[Poll] Free the copypastas

  • Make server 18+
  • Keep server child friendly

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In a not so stunning turn of events, it seems like everyone within the community and staff both genuinely dislike the new policy on erotic content, as well as its enforcement due to the server being labeled as child friendly. The easiest way to remove legal liability from such content is to simply remove the child-friendly sticker.

This would mean our zero tolerance part of the policy will be removed and the sexualized copypastas and memes would be allowed within reasonable limitations again. Admin discretion would again be used to gauge whether something is a perma-worthy offense or not, rather than being bound by law.

ERP would still be against the rules because nobody (I hope) wants this to turn into an ERP server. We just want to free the memes again.

Consequences of making the server 18+ means we will be forced to ban anyone who admits to being under 18, and would operate under a don’t ask, don’t tell.

As always this poll and subsequent discussion does not guarantee change will occur, this is purely to gauge how the community as whole feels to ensure this isn’t just a vocal minority issue.

Beestation is not a democracy, we just like to make you think it is sometimes

remember when you said “no” to me after i asked to free the copypastas, make the server 18+, but keep erp banned

what happened big man



Because I don’t like seeing the disgusting copypastas, and also because I like shitposting too.

Disliking something personally isn’t a reason to maintain a stance against something a majority of the community wants.

There is 0 reason why a game such as SS13 should have the child friendly tag. That being said I don’t think content such as copypastas should be anything but banned. They are unimaginative, uninteresting and they provide 0 value to anything. As a matter of fact, all they do is drive people away.


i’d understand this if spamming copypastas didn’t make you valid. having search squads find and destroy the random greyshit in maint spamming wgw is iconic


Not to mention the fun a good comms agent can have.


I’d like to say I’m 100% over 18, incase any staff investigate me


Obviously the game isn’t made to be 100% PG, but I’d still rather not have extremely descriptive messages about how someone wants to fuck something if I am honest

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The copypastas are all already in the library, several of them have dedicated wiki pages, they’re referenced in game by posters. Hell, the curator’s PDA even has a unique description calling it the “WGW-11 E-reader”.

Not to mention dismemberment, people burning to death, electric chairs, hanging and dozens of other very not child friendly things.

That being said, viewing sexual content as worse that its equivalent violent content is a common phenomenon in the West.

Regardless of what choices we make, there a: needs to be a point where we draw the line with copypastas regardless and b: needs to be consistency in terms of library books etc.

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Terraria zoologist is kinda sexy ngl :flushed:


I’m on my second week of OOC mute for copypasting and you guys are gonna change the rules to allow them :clown_face:

We have a lot of robust :b:eetard kids which need a constant stream of unrobusts to keep the game interesting. Making a HRP 18+ server (with 20 pop cap lul) would bring unrobust ERPers to the other servers when the pop cap is reached. which would serve as robusting material for the :b:eetards, which would increase the player count and keep the OGs on the server at the same time. The same thing is already happening with MRP but its seemingly not enough from what I’ve noticed when interacting with the :b:eetards. They crave for more robusting material.
Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk on how to make beestation the most popular server.

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I’m gonna level with ya. Making it 18+ won’t stop kids from joining. Just like how no erotic content doesn’t really stop it right now.

What it does do is make it the players’ responsibility. This is a good thing.

Also fuck copypastas. They were never good or funny. 18+ gets my vote but not for the reasons this thread exists for.


You nailed it chief.


Hunting down the person who put WGW over comms and beating them as a group is one of the highlights of SS13


TBH i don’t like these copypastas but ss13 is not and was not a child friendly game in the first place. Also kids these days are into shit that makes adults panic

I think a good compromise would be allowing copy pastas, retaining the validity rules/opening players up too OOC admin intervention, with the limitation that the copy pasta cant be erotic and that its only valid on LRP.

Reading woodys got wood for the 200th time just isnt that funny

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ss13 is not a game for children, sorry but its true. you can poison kill beat dismember stun incapacitate gib maim immolate people. If a child does play some dinky underground retard game like ss13, then theyre doing it at their own risk to see someone say the word “sex” or “cum” or read WGW like they are perfectly innocent (which if they found ss13, i guarantee you theyre not.)


Alternate solution: ban felinids
FACT: Felinids cause 99.9999% of all ERP incidents.


That’s just not true.

Moths are atleast responsible for 30% of all ERP incidents too.