J515 (Kayle Leach)(Deadly But Meow)

Write your thoughts of me as a player :stuck_out_tongue:

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Literally who


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One of the non bad cats

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Very friendly, helpful, and makes an absolutely delightful mime





Atmos cat. Regularly argues with the Chief Engineer, and belittles coworkers trying to learn atmos. Unbased.

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I think that’s what is formally known as “doing a little trolling”

performing a little shittery

This, why does nobody ever teaches other people about atmos.

Typical Nyaing catgirl. Break the mold atleast a little please

Edit: also, when you play Captain, you seem to disregard communication on crew and roamed the halls with a shotgun on green alert.


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agreed with @RKz, basic af

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Agree with @Xeapor , give some character to your character

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Killed themselves while “trying” to make fusion, making an absolute mess of atmospherics as well with the plasma lines.

They (or someone else) went through the trouble of clone scanning, and Kayle Leach returns a while later with hardly a word.

The characters:
RKz - FNR-909(Engineer)
J515 - Kayle Leach(Atmospheric Tech)

Me: How are you doing, I saw that you died earlier? Want your ID back?
Them: Nya! NYA! NYA!
Me: I see you picked up some brain damage too...?
Them: NYAAA!

They then proceed to kill themselves again in their “fusion” chamber.

Great roleplay mate

Echoing what you said to me a while back…


Sorry about that mate was pretty fucked up last night, can barely remember what happened. Thanks for helping me remember some of it

Thinks saying Nya makes them cute and unique

It really, really doesn’t, its very cringe


Only a cat deals in cringe

Wait only noticed this now, WHAT shotgun