Itsmeowdev Mentor Application

Your CKEY:
Your Discord:
How long have you been playing ss13?:
Since April 2022, I have ~550 hours (I have only ever played on BeeStation)
Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
A lot of mentors have probably interacted with me but no one specifically.
Game Experience (More Detailed):

I have a lot of experience in the above roles. Anything higher than Science I would call myself proficient at.
Main advantage I think I have is that I can code-dive VERY easily to get an answer pretty quickly (wouldn’t you know it, maintainers, despite being an admin role with permissions, do not have access to mentor stuff, due to that requiring R_ADMIN which is for ticket access)

I have a ton of experience with silicon, engineering, and medical - also general command experience and a good bit of antag experience. I also know a bunch of random stuff due to being in the code so much. I can also do toxins.

I also offer my guides as an example of my experience and ability to mentor.


two questions.

  1. a borg asks how does he picks a module
  2. a security officer mhelps where he finds the space law on this server.
  1. How can I subvert the AI as an antag?
  2. A husked body got dragged to medical, I’ve healed it of all the burn damage and applied 100u of synthflesh through patches but it won’t unhusk, what do I do?
  3. How do I swap the power cell on an exosuit? It ran out of charge in the middle of the hallway and won’t move.

Assistant hours are a bit low but they are a maintainer and hours are good


  1. If you haven’t selected a module, there is a computery looking icon on your HUD that opens a radial menu with all the modules. Look on the wiki for which one is which.
    If you already selected a module then you will need to go to the roboticist for a module reset.

  2. Space Law - BeeStation Wiki, there are also Space Law books that link to this page in most security offices.

good +1
see you soon . also did you do this app because i told you too ;3?

  1. There’s a few ways you can do it, but it involves first getting an upload code from the RD’s robotics console. You can construct one anywhere (if you print the board) - or use the one in RD’s office and you don’t need access to get the code, but it will announce over Common your location when you do try if you don’t have RD access. Once you’ve got the code you’ll need to actually perform an upload. For this you will need an AI upload console and an AI law board. You can use a hacked law board from the uplink or print law boards from the Science circuit imprinter (if Artificial Intelligence is researched) OR steal them from upload/break into upload. The most useful one for you is probably OneHuman or Asimov (you can use the asimov one to change the noun to your name). Breaking into upload is dangerous because there’s turrets and motion cams, so you probably want to also build your own upload console. There’s a spare one in Secure Engineering Storage or you can print one if Artificial Intelligence is researched from the Science circuit imprint. Once you’ve got your board just build the console somewhere, select the AI, and then use the law board on it, then enter the code. Don’t scramble it in case you mess something up.

  2. You need the body under 100 damage total, including bruise damage to unhusk.

  3. If you’re inside it you can hit the Equipment HUD icon and then access it from there, otherwise I don’t know, try screwdrivering the panel open / crowbarring or using a multitool on it.
    Tried codediving this, the code is pretty bad, but it looks like you need to be inside and somehow unlock maintenance access.

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  1. Correct!
  2. Mhm, but keep in mind that people who were “drained” by lings can’t be unhusked by any means.
  3. Well, you need to get inside, enable maintenance protocols, get out, use your ID on the mech and start the maintenance procedure. Then use some tools to open the shell and finally eject the battery through the menu. Alternatively you could just get an inducer and use it to recharge the mech.
    Good answers! I also have to note that your SM guide is very good and I constantly refer people to it.
    +1 get in here.

Time for Gil’s tricky questions!

  1. Mhelp: “Can I make the SM delam into a singularity?”
  2. Why did you decide to become a mentor?
  3. What does the weed extract do?

Pictured: The weed extract.

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That’s a coder bullying question


Local maintainer applies for mentor. +1

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Merge mrats then we’ll talk.

  1. Can I murderbone

  2. How the FUCK do I move

  1. Can and should are pretty important here, first you should ask an admin if you’re allowed to as only murderbone traitors are allowed to do that. As for how (don’t do this unless an admin says you can) you need to pump a lot of cold, inert gas into the chamber so the mole count maxes out. A good way to do this is to direct a bunch of cold N2 from atmos through the Mix to Engine line, use the thermomachines to make sure it’s cold, then just go over to the SM and turn on the pump from atmos, leave it on. For bonus stealth disable engineering comms in tcomms.

  2. I’ve been on a lot (relatively) recently and have been interacting with mentors, it’s something I’m pretty good at so might as well help out the community.

  3. I have no idea. Did a code dive (took me like 50 seconds), as far as I can tell, it does absolutely nothing.
    According to the comment in the code: “//don’t see anywhere else to put these, maybe together they could be used to make the xenos suit?”


Selfmerge is a crime (and also literally impossible)

  1. Ahelp this! (You’ll need to have an objective that says “die a glorious death” or be a murderbone antagonist according to Escalation Policy Escalation Policy - BeeStation Wiki)
  2. First check if you’re buckled to a chair in the top right, hit the Buckled icon to unbuckle. Then you’ll need to enable hotkeys mode by hitting TAB, so you can move with WASD instead of the arrow keys. Make sure your cursor isn’t trapped in the chat window by clicking on the game screen.
  1. Can I ask questions on these?
  2. How quickly does scrubbers put gas into pipes
  3. what formula does the passive vents use to determine at what speed they put the gas out and in pipes.
  1. No
  2. 200 L/s per tile it scrubs from (expanded range is 3x3)
  3. If the pressure difference is greater than 0.5kPa it attempts to equalize all gas differences. Looking at the code there does not seem to be a specific rate it does this at.
  1. Yep yep, good.

  2. Perhaps mention using arrow keys first, for the non-hotkey users, also perhaps the Resist button in the lower right of the menu, but yep!

+1, fine I guess I can wait on mrats

Some mhelps despite being pretty sure of my answer already

  1. How do i make the botany water golden?

  2. I’ve seen people with multiple viruses before but i can only give people one, what am I doing wrong?

  3. Honk

  1. Great! It was the classic trick question, since mentors have to tell the person to ahelp (or elevate it to ahelp themselves using the new ticket system hehe). Also great answer on how to actually turn it into a singularity. Don’t forget to turn off the scrubbers in the chamber for extra efficacy though!
  2. Great reason!
  3. Yeah this sort of a joke question I got once when I became mentor. It’s kinda funny since you can indeed get the weed extract, but it has no use.
    Great answers, I’m ready to give you a +1!
    T: 6? (I’m bad at counting you guys really goota help me out here and add a total when voting :sob:)
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  1. Dunno, (codedive time) it appears this is called a “gaia blessing”, you need to add a medicine called “Earth’s blood” which you need 20u of in the tray. Earthsblood can be gotten from ambrosia gaia, which you can create from mutating the base ambrosia.
  2. Dunno, (codedive time) it looks like for advance disease you need to raise the transmission above the competition’s resistance, you can only have one advance disease and one dormant disease, so you might’ve seen someone with a dormant disease. Not sure about this one though (viro is for nerds and gamers).
  3. honk! Mentorhelp Rejected!