Moghes Hegemony [LORE]

The unathi were a divided people, squabbling clans fighting over the scraps of the great savanna. The vision of the Enlightened One Hask-Vasku united the nation states, and his great armies toppled the last holdouts with the singing blade of Uueoa-Esa, the one true Lord. Their world united, the Hegemony turns to the stars. His vision will be borne.
Species of the Hegemony: Golem, Human, Podpeople, Unathi
Government: Elective Monarchy
Representative: Hask-Virik, High Elder (Unathi)
Culture: The Hegemony view Collectivism as Very Important, believing that community and family are to be cherished, greatly valuing the whole and view individual success as shared. Security is viewed as Moderately Important to the Hegemony, with danger both internal and foreign, the state has put restrictions upon free speech and the arts, and it is not uncommon to see armed soldiers inspecting civilian population centers. Spirituality is considered Very Important to the Hegemony, with belief in both the common faith and alternate religions finding strong purchase in the general population. Privacy is considered Moderately Important to the Hegemony, as seeking out publicity is seen as vain and inconsiderate to the betterment of the community, and most citizens prefer to reserve their personal thoughts and emotions for close friends, family, and loved ones. Quality is a Moderately Important value to the Hegemony; many members of society view well-crafted goods and tools as vastly preferable over cheap and poorly-made products, with some personal items lasting so long as to become heirlooms between parent and child. Tradition is considered Very Important to the Hegemony, with new novelties seen as fleeting and cheap, and the ways of the ancestors being highly valued and cherished by both the individual and society as a whole. Xenophobia is Moderately Important to the spirit of the Hegemony; the place of the xeno is to serve their rightful masters, under close watch until they can be trusted to manage their own affairs, if such a day will ever come.

Relations to Other Nations
Harmonious State: A gentle people, led astray by their ministries. They believe their Creators to be the true Lords, but they are mistaken. We will uplift them. Their role is to serve as farmers.
Krasnie Sovetskie Sistemi: Skilled warriors, they have been bred for conflict, eager to meet our blades in battle. Their defiance and talent for war has earned our respect, and their death.
Solar Republic: A most stubborn people, the Contact Wars seem to have left them cautious of our intent. They gather allies to face us. Our rivals as they would put it, but they will fall in time.
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