Owen McShain Mentor App

Your CKEY: Maxoesss

Your Discord: Maxoess#3151

How long have you been playing ss13?: 600hrs on bee

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Whoever wants to

Game Experience (More Detailed): owen

+2, very robust and capable of being formal when he decides to.

I thought the only thing u do is greytide.
Overall the only encounters with you were unpleasant, you are usually a dick
So far the peak of your abilities i have seen was hack the door to steal shades or go into maints for that flash

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5 euros this guy was robusted by owen
+1 bruh this bitch legit based and robust plus he smart

Edit:gonna +1 this Owen is a good player

I’ll give him a 2+. However, I better not see any metacomms

+2 please help I though space asshole was just a song but here comes owe-

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+2, guy’s robust and knows his shit

just learn the pubby map,

-1 from what I’ve seen hes a shitter. Harassing people in a nuke ops round is not cool and I dont want someone like that, after all these hours of experience, telling other people that behavior is okay

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+1 Robust and better than the mentors who keep crying about being robusted

i ERP when i get robusted

also he’s kinda mean to me some times

+1 based, dare i say redp- wait fuck i forgot i retired

+1 i still count as a mentor and contributor. If i still have my ingame rank, its a +2 from me. //coderbus

@Shark-sie Dont link bait player reports, where the “offender” was baited into performing an action for the sheer express purpose of reporting him.

No one baited him into welderbombing the bar. You’re also not a mentor

all ex-staff are mentors

+1 he very good, sometimes he kills you other times he lets you off very knowledgeable

Also I agree player report has no basis for mentor app, mentors have no power only knowledge, being a shitter doesn’t make his knowledge invalid

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Exactly this, I made mentor with 2 active player reports, 4-5 PAGES of notes and multiple other offences.and then staff after that. A players behaviour is NOT what they know. I highly discourage denying “shitters” mentor rights just because they play a certain way as it just encourages them to play that way more -because you are REINFORCING that idea. Stop trying to be a fecken retard and just going “oh he has many notes, better ban/stop him from being mentor/stop him from playing X roles”. Wait for him to abuse the position instead, if he doesnt, hes fine, if he does, slap him.

also @Piterskiy you deleted some things that were contextual from the player report. please go and review.

+2 based individual. 20 characters limit.