Botany rework sneak peek 4 - new nutriment system

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How do they work?

a tray will remember a list of which nutrients it had.
every time a nutriment is consumed, based on a type of consumed nutriment, it causes an effect.


  • 1. EZ nutriment
    Does nothing. 66% chance to resupply itself to a tray.
    [Good basic nutriment.]

  • 2. Left 4 Zed
    Heals a plant’s HP by 2. If it’s old, heals by 4.
    [Advanced healing nutriment]

  • 3. Robust Harvest
    takes an age more, but consumes a nutriment additional without its effect.
    [Advanced growing nutriment]

  • 4. Earthsblood
    Now It is a nutriment type.
    purges all weeds, pests and toxin, and refills water.(Does not heal)
    80% chance to refill a unit of nutriment as Earthsblood
    80% chance of antiaging of a plant.
    [Specialised nutriment with a big penalty.]

  • 5. Omnizine
    Now it is a nutriment type.
    Purges all toxins, but creates 4 level of weeds.
    [Specialised nutriment]

  • 6. Unstable Mutagen
    Now it is a nutriment type.
    a plant takes two ages more, but takes 50 toxin damage
    [Specialised nutriment with a big penalty]

Earthsblood golden tray?

It’s gone now. the new nutriment system will make it less annoying, especially with EZ nutriment’s resupply effect.

But also, I am going to make plants will never die until it’s beyond its age. as long as it hits before Lifespan, It will never die. BUT it will not get aging if it has too damaged. In this point, you need to heal the plant.

If a plant is dead, it means it’s too damaged but also it’s beyond its allowed age.

Old chem interaction?

It’s gone too. It’s fucking cursed system too.


I am really really not sure, because it’s too experimental. I wanted to hear how you think this goes.


So uhh… is this botany rework just totally hypothetical?

not hypothetical. I am coding it.

you might want to read from this post - Botany rework sneak peek 2

Yeah I’ve been reading the reworks, I know this sounds totally weird but I’m a botany main believe it or not, not that I “main” anything in particular but I have the most uhhh hours played as a botanist. Most of the time by 9 minutes I have all trays gilded and am now either standing entirely motionless for the remainder of the shift or growing shit requested by service.

I feel the rework is very in-depth and intelligent and I think it’s really cool you’ve put a lot of effort into it obviously, but I don’t feel the changes will impact the actual use of a botanist vs the amount a botanist will now have to put in to keep plants satisfied. The changes won’t add some integral use to being a botanist or having more than one. Most of the time 2 botanists is just a waste, as one will do the growing and the other will be… remodeling botany’s floors or demanding bees randomly.


“Peaceful” botanists will have nothing different than they’ve been doing from the rework, but this will bring some meaningful impact to some “powergaming” botanists.
and this nutriment system is just retouching from the current weird system.

This sounds, uh, really bad.

last time you didn’t even tell me why you didn’t like it, and you still don’t say what your point is. the rework will be inevitable, and what you do here isn’t helpful for yourself if you don’t like it.

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Alright, I’ll ask a few things then:
Why is this needed?
What was wrong with the way it worked before that this fixes?
How is this more fun for the Botanist OR whoever has to kill them?
In my experience, the problems with Botany just come from how having more than one is effectively unnecessary, because even a single Botanist can often produce more than anyone in the round wants or needs - it’s a player issue, I end up spending a lot of time waiting for someone to remember exist and ask for something so I have a real reason to do my job.

gamers rise up, we must save botany from the ‘inevitable’ rework

All I do this is simply based on this:
Nerfs on botany will come again. If you know botany well, you are supposed to expect that already. Even a lot of people have discussed about the botany nerfs and It’s even worse than the current system we’re having.
(For the detail, check Botany and you. (Brainstorming thread))
I don’t think possible future nerfs will satisfy any of the real botanist players, like strange seeds nerf. I even expect the end will be the doom or get miserable TG botany port.
and as a botanist who knows how to powergaming botany very well, It is incredibly easy to make 100 potency, 10 yield, 1 production speed for every plant, and get deathnettle/explosive lemon within 5 minutes, but also how to get gas trait from nowhere without a miner’s help.
You said the issue comes from a player. No, it isn’t. the current botany is broken. Literally, broken. That’s why I expect horrible nerfs in future, and replacing it with my rework instead before it would really happen. and all I do here is give & take, not just nerf.

and you still don’t say what you didn’t like. which change even would make you feel bad?

and they’ll be bonked with miserable nerfs instead.

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Read something from your previous post, I see now requires discovery points and they’ll spawn with a discovery scanner. My question is what are they going to scan to get points, how will this prevent science from just ignoring them since getting discovery points is incredibly annoying unless you got a miner who cares, a xeno or toxin main

Getting discovery points is a side bonus from doing botanical research, and it’s not their main job. Botanists need to scan ‘their harvested plants’ to store plant data (traits, chemicals) in their machine. If a botanist is forced to get discovery points from their plants, anyway, they get botanical research for doing it.

If a botanist is forced to scan anything else than plants to get discovery points, someone forcing them to do is a moron.

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