How to improve your tritium burn chamber yields


I won’t be going over advanced atmospherics here, this short guide assumes you have a firm grasp on pipes and gas mechanics.

Recently I’ve found a very simple method of vastly increasing tritium yields from a tritium burn chamber. Bottleneck for these chambers is always the volume of scrubbers and how easily they clog with high temperature gas.

For this setup, I’m scrubbing tritium into a pipe network that has one full canister of plasma and a thermal machine set to cool it. Tritium is scrubbed from the burn chamber and immediately mixes with the cooled plasma, making it take up hardly any volume. This prevents scrubbers from clogging up and results in multiple times more tritium being scrubbed than normally.

This tritium is then filtered into a storage chamber with an injector, from which it can be scrubbed for any application. Any gas other than tritium, oxygen and plasma is scrubbed from the burn chamber into the small entry chamber into turbine.

Here’s an alternative build without using turbine, same principle just without a storage chamber:

I really like that, great tip!

Some maps you don’t even need to get a can, they just have a plasma tank in the room (orange tank on the left). I didn’t use it here but I could have.

I’ll probably do a “buffer” can after the filter next time and the volume pump to space is unnecessary unless you think you might fuck it up. This whole setup can be built in like 10 minutes, can run the station if necessary, and only uses t2 parts.

I’m mostly ignoring waste gasses as my only goal is a can worth 50-100k at cargo (I got 90+ on this setup).

Oh damn, I think you’re the dude who gave me the 55k worth container of the stuff when i was playing as QM. Thanks dude

I have found the best way to improve Trit yields is to reduce the amount of gas going into the chamber. Literally having just enough gas to have a fire on every tile gives a much greater yield than any complicated setup with max gas input. I have made 2 science max caps using 1/3 of a can of plasma with this method.

Oh yeah, I vaguely remember doing similar back under fastmos when I did sci bombs (I’ve been tinkering with o2/plasma percentages but not overall pressure).

The cooling loop definitely helps as I was getting like 4x per scan than I was before with the same pressure feed, but I’m going to try a trickle fuel feed with some storage attached to the line next time.

Reread the first post. You’re not directly cooling the 20000k tritium. You’re perpetually cooling the plasma inside pipes which mixes with tritium, enabling scrubbers to immediately scrub more gas instead of waiting for pumps to empty them.

Keep in mind that having the turbine online makes 10% of the tile in front of it be vented into space.

Yeah I thought about that after which is why I removed it. Do you lose the yield even if all the blast doors are closed?

I pretty much always run the turbine since 50/50 someone blows the supermatter. I actually hand upgrade it with t2 parts before starting any of this as that’s generally enough to run the station (some might need one pacman).

Yes, 10% of the tile gas teleports to the other side of turbine every update. Even if there’s a blastdoor.

Turbine is meaningless in 99% of the rounds. When you have high enough parts for it to matter you already have high enough parts for a pacman to power the station.

Also don’t sell direct tritium. Tritium exists to create fusion to heat other tritium mixed 1:10 with nitrogen to create hyper noblium, which sells for 1000 per mol.

I’m wondering what would happen if I extended the turbine room one square with rwalls and a reinforced floor. Nitpicky for 10% but it sounds like an amusing project for some late night shift.

I never do fusion and it’s pretty easy to get a 50k can (which can realistically pay for almost anything the station might suddenly need) with zero effort, minimal babysitting, and minimal damage if someone decides to sabotage.

You can put a passive vent at the exhaust tile of a turbine, an injector at start and it will be forever recycling gas. Admins don’t like fun though so depends on who is online and in what mood for you to challenge whatever weak laws of physics there are.

Then again, a cell charger can power the whole station roundstart but everyone still uses them.

Ha yeah, I saw that ban. The fact that it works at all with the exhaust doors closed makes no sense but hey, bluespace.

And yeah, a PACMAN could run the station… if the miners mine plasma. A lot of shifts I’m playing atmos are at like 2am and we may not have miners. I could do solars with extended permissions, but I’m messing with the incinerator room anyway so shrug.

Entire station is made out of plasma. Strip the plasteel from reinforced walls. You only need a few sheets for hours of power. If pirates had any brains they wouldn’t bother with silo, just bring a welder and take fat stacks of plasma sheets from outer hull.

Pirates can just go to any department lathe.