Explodes-Herself-Alot Feedback


I think you were very nice to me as Glowcola Trainee

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you were a very cool clown, your gimmick was very fun and you were funny, which is rare for most clowns.
please carry on being fucking rad

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I’m mildly annoyed at you for calling me a shitsec one time while I was performing a routine arrest. It was a minor crime, yeah, but I gave him a light 3-minute sentence, like it says to in Spesslaw. The fact that I didn’t want to cut him loose that one time doesn’t make me a shitter.

Hearing the line “We don’t do shitsec here” in response to me brigging someone for 3-minutes, more or less put me under the impression you were one of those shitty HoS players who only joins to be rude to the security team and demote secoffs for bad behavior, rather than actually try to do their job and lead/co-ordinate Security. The fact that you stayed in Brig for the majority of the round didn’t help either.

Pretty nice stealth antag tho, you waved at me through the window once while I was flying by in space.

Maybe I’m a little biased from the epidemic of shitty HoS/Cap mains constantly verbally abusing the security team and valid-hunting everything in sight. Most of the HoS’s I’ve dealt with have either been criminally incompetent, actively hated me, or were just incredibly rude and bloodthirsty.

Sec Gaming.

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Your last edit is exactly the reason why I probably got a bit too angry at you. I do have quite a fair bit of this anger problem, so it is a very legitimate criticism.

I very often try to spend my time to legitimately avoid validhunt and make it fun for both me & antags, thus being sometimes overly lenient, even on light punishment, mostly because it just sucks.

There’s a balance to strike on being lenient and harsh, and I do struggle with it heavily.

Nontheless, all of that to say that from what i’ve seen from your forum posts & non sec gameplay, you seem very much like a non-shitter, but i probably did not know you at the time. And i’ve dealt with a huge amount of shitters, whom it bit me in the ass each time i did not check on them heavily.

I probably thought you were just powertripping, which was wrong of me. I’ve been trying lately to get both sides of the argument and legitimately trying to be neutral, because I realized i sometimes tend to distrust one party more than another

So, my apologies sincerely on making it shit for you. I will try to avoid being as rude to my sec team in the future, and i hope there’s no hard feelings

(also i literally never play stealth antags, always semi loud - hence why i do not care about being spotted lol)

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this right here, is how you become a cool hos.

also made me play russian roulette with eddie for freedom after both of us got caught preparing for contracting (i think that was you)


oh no yeah that was absolutely me. I had to struggle to get them to actually let you free when you won

Explodes is always nice to me, shes amazing and sweet in my experience. Even if she does wear jumpskirts.

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Is it me or do you make the most reports as antag?

I already had to disprove that since one of the report i made had the amazing insult of “lol u only report as antag when u lose, loser salty crybaby ahah” (legit happened, but most of the posts were deleted due to obvious garbage comments)

Non Antag reports :

Buck Powell Player Report
Maximillian Logue Player Report
Gerald Rivendare Player Report
Ksanavaari Player Report - #45 by bloons3
Thatguythere03 Player Report
Richard Caine Player Report
Angelina Camp Player report

Antag report (where i “won” and the person i reported was just terrible to deal with) :

Varisia Lote/Berengar Beeblebrox Player Report - #2 by Fears-The-Clown

Antag reports (where I lost and a person related to the loss is whom i report) :

DULC-E-NA AI Player Report
Moshe Goldberg HoS Player Report
Xeapor Michael McFall Player Report
(The last one retracted after the person reported admitted their wrongdoing & apologized for it)

4 to 1 ratio, if you do not include xeapor. I don’t understand where that accusation comes from, at all ?

A lot of interactions usually end with us screaming at each other for stupid shit, then being buddies for the rest of the time. Good player IC and OOC, very fun to play with when were not tearing each others throats out.

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I wouldn’t say that Varisia is a terrible person to deal with. They’re just really bad at actually roleplaying with valids instead of going unga, which is especially noticeable when they played HoS/Captain.

Lately, they’ve been keeping the bloodlust in check and playing mostly Brig Phys. They’re nice enough and good at keeping the Security team at full health. I’ve had a good time hanging out with them around Brig and Evac.

uh, wrong thread

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I saw you in another thread allow someone who broke the rules specifically against you, you accepted their apology and moved on. Soooo many people have a huge issue with that, me included haha. Very chill person overall / 10

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I mean, I’ve had nothing but fun interactions with you but (i might be wrong) you tend to be with your squad of people you uaually talk to the entire round and these past weeks haven’t seen you do anything of note (like a gimmick)

This is all coming from my personal point of view and i see you nearly every round so I have some validity to that, other than that what you have done wasn’t bad at all, no validhunting no such thing as that + enjoyable to interact with, 9/10.

Try to somehow as antag or non involve station in one of your shenanigans to make yourself remember, if you want of course.

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I actually don’t spend that much time with the same people - while i am good friends ic with a few characters like edward irish & others, i usually either stay on my own or do dumb gimmicks alone ! At least, from my pov - I genuinely don’t like to spend all of my rounds with the same people anyways.

I did do a few gimmicks here and there excluding the usual “rush greentext” ! Just yesterday I setup a gambling game thing in the bar that took me like an entire hour and a half.

I do agree that I don’t do nearly enough, tho - I’ll try to come up with more creative things !

I wanted to say after that last round that I don’t really understand why you wanted to free Burger the moff Tator Changeling after we caught her with a contractor keypad on Code Green.

As for why I thought you were lashing out earlier, you screamed at me. I don’t mean that in the sense that you were insulting me. As in you used the *scream emote to express your anger at me because I didn’t follow SOP when I arrested someone who was suspected of being a traitor with a warrant on them placed by the Captain.

