AyoSnail Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Thrumbo

Your Discord: Rumi#0001

Offender’s CKEY: AyoSnail

Offender’s In-Game Name:Luigi Malone

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/30/2021

Round Number: 35071

Rules Broken: Rule 13

Incident Description: User rolled standard traitor, and did NOT have “die a glorious death” or “hijack” objectives.

While there was general murderbone-y behavior throughout the round (loading up on buffs, camping maint with soap behind doors, and several wordless murders) that might be okay in isolation, the specific escalation that has me filing this report was the user finding a fuel tank in another part of the station, dragging it straight to sec, dropping it off near their front door, running 15 tiles away, then shooting it with a magnum, without stopping once during the entire process of finding the tank to detonating it. Blowing a hole in sec is specifically listed in rule 13 as an over-escalation.

Additional Information: Only observed this round.

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This isnt the first time this player done shit like this, admeme may consider this as peanut but i do want to make this known, one time i confront luigi in dchat after killing random people and cremating them (like 3 or more total) , and he said hes doing it for fun, and not apologetic nor understanding when confronted.

Hes in the middle of 3 player report, and none of them processed yet, i swear this player get away doing shit stuff like this because he almost always play when theres no admin.

Round Number may help to provide the DChat log to back this up.

(Additional evidence is additional evidence)

3 including this one. Links below:

This’ll also be handled.

Smh this dude literally has 3 bans in the past month and two simultaneous reports against him which have yet to be dealt with in a month.

I don’t have the perms but I really doubt his note history is stellar either.

Just perma the mf already.


There has been yet another ban.

4 bans. This guy as of recent has probably spent more time banned than not.

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