Ksanavaari Player Report

In-game report:

   CKEY: Howluinb

   Your Discord: Howluinb31153#1759

   Offender’s CKEY: Ksanavaari

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name:Richard Dickson

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):24/04/2021

   Round Number:29082

   Rules Broken: Don't self antag

Incident Description:
All of this was on a code green - none of the people implicated were antags.

As a detective, Richard Dickson entered in medbay to see a scientist in crit - whom was killed over bypassing the filter and saying the l***** word (don’t have the name btw if you wanna check that).
His first reaction was to say something along the line of “You filthy lizards should be glad to be able to clean after the superior humans” - which he claimed was to stand proud with his fallen comrade. (He knew he said the l word).

I shove him, to which he proceeds to instantly take out a flash and try to cuff me - to which I slip him several times until i steal his baton, cuffs and flash.
Hos arrives right at that moment, the det keeps flashing the gun as the hos tries to calm things down and get him to apologize and take his racist comments back, while he argues it’s not against space law (it is)
After like, 5 minutes of the HoS CONSTANTLY giving him “one last chance or face demotion” - Richard proceeds to keep saying no and ignore it, all the while he flashes his gun as a “threat” to get me to shut up. Hos then batons him as he avoids the cuffing - to which he starts to run away.
While being chased by both me, hos and several officers, he takes out his lethal gun, and shoots me multiple times leaving me in red health.

Once that’s done, hos tries to handle the situation,and at this point i am not aware of what’s happening as it is only the hos who saw it - but afaik, the det escaped from being demoted, then while on meth tried to toolbox the hos to death and get cap to hold a “trial” for him - (cap had apparently ordered him to be permaed) - a fact he is proud of, and boasted about on the discord. (check the link)

He then proceeds to get, obviously, perma gulagged. A bit later on, i get permagulagged by the warden going a bit shitsec (already handled) - to which he pulls out a gun while I am morphined - and shoots me to red + - emptying the ENTIRETY of his gun into me. He then heals me, asks me “give me one reason to not bash you in” to which i turn on the intercom and call over sec - so he jumps me and crits me, before saying “we’re gonna have a little accident” and shoving me into a crate, hidden by orebox, in lavaland where there is no oxygen - while i’m still in crit.
If I didn’t have nanites, i’d have died - and he tried to kill me again when he heard me get up - before getting critted due to what he complained was a “crash” - and instantly disconnecting.

Additional Information:

A flamewar went on in the discord’s general after richard boasted about almost killing the hos - and after it was clear he did not feel ANY remorse about his self antag and showed he’d CLEARLY do it again - I asked an admin what I should do - to which they said to player report after asking the admin who handled the ticket. I then pinged said admin - (who was apparently overwhelmed at 5 am for them- since there were 20 tickets and they arrived VERY late into the shift) and got authorization.

Below is a imgur filled with screens of the flame war, not taken out of context - you can search any of the posts and see no relevant information has been left out.

Ashlie Johnson, the HoS in this story here, I took him to bridge after getting shoved in the hallway as people where calling me rouge for harm battoning, despite not harm battoning, Leading to a small scuffle in bridge with the warden and some of the other heads, I told the cap what happend he wanted to see the gun, so I showed him it, he said to wait till a “Centcomm inspector” came so I told him I’ll wait in brig, after a while cap said something along the lines of “Inspector isnt coming just perma him” so, I instead demoted them, Later on after being demoted, he came with a toolbox and what I assume to be meth and bola’d me and started to toolbox me, not wanting to deal with a methed up lunatic, I ran to medbay where he promptly beat me to VERY hard crit, about 1 hit away from death before the other medical and security staff subdued him.


Lovely, while we wait for logs to clear this thing out, let me correct some of those claims with my perspective.

All I knew that there was a scientist who was being racist towards a lizard and got killed over it and like mentioned came there to support my fellow fallen human, who was killed by you and the officer while he didnt do any resistance.

You shoved me and I flashed and started to cuff you, yes. Gonna need an admin to correct me if this one has changed, but I havent seen anyone get banned for nonlethally arresting someone who assaulted you. During that the officer who you killed the scientist with comes up and starts shoving me, leading me to flash them as well while you run away and manage to slip me with the soapthrows causing me to lose my flash and cuffs.

