How do I create fusion and put in the distro?

I’ve never made fusion but the next time I get DIAG or hijack I want to 1-e+489958… the air. How do I do this?

If not possible, how do I make infinite radiation without dusting myself?

Lastly, how do I quickly singuloose the SM?


I’d apreciate a “how do I make fusion” for dummies


It’s honestly better to pump distro full then use heat exchange pipes to heat it up with fusion temperature instead of pumping in fusion products into distro, as that would clog the pumps.

Infinite radiation is technically a bug, wouldn’t advise relying on it too much.

Turn up input, pump in new gasses from Atmos, turn off scrubbing in the chamber.


And assuming I dont know how to get tritium?

Burn a mix of oxygen and plasma together, with a ratio of 97:3.


Now this thread is great, it’s been loaded with small factoids for wingnuts like me who learn how to do things by getting piecemeal info and just fuck around with that.




then filter the Tritium right? How do I get a good amount out of it? enough to sustain fusion?

Singlo SM is based of either Very high EER or incredibly high kpa inside the SM chamber. The easiest way is to disable the scrubbers and pump a constant supply of gas from Atmo into the SM. As long as now one manages to reduce the pressure, the SM will Singlo, and the admemes will boink you.

Use the Turbine Chamber, Pump in a 5%plasma to o2 mix, you can up the percentage after it’s been running 30 mins or so). Pull Trit out the Scrubber.

Now here it gets complicated as trit and o2 burn to make Water Vapour so you want to be able to pull as much trit as you can, which means cooling it as soon as it enters the pipe. The best way to do this is fill the scrubber pipe with plasma and use a thermo machine and/or space loop to cool it down, the slap a trit filter on to get the cold trit out. You can go as far as putting a Temp gate in the mix so you guarantee the trit is below a certain temperature. (use multi meter on temp gate to change if it allows gas hooter or colder than the stated temp).

You would be better off using temperature transfer to Distro as then none of colourful gases in fusion appear in the air, making it less obvious what is happening.

Radiation Cascade happens because the game does not have infinite integers and if you irradiate an object with insane amounts of rads, weird things happen. Now the explanation below is technically incorrect, YET, it does provide an easy to understand observable framework on how fusion kind of works. Co2 and Plasma are the “Base” gases of Fusion and Trit is the “Fuel”. The more Base there is the better the Fuel burns, producing more heat and fusion particles/radiation.

So keep pumping co2/plasma (you can use just plasma, but you run the risk of your plasma reserves running out faster) and pump in as much trit as you can make. Avoid shielding and soon enough you’ll be irradiating the station in an unstoppable (apart from admintervention) wave.

To avoid being irradiated yourself, go IPC, for even plasmamen are vunerable to fusion particles. Or were, when I last checked.


Pretty sure particles dont apply toxin anymore so its all radiation?

Rad balls do burn damage. (Though they can be blocked by something as simple as a locker wall)

guess the old change to just lots of rads got another thing ontop of it at some point and i never noticed.

Actually, high EER causes the SM to tesloose. To singuloose, you need a high mole count (pressure doesn’t matter) on the SM tile. This means your best bet is to set the scrubbers to syphon anything except N2 and pump in thermo/space cooled N2 from atmos until it clogs.

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Aren’t you permabanned maggot?


or supercool a dozen cans and stick em inside to burst.

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