The warrant was placed after we saw them when we crashed the traitor maints meeting.

I don’t know what things looked like from your point of view, but it wasn’t an okay thing to do.

Roleplay is meant to be fun. I genuinely enjoy roleplaying with antagonists. I was down with putting them in perma, healing them up, negotiating, holding a trial, whatever gimmick you wanted to run as HoS.

It wasn’t fun when you screamed at and actively insulted your own team while trying to set hostile antagonists free.

I followed SOP to the letter. There was witness testimony, and a warrant from the Captain, which was more than sufficient to arrest someone on Code Green.

SOP states:

Code Green SOP states that you cannot random search crewmembers without a warrant. This was not a random search. It was a warrant put out by the Captain on someone seen colluding with 2 other confirmed traitors.

There was no ambiguity to whether or not the Moff was a traitor. There were PDA messages confirming it, a contractor kit and several weapons found on them, and witness testimony.

Setting them free wasn’t even a gimmick. It wasn’t even legal under Space Law. There was no justification for it at all, no mitigating circumstances.

You insulted the Captain and everyone on the security team and told me I was a powergaming shitter because I didn’t want to outright free the Traitor Moff.

I’m sorry if I wronged you somehow. Maybe you were just frustrated after something went wrong for you IRL, or maybe the other secoffs were being shit while I wasn’t watching.

But please don’t do something like this again as HoS. Don’t abuse your power to make other people’s experience markedly worse. Take a break from security. Don’t let the boiling cesspit of ShitSec toxicity drag you in.

Try again later when everything cools down.


Shit gets heated in the moment. I just wanted to say that I don’t resent you personally for anything that happened.

“Burger the moff Tator changeling after we caught her with a contractor keypad on Code Green.”
They were only a tot, not a ling.

“you used the *scream emote” - I did not use an emote at all in game, i think you saw me stub my toe which causes an automatic scream?

The warrant wasn’t placed by anybody I know. The first time I heard of burger was because they attacked an officer, who went to search them solely because someone put them on arrest for having talked with confirmed traitors - at least, that’s what i’ve been told in game and never corrected - with literally no other thing that clearly said they were tot.

Cap basically never talked or confirmed they issued a warrant - he much preferred to run sec by himself as I was delagated to a warden role and had to stay in brig like the entirety of the shift to handle everything.

None of it was ever stamped, or put on paper - that’s what a warrant is. Putting someone on arrest is not a valid warrant.

I was mostly frustrated with the way the cap was bossing me around all shift and having to do basically all the sec work while the guy went out to hunt le antag and do whatever the fuck he wants.

Therefore, the reason I wanted to release burger with tracking implant and lethal injection chemical implant and no gear was because, from the information I got, he was found in a really fucking bullshit way which clearly sucks for anyone to ever deal with, be it as antag (round ruined cuz you talked) or sec (because apart from the satisfaction of catching antage, you just ruined someone’s round & made the round that much more tamer)

While you were probably fine as a sec off, I was beyond irritated at the epic det who kept asking every 2 minutes to use contraband and whom I never could be sure hadn’t pocketed like an esword or whatever, and the cap who was bossing me around and treated me like his basic bitch boy all throughout.

To be fair, in retrospective, I did get way too irritated at you because it seems that you were just following off of the bullshit info you got & ended up in the direct frontline of my clear annoyment solely because of it. You shouldn’t have been the one do deal with it.

Shit got way too heated for me, and as a result I ended up being really unpleasant to others that shift. My apologies.

(Plus, i’d have loved to setup a trial, which would have been fair - but, like, we had someone who ran off with a desword, a ton of lings going around murdering everybody, and a ton of shit on my plates. This was far from a calm round. Releasing someone with tracking+lethal chem implant is a perfectly fine alternative to perma, especially if you don’t give them any sort of gear.)

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To be blunt, again.

I was helping security which barely had any staff out dragging a traitor to brig and stayed there to help for a bit. When Burger EMP’d the place in perma you started shouting in all caps at everyone but yourself that it was the lawyer (which it wasn’t, like we said 500 times)

The EMP was in their contractor kit they bought. You shouted at everyone around you all caps for 5 minutes straight that it was the lawyer, when everyone else including YOUR CAPTAIN said it was the moth. You still ignored it and called everyone but yourself crazy. And you somehow decided to use the surgery tools to try and revive the moth when i ordered you to check for EMP implants in the lawyer first (Since who wouldn’t do that IF THEY HAVE A EMP IMPLANT WHICH THEY CAN USE WHILE CUFFED)

Even when i tell you to check the lawyer, you ignore me 3 times in a row, the captain. And even after there was no implant found. You somehow have the balls to tell me you were right and that it was the moth. Not only that, you ignore direct orders from higher command to execute the last perma prisoner that were rioting over “wtf nothing went wrong, there’s other options!!” when i try to explain to you how your entire team is out there being murdered by lings and traitors on top of pirates. You STILL refuse to listen at that point so i have to do your job.

And then you complain in deadchat over how you won’t obey the captain and “wont be a bitch” over having to execute someone after getting direct orders.

Regarding @Fears-The-Clown

They got a warrant from me, comms were down. You knew the stations situation so you know 100% there is no time for a stamped paper. A security officers word is more than enough which you can double check at any given point when you met me 50 times. Even more so when they ACTIVELY ATTACKED THE SECURITY OFFICER

Like come the fuck on, i get that things get heated sometimes but at least follow the SOP and try to admit at least once when you are wrong. You yelled at everyone but yourself even in the face of hard proof that you were wrong.

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