This is a honest mistake from me, I didnt realise that speciesism was made illegal since I havent played security very actively in the last year or so. You can see from the logs that I realised this mistake and started to change my mind, realising I had fucked up. While typing the apology the hos and the officer start hitting me with stunbatons and I start getting punched. I originally thought that you were throwing the punches but there was apparently a doc there who threw the punches.

Lets wait the logs for this, I connected one shot and you fell down.

I tried to first talk to the hos about this demotion and getting a trial, I was then told the captain was investigating this and tried to get in touch with them too. After that failed, the only way to get justice for this situation and have any leverage was to abduct the HOS and force the trial. With no lethal methods that would work on the hos, my only option was to meth, toolbox to head then drag away to cuff and heal.

This is where I overescalated, from the way you talked, I believed it was a setup and you were working with the warden to fuck me over. Also considering that you had previously attacked me and killed a scientist for being racist, I wasnt going to be on a level playground with you, isolated in the gulag, which is why I shot you and healed you to low health to talk. If I just wanted to kill you, why would I not toss your body in the lava and why would I try to heal you up after downing you? Better yet, if I just wanted to remove you from the round, why wouldnt I have just gibbed you under the gulag shuttle?

This was handled with the admin and I got noted for this since it was overescalation and a huge misunderstanding from me.

I was still considering you to be an active threat, with you being violent and aggressive before and somehow coming back to life in the box. Also yes, the game froze and I had to restart. I didnt disconnect or leave the round, just restarted the game to fix the issue.

You brought this up both in discord and OOC, dont chuck this on me. You couldve just made a player report but you also felt the need to talk about it, more specifically you felt the need to bring it up outside of player reports.

You were a detective, several people quoted the rules directly at you explaining how a detective is NOT a sec officer and should NOT carry out arrests, and you shouldnt EVEN HAVE NON LETHAL OPTIONS - you ignored them, just like you are ignoring it now.

Lol, no ? We spent about 10 minutes if not more in medbay while the HoS kept pressing you to apologize - you only realized you fucked up once we pointed the rules to you in discord - where you kept saying you were in the right until shown otherwise.

you connected multiple, and i fell down from the cleaner grenade i threw. You also preferred firing me over the hos who was closer and had a stun baton out - but that’s not really something that matters, just like the number of exact shots - as you still tried to lethal me.

The only way would have been to accept the result and not self antag this shit to the max - ESPECIALLY not killing the HoS

bruh this is the first time you mention that in an entire hour, you can’t come up with excuses out of nowhere


Which is what you were going to attempt to do after you saw leaving me for dead in a crate didnt work out for you. You can’t just pretend you weren’t actually going to remove me from the round and that sticking me in near hardcrit in a crate on lavaland was only a temporary round removal

In this entire round, I never harmed you in any way, shape, or form, even after you emptied an entire gun on me - until you sticked me in that crate and left me for dead

You’re the first one that brought this up in ooc, and you still boasted like hell about it, don’t pretend like that’s false

That was meant mainly for admins, since you constantly see detectives performing arrests on the spot if there is a crime happening at their immediate presence. Id love it if an admin would say if their stance is that detective should just run away like discussed in the discord.

I wont argue about this since logs prove you otherwise.

At this point I was under the impression that you were the one that kept punching me. Logs will show if I am correct or not, it was a clusterfuck of a situation.

I didnt kill the hos and it was not my intention, I was meant to abduct them with the bola and restraints and use them as leverage to get a fair trial, as we already discussed. The situation got way out of hand with more and more people grouping in.

We didnt discuss this part of the shift. Also, you wouldnt say it was really fucking shifty when you show up delivered by the warden and the first thing you do is rush the intercom to call for the warden.

I was still under the impression that you were the one that punched me, you also killed someone for insulting you, can you not see how you could be seen as a volatile threat when put in an isolated space, especially since you killed the scientist in their own lab.

