Not megatron banned by caecilius

CKEY: Not megatron

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type:
Ban Length:
3 days
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
**Round ID:**19136

Ban Reason:

Tritium can flooded to resist arrest
Appeal Reason:
It is a frustrating habit of beestation admins to just apply whatever punishment they’ve decided on without giving any sort of warning, leaving players to be mysteriously disconnected and only later finding out that they are banned. It also doesn’t really leave much room for discussion. Wasn’t really sure whether appealing this is even worth it since, well, trit flood, but here we go.
I was wanted for various greenshift shenanigans, most of the engineering department had declared “fuck sec”, and there was even talk of spontaneous nations. I’m bringing a trit canister to cargo to sell and I see a cop staring at me. I tell him in no ambiguous terms “Stay back or I will open this” and his immediate response was to rush me, so I opened it, like I told him I would. No one was killed, and it vented into space pretty quickly after burning a hole in the ground. I think I got blamed for some other flooding that happened, which I was not responsible for. Would like a little more discussion on this, thanks.
Additional Information:

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Firstly, you weren’t wanted for “shenanigans” you harmed a security officer with a fire extinguisher, shenanigans is fine

Secondly, you where gloating about how it would kill me through radiation poisoning in perma, so it’s not like you where trying to do some innocent thing that wouldn’t harm anyone, you where fully attempting to murder me with it.

Security was being extremely shitty this round. They would arrest people for minor things such as slipping, or minor trespass and then they would gulag people for 300 - 500 points. The real enemy here is the people who played as security and not NotMegatron

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I wasn’t a sec officer that was randomly arresting in fact, i only started arresting nancy druid because they attacked me with a fire extinguisher, which i think is a perfectly appropriate reason to arrest someone.

So on a GREENSHIFT you performed an action that caused major damage to the station and was likely to cause large amount of harm to other players?


Well… no I didn’t. I sprayed it at the floor. That is not harmful.

The only person in sight was an officer who was warned about what would happen. I told him not to unga and he unga’d. Attacking someone who is carrying a canister of volatile gas is suicidal at best.

You’re an engineer employed by NanoTrasen. You’re expected to not do things that would jeopardize your job.

Attacking a security officer with lethal force because they’re trying to non-lethally arrest you would be gross overescalation even on LRP.

  1. You Must Roleplay

Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional. Act like it.

Respect space law and standard operating procedures. Committing minor crimes is justifiable through roleplay, but major crimes should typically be avoided.


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When the standard for sec has gone out the window to the degree that it did that round, “respect space law” is, well… kinda out the window. If making good on a threat is bannable, then RIP me I guess.

If security is acting outside of Space Law, you ahelp it.
Declaring ‘Nations’ on a greenshift and waging war against another department isn’t acceptable.


Flooding an area of the station with a dangerous gas because you were being arrested is not an acceptable response on either server, even if you warned them you’d do it.

When I made this appeal it was pretty half-hearted, felt that it was a little hasty and warranted a little more discussion. I slept on it, and came to the conclusion that the ban is stupid and should be lightened.

Yes, I think I will poke this spider. Nothing bad will happen, because I have no reason to believe it may be agitated or defensive.

Here is another random picture of a perfectly calm and non-threatening creature. I see no reason to give it a wide berth and I will step on it if it is in my path. Nothing bad will happen to me.

I am a productive security officer. Next on my to-do list is to rush a dangerous criminal that has an innocent hostage at gunpoint. After that, I will attempt to detain an atmos tech pulling a canister of toxic gas who has warned me to stay back. I should not face any consequences for the aftermath of any of these actions.

You want roleplay? How’s this?

I am a humble atmospheric technician delivering a canister of trit to cargo. I see a blood-soaked security officer staring at me, visibly and audibly salivating as he thinks of all the horrible things he would do to me in custody. I shout a warning: stay back, I say, or I’ll open this canister! Not another step! My hand hovers over the valve. The blood-soaked security officer lets out a howl, signalling that the valid hunt has begun. He rushes me, weapon drawn. I slam my hand down on the valve as he attacks me. The scorching hot tritium billows out, sending the rabid jackboots scurrying for cover. It quickly burns a hole in the hull, venting within seconds. The threat neutralized, the redshirts descend upon the terrified engineer. Fade to black. I briefly regain consciousness in the permabrig as I am being harmbatoned to death. Fin.

Good one bloons. Any other jokes? Stop feeding me lines for a moment and use your head and realize that security does just about whatever the fuck it wants on bee, and as long as they aren’t executing people in the halls for shoving, they get away with it. I’d already been handled pretty horrifically (entire canister of pepperspray emptied into my face as I’m being dragged to the brig, chainflashing, etc). for… checks notes shoving and attempting to slip a security officer, so I really was not interested in seeing what was in store for me for shoving and attempting to slip a security officer and then escaping.

Unfortunately, I do not control the rate at which departments declare nations. Tensions were high, security was on a rampage, and just about everyone in engineering was wanted for some crime or another.

Yeah, it was not a good situation. I wouldn’t be as bothered about eating the bean if the sec officer faced some kind of consequence as well. If I am being called out for poor RP, how can you say risking death by tritium fire to nab a petty criminal is acceptable in the same breath?
How does this sound?
ckey: DontBoingMe
Ban length: 1 day
Round ID 19136.
Ban reason: Attacked an atmos tech pulling a canister despite being warned to stay back, causing a trit flood
appeal reason: unga bunga!!

write a novel you damn bastard

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It’s really annoying you can’t act against shitsec IC because you get banned, while they they get off scot free for anything short of executing.

Please stop clowning on my Very Serious Ban Appeal, or you will be banned for poor forum RP.

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I wasn’t arresting a petty criminal, I was arresting someone threatening to Tritium Bomb cargo. If you went into an airport and shouted that you have a bomb, do you think security wouldn’t apprehend you?


Additionally, I was fully adhering to space-law throughout the shift. Unfortunately, there’s not a way for security officers to arrest the HOS or other security officer without getting beaned, which I would have been happy to do if the laws allowed it.

holy shit ahelp it, jobbans bans exist for a reason

holy shit ahelp it, jobbans bans exist for a reason


also very true, and to add on to it, you can’t break the rules just because someone else it breaking them.

even if that’s roleplay it’s still breaking other rules such as #4

holy shit ahelp it, jobbans bans exist for a reason