Krasnie Sovetskie Sistemi [LORE]

Centuries ago our comrades were lost to an unstable wormhole, but despite the odds their colony ark survived the voyage, its 3 billion frozen settlers safely delivered far from their intended destination. Hostile alien empires and ravenous abominations have forced the military to assume complete control, yet still the soviets strive for true freedom. AK-47’s for everyone!
Species of the Soviets: Android, Beefman, Ethereal, Fly, Human, Moth, Podpeople, Squid, Synth, Unathi, Zombie.
Government: Military Commissariat
Representative: Igor Petrenko, Commissary-General (Human)
Culture: The Soviet people view Collectivism as Very Important, believing that community and family are to be cherished, greatly valuing the whole and view individual success as shared. Security is viewed as Very Important to the Soviet people, as the galaxy is full of danger both conspiratorial and blatantly hostile; some niceties of personal privacy and social liberties must be curtailed to secure the safety of all members of society. Spirituality is considered Somewhat Important to the Soviet people, while there are great numbers of faithful citizens in the populace, it is not considered abnormal to abstain from worship or community spiritual services. Privacy is considered Moderately Important to the Soviet people, as seeking out publicity is seen as vain and inconsiderate to the betterment of the community, and most citizens prefer to reserve their personal thoughts and emotions for close friends, family, and loved ones. Quality is a Moderately Important value to the Soviet people; many members of society view well-crafted goods and tools as vastly preferable over cheap and poorly-made products, with some personal items lasting so long as to become heirlooms between parent and child. Tradition is considered Very Important to the Soviet people, with new novelties seen as fleeting and cheap, and the ways of the ancestors being highly valued and cherished by both the individual and society as a whole. Multiculturalism is considered Somewhat Important to the Soviet people, as their population consists mostly of their founding species, yet they are receptive to foreign cultures and objecting voices are few among the populace.

Relations to Other Nations

Harmonious State: Strange, delicate people, they smell of fear and flowers in our diplomatic meetings. Still, their desire for peace seems genuine. They are naive to think it cannot be bought with blood.
Moghes Hegemony: Capital has always been about control, just another method of the ruling caste to keep the commoner in the dirt. These bastards seek to turn back all we have bled for! IT IS WAR!
Solar Republic: Our long lost comrades! And they have overthrown the bloated parasites of the capitalist class! Together, we will forge a galaxy worth its people. We have a defense pact and open migration.
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