Once again, I still thought you were in on it with the warden so preserving your body in an easily recoverable and revivable way would be a bargaining chip when the warden would eventually come down to check on you.

OOC chat says otherwise, check it for yourself.

Honestly just seems like you were trying to banbait by starting the discussion in discord and OOC and even lying about it in this report.

no need to wonder, the rules already say so

We’ll see.

The doctor punched you TWICE. You still shot lethals.

you put him to hardcrit one hit away from death, his words

Even this is self antag, this was not LRP, you are a goddamn adult who just got fired off of his job by his superior for being openly racist and firing lethals into the crowd, no fucking sane person would rush at their boss to beat the shit out of them with a toolbox while high on meth solely to abduct them
and no, you can’t roleplay as an insane person.

I softcritted someone for sawing me to red health, breaking the entirety of bar and the warden letting them go free for no reason. You didn’t even know why I was gulagged as you just attacked me on the spot. The “l word” guy was justified as if there were admins he’d probably have been banned or severely noted.

once again ,you don’t roleplay as an insane person and keeping me dead hidden in a crate is not something a normal person would fucking do, ESPECIALLY not a member of the sec team

Someone else brought it up, upon me explaining your first reaction was to boast

you saw that I did not start the conversation as you log dived yourself, the discussion was me asking the admin if he DID punish you as despite getting a note you still boasted about fucking up the hos, and you proceeded to join in and keep boasting in the discord chat starting the flamewar

The SOP says so, unless there is a seperate part for security conduct rules, its not stated.

I couldnt stun them so I applied toolbox untill they fell over, at which point I tried to drag them away.

The act was as absurd as getting demoted for self defence and minor crime.

As far as I knew and heard, you just killed them for being racist. Also, there is no such thing as valid on mrp.

When the entire security team goes against me and I get demoted for self defence, its kinda natural to adapt to the absurdity of the situation. How was I meant to know you wouldnt try to kill me too for being racist, especially since we were conveniently isolated in lavaland. It also seemed a little too convenient that the seccies who took your side and demoted me would just accidentally send you to a remote and isolated location with me, especially since they didnt expect me to return from gulag. Too many coincidences for me to think you were sent honestly down there.

Also, keeping your clonable but now harmleas body is exactly what a sane person would do. Now I have a bargaining chip with the warden and I can mine without having the fear of you rushing and caving my head in when my back is against the wall, just like you did to the other racist.

Its not boasting, its giving my side of the story.

Although I cant deny that part of the lavaland shootout was in spite as well, since you spouting bullshit to the hos and assaulting me is the reason that this entire shitshow got started.

you never mined a block

Imgur: The magic of the Internet resending because apparently you don’t remember your own discord and ooc post where you bragged extensively about beating down the hos who “couldn’t land more than 2 shots” and should “aim at the enemy not the walls”

I didnt have the time to with gulag being constantly occupied by random people.

you were in gulag for a HELLA long time before I got sent down with you. You didn’t care about mining. Not that it matters anyway.

I had to first recover from the morphine. After it wore out, I grabbed mining gear, went outside, forgot the flashlight, went back in and got visited by some seccies who smuggled a gun to me for self defence.

And how is this not boasting or contributing to a flamewar?


congratulation, you won, you found the post where I explained the situation in a few words to someone who just joined the chat, i am now thoroughly defeated and this completely invalidates, for example, the time you tried to dismiss everyone’s arguments because “hos is unrobust” Discord

good job !

How do you even make that assumption? You kept constantly jabbing back and feeding the flames, you think anyone can flame alone? Of course im gonna correct you when you say that the critted hos fucked me or you and the demoted officer assaulting me is getting robusted. This clearly isnt your first rodeo banbaiting in discord, especially since the “boasting” is playing such a big part in your player report.

