Owen McLiggerPlayer Report


   Your Discord:

   Offender’s CKEY: ?

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Owen McLigger

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12-07-2019

   Round Number: 9950

   Rules Broken: Over-escalation, grief

   Incident Description: Welderbombed self and other after consuming a drink of Tranquility, after being being told it had Tranquility in it.

   Additional Information:

(F) [Common] Herr Oppenjim says, " Please help me the detective is going to murder me. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " Please help me the detective is going to murder me. "

Owen McLigger smiles.

(F) Kaelea Zoucks slurs, " Meahnie. "
(F) Sally Bengum says, " Sad. "
(F) [Common] Herr Oppenjim exclaims, " Help in dorms! "
(F) Herr Oppenjim exclaims, " Help in dorms! "
(F) Justanne Faire says, " Multitool. "
(F) Sally Bengum says, " Yeah. "
(F) [Common] Herr Oppenjim exclaims, " Welder bomb! "
(F) Herr Oppenjim exclaims, " Welder bomb! "
Herr Oppenjim attempts to unbuckle himself!
(F) [Common] Herr Oppenjim says, " Lads. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " Lads. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " Man. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " This is. "
Owen McLigger tries to remove Herr Oppenjim’s engineering hardsuit.
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " Bannable. "
(F) Owen McLigger hisses, " You think im jussst gonna become a gondola. "
(F) ClothesMate beeps, " Look at all this swag! "
(F) Owen McLigger hisses, " Ill take the other route out. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " You accepted the tranquility. "
(F) Justanne Faire says, " You know,. "
(F) Owen McLigger hisses, " And youre coming with me. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " I literally told you what was in it. "
This is Owen McLigger !
He is wearing a hard-worn suit.
He is wearing a detective’s fedora on his head.
He is wearing a detective’s armor vest.
He is carrying a police baton on his detective’s armor vest.
He has a leather satchel on his back.
He has some krav maga gloves on his hands.
He has a shoulder holster about his waist.
He is wearing some blood-stained brown shoes on his feet.
He is wearing a loose tie around his neck.
He has an eyepatch HUD covering his eyes.
He has a security bowman headset on his ears.
He is wearing PDA-Owen McLigger (Detective).
Traits: None
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " This is just self-antagging. "
(F) Owen McLigger hisses, " You forgot to mention the gondola part. "
Owen McLigger smiles.
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " I named the damn drug. "
Owen McLigger smiles.
Owen McLigger catastrophically fails at refilling his welding tool!
Owen McLigger catches fire!
Herr Oppenjim catches fire!

Bait people into taking a substance that will pretty much just end their round, leaving out details of what it does. It being MRP and me being tired I just thought it was some shit you came up with or some drink since you were trying to push it at the bar. You very clearly left the gondola part away. My bad for taking it, your bad for trying to have people take it by not mentioning some pretty important details. Consequences for both parties in the end.

Herr Oppenjim asks, “Want some Tranquility?”

Owen McLigger hisses, “Alright.”

Brosef Stalein puts the energy gun into the backpack.

Herr Oppenjim is trying to inject you!

Herr Oppenjim injects you with the syringe!

Herr Oppenjim puts the syringe into the industrial backpack.

Herr Oppenjim says, “Enjoy man.”

Herr Oppenjim says, “Took a lot of work.”

Herr Oppenjim says, “To get it.”

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people should be cautious about what they eat, although there’s a difference between leaving dangerous stuff around in a public area for kicks and tricking people into ingesting dangerous stuff by deceiving them about its true nature

although on the other hand, the bartender was pretty direct about it being tranquility (gondola toxin)

and yes, we’re all familiar with rule 8, but the detective would be the kind of guy to know what gondola toxin would be

to be fair for him, he did tell you that it was Tranquility with a capital T, and you still let him fuckin pump it into you

at the end of the day, the only person who would have really been affected by the tranquility would have been owen mcbruh over here had he not welderbombed the place, it’s not like he’s getting you to eat water potassium pills or something else that could actually cause damage to other people and the station in general

Owen is smart enough to know what tranquility is. If you get willingly injected with something, and valid the person who injected you for it, especially with capsaicin easily available for a detective from wall dispensers, that’s just plain validbaiting- something you should know better than to do, owen

However, bloons here is not entirely in the right either. The tranquility part? That’s fine. But he threatened admin action in character, which IS against the rules.

Additionally, this is on the mrp server, where excessive powergaming is not allowed. Owen is the detective, but he has the warden’s krav gloves, and the hos’ eyepatch, showing he broke into the hos’ office

I am at work right now, but i can take a deeper look and dispense consequences when i get home.

You might check the logs, because I don’t think I did IC.

