BeeStation 18+ Poll Results

Follow-up to BeeStation All Grown Up™. We have tallied up all votes and it’s time to announce the results.

Option Number of Votes
No 114
Yes 164
Grand Total 278

Note: In order to participate, you had to have at least 24-hours of playtime on our server.


Q. If we went 18+ does that mean I can say <slur-here>
A. No. Go play somewhere else.

Q. What will the minimum age be?
A. 18

Q. How far is it going to be loosened up? How are we meant to know what jokes / what will be allowed and what could be decided by an admin as not allowed?
A. Complicated questions without amazing answers. It has and will continue to fall under admin discretion to an extent. However, currently, our policy is to ban anything that might not be suitable for minors. Treating everyone like adults means that we don’t have to go that far anymore and can be a little more relaxed when handing out punishments (we currently jump to perma for most infractions)

Q. Does that mean I can post my favorite erotica in OOC and in Discord now?
A. No. Erotica is still banned.

Q. Will persons who are known to be underage be granted a pass or grandfathered into this new policy?
A. No. Anyone who is verifiably known to be under 18 will unfortunately be banned until they meet our minimum age requirements.

Q. Will persons who do not meet the age requirement be banned forever?
A. They will be allowed to come back when they turn 18.

Q. Where can I find the updated rules?
A. Rules#5 Players_Must_Be_18_Years_of_Age_or_Older

Q. When will this take effect?
A. September 1st, 2021.


Hooray I guess.

Interesting to see all of our



of the past

Finally come to this.

EDIT: Engelwood has been typing for like an hour, whats he gonna say :flushed:


changes to 18+
now every miner who shared their age is banned till their 18
still up to admins on whats considered ban worthy for erp
just have to change permanent ban to temporary ban on the erp appeals

This is just a rule rework to let us do more dirty jokes, which, given the history of clowns, isn’t needed and wont be noticed until some dumbass gets community removed for some questionable shit

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Doesn’t seem like much will change… except for being open that it wont be the safest of spaces for younger kids… “expose yourself to the SS13 community at your own risk, we gave you fair warning”
It wont stop them joining if they want… but they can’t hold anything against the staff for not being there to protect them from IC OOC and even built in dialogue/themes

what if we erped in SM chamber :flushed:

Was there ever any complaint about a minor being exposed to the bad ss13 stuff ?

There was some out of the game cases like that, not in game but in the community. I dont know anything beside that

[[Mirror from Discord]]

We have published our 18+ rules on the wiki. Given how important they are and how they relate to pre-existing rules, we went against our standard convention and added them in towards the top instead of directly at the bottom. This is bound to cause some slight confusion relating to older bans, but we believe this to be the best approach long-term. The new rules will be taking slots 5 & 6 moving forward, which can be found starting here: Rules - BeeStation Wiki.

These rules will go into effect on September 1st and may undergo slight alterations before then. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or a Head Admin.

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