Okay I will start getting logs, this is the conversation after the first shove/flash fight, with the HoS and a random seccie:

Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Det” (170, 92, 2))
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “whats this about?” (178, 90, 2))
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Assault” (181, 89, 2))
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “Dude” (186, 90, 2))
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “said that i should” (186, 90, 2))
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “clean up” (186, 90, 2))
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “for the superior race” (187, 90, 2))
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Det” (183, 89, 2))
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Just relax” (183, 89, 2))
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “He has my shit” (180, 91, 2))

shove/soap/trip fight fully stops

Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “you too jani”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “give them their shit back”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Well”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “Tell hjim”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Lethals time”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has shoved Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “to rertract his words”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “then i will stop”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Bad”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Nah”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “Shoot me coward”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Richard”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Fucking relaax”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Or you will turn out like the other officer”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “shoot me or face the fact you are weaker than me”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “cunt”
(Declan Mikakee) “lets calm down”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Explodes”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “You chill the fuck out too”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “Dude said i should clean up for his superior ass”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “He can suck my lizard female cock”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Well”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Both of you, shut the fuck up”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “And leave eachother alone”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “You better arrest em”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Assault and theft”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Explodes”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Im out of nonlethal options”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “give them their things back”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “you pointed a gun at me seconds ago”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “i said it”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “i am giving back”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Please.”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “if they retract their words”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Aint happenin”
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) “I am not letting this cunt get away with saying i am inferior to him”
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) “Richard, just fucking do it”
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) “Nah”

Here are the logs for the fight right after that:

(Declan Mikakee is a normal seccie, Vince Randolph and Maximilian Simpson are just randoms who were shouting “HOS ROUGE” and got involved for some reason.)

Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 100)
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 100)
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 100)
(Vince Randolph) has shoved Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) (NEWHP: 100)
(Vince Randolph) has shoved (Declan Mikakee) (NEWHP: 100)
(Declan Mikakee) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 100)
(Declan Mikakee) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 100)
(Vince Randolph) has shoved Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) (NEWHP: 100)
(Maximilian Simpson) has kicked Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 93.2)
(Declan Mikakee) has grabbed Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) passive grab (NEWHP: 93.2)
(Vince Randolph) has shoved /(Declan Mikakee) with knocking them down (NEWHP: 100)
(Vince Randolph) has shaken Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 93.2)
(Vince Randolph) has shoved Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) (NEWHP: 100)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has shoved Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 93.2)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has shoved (Declan Mikakee) with knocking them down (NEWHP: 100)
(Maximilian Simpson) has punched Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 88.7)
(Maximilian Simpson) has punched Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 84.2)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has shoved Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 84.2)
(Maximilian Simpson) has punched Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) (NEWHP: 95.8)
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has sprayed [floor] with the pepperspray which had /datum/reagent/consumable/condensedcapsaicin (40u)
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has sprayed [floor] with the pepperspray which had /datum/reagent/consumable/condensedcapsaicin (35u)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has thrown the cleaner grenade
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has threw and hit (Simon Edwards) with the cleaner grenade (NEWHP: 100)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has thrown the cleaner grenade
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has fired at [floor] with .38 bullet from Aft Primary Hallway
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has shot Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) with .38 bullet (NEWHP: 75)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has slipped on the [foam]
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 84.2)
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has fired at [floor] with .38 bullet from Aft Primary Hallway
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has shot Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) with .38 bullet (NEWHP: 50)
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has fired at [floor] with .38 bullet from Aft Primary Hallway
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has slipped on the [foam]
Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) has shot Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) with .38 bullet (NEWHP: 31.3)
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has slipped on the [foam]
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has thrown the flashbang
Howluinb/(Explodes-Herself-Alot) has slipped on the [foam]
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 84.2)
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has stunned Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 84.2)
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has grabbed Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) passive grab (NEWHP: 84.2)
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has grabbed Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) aggressive grab (NEWHP: 84.2)
Yuri Vitch/(Ashlie Johnson) has handcuffed Ksanavaari/(Richard Dickson) (NEWHP: 84.2)

I am getting the logs for the other nonsense

for context, he flashed his gun several times during that conversation.

Also, he did lie himself about shooting “only two times, one missed”, considering he shot me three times and didn’t miss any lol

Alright, I was wrong about the amount of bulletw connected and apparently it was the randomedic who punched me.

This is very concerning and should be grounds for a punishment due to sexually suggestive and highly detailed comments.

Thats true, I thought I only connected a single shot since you went down after it. I stand corrected now.