Absolute Basics [Video Guide]

instantly ruined by clicking on acacia, we’re unpersoning you


I’m not gonna go make a tutorial on highpop Sage, that’s detrimental to RP and lame. For future ones I’ll be using my own server mostly.

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Have you visited Acacia orbit lately?

  • NT Human resources, Staffing and recruitment section.
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Oh yeah! I remember you linking this once on dchat a while ago.

I’ll be looking forwards for more videos. :slight_smile:

(the basic tutorial is always the longest I swear)

yeah really hoping to do an explanation of how the SM works and a delam guide next, rather than just “repipe this” type guide rather explaining the concepts and reasoning

including pubby/corg TEG setups

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Video guides are really awesome but sadly require a long time to make. Based video guide maker!


Just watched it, very nice and easy to understand guide.

Where were you when I first started playing?