Harmonious State [LORE]

Roughly 5000000 years ago the last of the Creators died, the final seed vault sent hurtling into the screaming void as their limb slumped over the transport console. 8600 years ago, one of these vaults opened with a particularly ambitious set of podpeople. With their mush protectors, they have established a state dedicated to the dream of the Creators.

Species of the Lifebringers: Ethereal, Human, Moth, Mush, Podpeople, Slimepeople, Snail, Squid, Synth, Unathi, Zombie
Government: Moral Democracy
Representative: Petals of Burgundy, Prime Minister (Podperson)
Culture: The Lifebringers view Collectivism as Very Important, believing that community and family are to be cherished, greatly valuing the whole and view individual success as shared. Freedom is viewed as Very Important to the Lifebringers, a citizen must be completely free to express their opinion and exist as they see fit in a manner non-harmful to other citizens. Spirituality is considered Very Important to the Lifebringers, with belief in both the common faith and alternate religions finding strong purchase in the general population. Publicity is considered Somewhat Important to the Lifebringers, many members of society spare a friendly greeting and wave of the gripping-appendage to complete strangers, and will stop for extended conversation even during public shopping and work. Quality is a Moderately Important value to the Lifebringers; many members of society view well-crafted goods and tools as vastly preferable over cheap and poorly-made products, with some personal items lasting so long as to become heirlooms between parent and child. Tradition is considered Very Important to the Lifebringers, with new novelties seen as fleeting and cheap, and the ways of the ancestors being highly valued and cherished by both the individual and society as a whole. Multiculturalism is considered Very Important to the Lifebringers, the foreign is just as welcome as the familiar, with aliens commonly found mingling in all levels of society.

Relations to Other Nations

Krasnie Sovetskie Sistemi: To not only survive, but to flourish in the hellfire? A strange, emotional, harsh people, but not unkind. Currently we are cautiously engaging in diplomacy with them.
Moghes Hegemony: They seek to strip away our faith, to follow their caste system, they would use our environmental technology for… horrible things. We must find allies against them!
Solar Republic: Kindred spirits found in the cold grasp of the void, together we will bring peace to the galaxy. We have open trade and migration with the Solarians, and a non-aggression pact.
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