Player Report Yeetmister

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: ZoeyTheZany

   Your Discord: ZoeyTheZany#3439

   Offender’s CKEY: Yeetmister

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:  ????

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02/01/2020

   Round Number: 12101

   Rules Broken:  Rule 1 broken, harassment, extreme rudeness,  encouragement of suicide, 

   Incident Description: After being shocked to see me he then carried on  to say these things.

Additional Information: I’m trying my best to be as considerate and calm as possible with everyone even if they attack me first. For now on I’ll take any issues straight to reports rather than risk losing my cool and having a episode.

Yeah no that’s not fucking cool. I’d be unsure how long to ban, but def not cool.

I guess I’ll try to take this when I get home.

This should definitely not be a ban, if anything a warning. Zoey told me more than once to kill myself in discord while getting defended by Xlyana when we ganged up on her. It doesnt matter how much “self care” or “help” shes getting. People strongly dislike her, and are making her lay in the bed she made. Warn the guy, but he doesnt deserve a ban.

two wrongs don’t make a right, if we go “well this person shouldn’t be punished because that person did something to me” that just means that it’s going to be a continued thing, no matter what telling someone to do that is awful and no one should do it, but if we want this to be a way of acting that isn’t allowed we shouldn’t let anyone be able to do this and get away with it.

Rules are rules though. Discord issues are another matter. Regardless of if the person is hypocritical or not shouldn’t factor into it. Unless there was provocation earlier in the OOC, imagine it was someone else getting told that.

That said, if there isn’t any past notes of the same issue then it shouldn’t be a severe punishment. A warning or day at most in my opinion.

This is against the discord, server and forum rules which were created for this exact scenario, this isn’t ok.

This is a lie, I have only said that once ever and that was to Dimas and that was very wrong of me. You are lying and I demand that you take this back.

No, a punishment that small doesn’t make sense. If I get a perm discord ban for doing it in discord anyone who does this should get a equally punished ban.

First rule of the discord.
“1. Do not harass any member of the community. Continuing after warnings will result in punishment.”

This implies you get a warning on your first offense. But again, since it was on server you follow the server rules. The broken one being…

“Do not excessively bully/harass other players in or out of game.”

Bullying is defined as persistent harassment. You were harassed however, absolutely. But excessive is hard to determine. It was one comment, really shitty, but I don’t know the line for excessive. That would fall on whatever admin decides to rule on it.

Point being you should always try to correct and fix the person before outright banning them, unless it was a meditated and extremely shitty thing to do. They are shitty for it, but not to a degree that I would completely skip over a warning first. The second offense in the same manner should be met with a very heavy ban.

But again, just my opinion. It’s up to an admin to determine what excessive harassment is.

i like how people are getting upset over being told to commit suicide
it’s the fuckin internet
and zoey, of all people…
though she does like to stir up drama so

I have no knowledge of Zoey as I am new here, so I’d like to believe I am impartial.

Clearly Yeet is upset over previous issues, however Kasual is correct with the ruling remarks on persistent harassment. From my limited knowledge this would be Zoey returning after some time, therefore consistent bullying would not apply. A singular shitty comment like this would in my opinion not warrant a permban, and should range anywhere from a note to a 1-3 day ban.

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To quote you

No, fuck off. You told a guy in active service to blow his brains out. The shit men go through on the daily with suicide is not funny as it is. Let alone men in service. Its not a joke, and shouldnt be joked about. Grow up or go somewhere where that’s acceptable, but that place wont be here.

Equal punishment for identical rule-breaking is the foundation of impartial rulings on the part of staff. You cannot weigh so heavily on bans being fair/unfair with different opinions depending on who the victim is.

Provided it wasn’t provoked by Zoey earlier, this definitely warrants a ban just like Zoey got for doing it AFTER being provoked.
I’m not in the position to weigh directly on whether it should be permanent like hers or not, since she has a history of being at the center of drama.

I’m sorry, but I have to take this tomorrow. I got back late, and I’ve been up for 22 hours straight.

It’s not dependent on who the victim is. Zoey was given many fair warnings and continued to act in the way she did. Like I said, she is laying in the bed she made. Anyone else making that comment to anyone else would be ignored and everyone would go on with their day.

Zoey knows that she is being treated by the playerbase based on her past behaviors; hence why she is looking for the nearly non existant admin team to shield her from the harrassment she knows she brought upon herself.

We celebrated when she got banned for good reason.

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Nobody deserves to be harassed, nobody deserves to be told to kill themselves. This was not said as a passing joke either, this was intended as harassment.

Players unbanned are not subject to having the rules broken against them any more than others are, you are literally trying to justify rules being tailored depending on the person breaking them.

Anyone else making that comment to anyone else would be ignored

It’s already been noted by someone else that the rules say not to EXCESSIVELY harass other players. One comment cannot intrinsically be excessive harrassment, otherwise the rule would need to say to NEVER harass other players.

As I said he deserves a warning not to instigate conflict or tell others to do such extreme things. But he doesn’t deserve a ban. Zoey earned her ban, that doesnt give her the right to get anyone else who dishes anything back to her banned too

I’d argue that that’s kinda semantics? IE, not all harassment is equal? IE= Calling someone a worthless dumbass is harassment, but there’s a bit of a sliding scale there. IMO, calls for suicide are pretttttty heavy on that scale.

You’re absolutely right, they say to be excellent to each other and not excessively harass other players. One comment does not constitute excessive harassment, but suicide is no joke and having a specific group within the community target one member every time she shows up is definitely excessive harassment.

You all know what you’re doing to her and no she doesn’t deserve anything that got her banned being thrown back at her without the person throwing it getting a ban all the same. It’s not provoked. Grow up, move on and put it behind you - face punishments for trying to provoke her all the same as you would expect her to.

We might just have to agree to disagree on this, because no matter how I look at it giving two people different punishments for the same crime is not fair.

I would also like to point out that this clearly isn’t a one time thing considered the comment has “when we told you to” meaning that they did this before