connected able to connect to distro/waste loops.
-Paper tray for desk
-Fire alarm at foyer
-There is a lack of public heaters
-holopad for foyer

Ce office
-His telescreen has access to… kitchen cold room? exam room? ai sat?
-paper tray and folders
-Red alert swipe console (keycard authentication device)

Thermo machines ought to cool air to filters before they get filtered
Thermo machines ought to heat air before reaching distro
This is kinda available roundstart on most stations, its to prevent atmos from failing due to plasma fires. If nothing is done, the hot air can just be cycled. cooking the station but unlikely due to the volume.
-i dont see where the atmos hardsuits are
-There shouldnt be tcomms parts in atmos, it falls under the purview of engineering.
-There also shouldnt be another engineering protolathe here.
-theres a huge lack of intercomms here
-maybe another holopad for coverage
-water tanks needed for firefighting backpacks, usually high capacity.

-Needs a cell charger here instead of storage, the atmos techs need to charge batteries as well.
-intercomms outside ce office

Engineering storage
-Rapid shuttle designator is useless without the boards to go along.
-Theres only one electrical supplies locker, on a full staffing there might be insul shortages. may or may not be a problem
-move cell charger to engineering.

SM/engine room)
-more intercomms around the chamber
-ion engine camera console shows nothing
-Plasma cannisters should be in secure storage

Atmos storage? these changes might be unnecessary.
-needs a dedicated apc
-fire alarm
-fire extinguisher


Science Review I

-Request console
-water tank or sink
-igniter for test chamber
-news caster maybe
-Holopad coverage near slime cells as well as intercomms

Nanite lab
-should be a secure room, otherwise john mc grief can effortlessly walk in with death nanites
-disposals mayhaps

Sci Maints
-Maintenance runs through sci but doesnt connect them. Small suggestion to add a disposals pipe between them.

Experimentation lab
-experimentor requires a specific console nearby to work
-add a health analyser and a normal atmos analyser

RD office
-Fire alarm
-add a secure briefcase

-The preparation room lacks vents/scrubbers
-there should be a button for the gear room shutters for antag privacy
-a tool box would be good here
-the gun should be placed in the preparation room!

Exploration Shuttle
-the shuttle has a huge lack of tiny fans. It also has no vents/scrubbers meaning those tiny fans are more crucial when you press button for the doors.
-the firelocks are directional, not wrong but unusual

-Normally the walls would be reinforced.
-paper bin
-maybe add sci goggles

Server room
-fire alarm

-a intercomm to the south
-every robotics lab spawn with toolbelts besides rad


Supply I

-there are 3 mining dock air alarms.
-mining airlock to hallways doesnt have a firelock
-needs more intercomm coveage
-the dock airlock is absurdly big
-the outpost console and shuttle console should not be in the dock airlock.

-Camera needs motion tracking upgrade.
-fire alarm
-There are no vents/scsrubbers visable

this shouldnt exist here. disposals falls under the janitor’s domain. the poor lad cant even reach here
-no vents/scrubbers
-need intercomms
-theres a firelock here… so i must suggest a fire alarm
-there needs to be a lightswitch for antag subterfuge.

Cargo Bay
-The reception is fucked if a atmos fire happens either way. There is also no place to place items for cargo. The directional windows and doors needs to be rerouted. so if a fire happens in cargo it doesnt spill.

-needs a lightswitch and fire extinguisher

Qm office
-should add a gps unit here
-intercomms for the quarters
-should have a light swtich

-light switch

There isnt a sec outpost