Allow Scientists to generate discovery points via circuitry

So this is something I just mentioned in the xenobio balance thread–why can’t Scientists have a difficult path to success generating their own discovery points right at home with circuitry? Lack of discovery points has made me stop playing roboticist on occasion because nothing interesting could be done as:

  1. Exploration died / No one was playing Exploration.
  2. Miners died / Didn’t get a scanner.
  3. Toxins bomb flopped and ran out of TTV’s (Didn’t ask cargo for more)

So here’s what I was thinking. What if you could scan DIY circuitry amalgamations for discovery points? Not outright making Exploration trivial, though, only a small amount per creation so that a round isn’t held hostage by lack of research. Repeat creations would net you 0 points, and slightly different ones nets a fraction. This might drive people to use circuitry like never before and also have the added benefit of discovery points slowly trickling in again.

Let’s be honest, circuitry rarely gets played with. The little that does get made in rounds are a fun gimmick for a couple of minutes and then forgotten. My hope is that people will feel empowered to get creative with circuitry if there’s an added benefit on top of what they were making.

How it’s scanned, I’m not sure! Maybe a discovery scanner used on the device, or send it through the E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR so that it’s useful again? Anyway, let me know what y’all think!


Yes, that makes sense. I suppose I just want more reasons to do circuitry.

There’s a toxins guide on the damn wiki which works for a 50k bomb.

I understand, but what if I’m robotocist and someone either flubbed toxins or isn’t doing it? What if I’m told that I can’t do it if I ask to do it myself? Well circuitry is available to a roboticst at any time, it wouldn’t hurt to give some discovery points for doing it right?

someone really needs to port the fun circuit toys from tg

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their circuits aren’t well compatible with Bee’s, I think. we need to make our revision from theirs.

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Yes it absolutely could. Any additional source of any resource can tilt collective game balance and economy is important to a game like this.

Some objective questions to think about:

  • Does the game have enough sources for research points to meet expectations for an average round?
  • Is there even a “problem” of no research taking place, or is this a rare type of situation that helps keep rounds unique?
  • What are the effects of research being progressed faster for the round as a whole? Does it improve gameplay to have upgrades and toys sooner rather than later?
  • How does an additional source of research affect antagonists which may cause the station to rush? Will it tip any scales against them?
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Circuitry isn’t a full feature in beestation. It exists entirely as a sort of “rump state”.

Last year, when coders replaced the previous iteration of circuits. They intentionally ported an incomplete, and more importantly, kneecapped version of TG circuits.

The only reason why circuits exist is so the codebase contributors can claim, “No… we didn’t remove circuits…”

Its forever going to be stuck in this broken limbo until either:

  1. its decaying corpse is swept up by and put in the grave after a few years

  2. or the staff changes and a new perspective replaces the old.

The coders wanted to remove a feature without “removing” a feature.
It’s dead.


Damn you’re right, it’s like I’m visiting a tombstone hoping to raise a zombie, it’s kind of sad.

Sorry boss. That’s just how they treated it.

We peons cant change that, we can only hope one day someone gives a shit again.

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