Explodes-Herself-Alot Feedback

Yo, it do be the place where you can give feedback on my lizard Explodes-Herself-Alot.
You’ve prob seen me at whatever hours, playing either random jobs or as cap/hos.

I try very often to avoid using cheesy uncounterable tactics, so if you see me doing something like that, please tell me !
I also try to RP (although not the best due to me sucking) dumb non harmful gimmicks as antag. If any of those you found interesting, do tell.

And if you generally think i’m annoying/have a very bothering attitude IC or OOC, please do tell too, as long as it’s not just insults and only insults lmoa. do be harsh tho, otherwise.

Once you said i was a nerd when i called you.
It hurted my feelings :frowning:

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You never gave me a reason to revise my judgement.
You will always be a NERD

deja vu, I’ve seen this thread before. For real though nice person to play with. +1

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Good HOS, although usually doesn’t communicate enough. Also you indirectly caused the making of the protogen sprite :flushed:

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will keep communication in mind - thanks !>
i am so glad to have caused the protogen sprite.

the old thread got filled with insults/callouts from crack/ksvanarii (now community removed), because i dared to file a report against them/their friend

lizard :nauseated_face: otherwise alright person most of the time

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Literaly exploded herself last round.


Lizard. Automatically bad. :face_vomiting: (Just kidding, but still a lizard…)

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Lizard :+1:
Also a really cool player both OOC and IC.

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Kept crying for 15 minutes straight after starting shit with security and not being able to handle the consequences.

pulled out batong over slipping (on their own), got whipped (no damage, and failed) to take batong away because it was stupid, proceeds to brig for 5 minutes and making up new reasons every 30 seconds to justify it was not shitsec (i assume you were the captain, who made up new reasons which completely differed from the original seccie’s version, despite never seeing what happened)

pretty unbased if you ask me !

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Lad or lass, if you whip me for no reason and then try and blame me with made up lies about some baton, I have no sympathy for you. That’s baby behavior and not RP. Peace.

lmao, coming from the dude who changed his story every two minutes to justify shitsec, maybe you shouldn’t give rp advice. Peace.

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I never had problem with shitsec.
And i’ve been playing a long time, where is shitcurity ?

Due to playing sec and antag more often than not, I had the unluckiness to deal with them more often than not.

Read this for example : Ksanavaari Player Report

Some fine gem you presented me here !
Ah, well i never get physical and don’t argue often, that’s probably why i always passed by these unscrupulous players.

Make a player report then, instead of spreading lies.

you didnt break any major rules, so writing a report will be a bother for nearly nothing, you were just powertripping a fair bit too much, and ended up being a complete fucking ass

Coming on my feedback thread to vent out your frustration only makes you that much more of an asshole, too

I didn’t break any rules indeed. You wanted feedback about your behavior, it was provided and you just doubled down on your lies.