Herr Oppenjim says, " Lads. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " Man. "
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " This is. "
Owen McLigger tries to remove Herr Oppenjim’s engineering hardsuit.
(F) Herr Oppenjim says, " Bannable

You should really check the logs, because I did not :wink:

As i said, i am at work. I’m only reposting what you yourself said

Ive been away for a few months. No I did not realize what it was at that moment. A the most I thought it was some pacification shit as the trait, not becoming a fucking gondola. Had it been gondola meat itd been a different story. Validbaiting is a bit of a wild assumption, wouldnt willingly gondolo myself so I could then kill myself and the other person, sortof ruins my own entire round. Logs should make that clear too. As for the krav maga gloves etc, they were all in my office when I arrived, unlocked lockers and all so I equiped them as only seemingly sec. My bad.

Ignorance is not an excuse. If you dont know dont accept it, ESPECIALLY on mrp. Further more going the extra mile to kill other players over it is not okay.

Why didnt you have him kill you so you stopped metabolizing and could be cloned? Or if you realized what it was so quickly why didnt you go for the cure and THEN valid him?

Seems to me like you valid baited and are trying, poorly, to lie your way out of it. You have 600 hours in bee alone, you know better

I frankly do not believe the assertion about the gear, first off, and dont believe that shit’s in logs either. And i believe ya know that fact

Regardless of my opinion of him, sharksie is to a degree correct- dont accept shit if you dont know what it does. Especially with the cure so easily available

Logs would show I assume who dragged them wheb and where placed. Also if Id broken them which I would need to to access them if you were right. Maybe check logs before making assumptions. At work right now so not gonna go too deep into this rn. Also the personal animosity shows a bit in this thread. Alot of assumptions

Poisoning makes you valid to the poisoned - especially with things like tranquility that makes it unable to be cured after stage 2 (you lose control of your arms and speech). The question we should be asking was A) did it injure anyone else than the two people? and B) did it majorly affect the round.

If no - what he did was justified. I will personally beat the fuck out of anyone who feeds me stuff that is poisoned. Especially when they tell me its something transformative like the xeno virus - or tranquility.

Fuck off, stop salting about being robusted for doing stupid shit @bloons3

The questionable gear, regardless of assertions, is nonwithstanding as to the main offense here. I bear no personal animosity to you- only to your playstyle, especially on MRP

Then why comment? You admitted to having a personal animosity towards “his playstyle” rather than him - unless he actually breaks the rules, instead of being a general fucknut and having loose esculation ( I think it was valid in this case due to poisoning fucknuttery with transformative shit ) - Why even comment? Stop being so biased - literally anyone worth their salt wouldve stunned, cuffed, nuggeted and then spaced this fool for poisoning people.

Also, he was told after. Tranquility is a VERY fast acting toxin, which immediately paxes you upon ingestion - making you very easy to attack due to the fact you cannot harm intent after ingestion. Welderbombing bypasses pacifism checks however.

AKA this guy was valid as fuck for being a retard. deny this

He was explicitly told what he was consuming. Its no longer a poisoning at that point. Many players take tranquility specifically to play as a gondola.

Bait people into taking a substance that will pretty much just end their round, leaving out details of what it does.

He wasnt actually told the chemical from what it seems or what it does - instead he was fed directly from a beaker. It is still kill-worthy, due to the fact it paxes and disables your arms at stage 2.

Due to the mechanical features of tranquility, it gives you a virus.

Under spacelaw “Bombing, arson, releasing viruses, deliberately exposing areas to space, physically destroying machinery or electrifying doors all count as Grand Sabotage.” - The guy was valid for releasing a virus anyway.
Stop being a literal retard

Also owen mcmeme was a detective, so under muh mrp it was safe to assume he was poisoned with intent to kill him (tranquility causes a virus which releases pax and gives you pacifism lmao). Grand sabotage and probably an attempt at personally killing him

Spacelaw’s releasing virus pertains to self-spreading viruses. Tranquility is a slow and easy to cure virus, especially for someone in security. If he didnt know what tranquility was, he wouldnt have known about the arm thing anyways, renderjng this point moot.

He accepted it willingly. It’s on him.

“Slow Progression” - No, it immediately paxes you upon being ingested making it near impossible to harm intent. The arm thing occurs at stage two, which occurs 30-60 seconds after initial ingestion iirc.

It still doesnt change the fact he poisoned a member of security, and TECHNICALLY broke space law. “Play stupid games - win stupid prizes”. It does actually seem that @bloons3 was trying to bait owen into killing him by doing so (he literally admits what it was after feeding it to him to make sure that he attacks him) - Which is killbaiting (as in, he was trying to provoke owen mcshain to kill him in esculation, to make this report)