A full guide to a 50k research bomb

Alright so you wanna make a maxcap so people can yell about how great you are over radio. Well this is the guide for you. It’s basically a more readable and less long winded version of Guide to toxins - BeeStation Wiki


This is your basic loadout; A RPD, screwdriver, crowbar, analyzer and wrench.

First off, grab an oxygen canister from storage and dump it into the chamber like so. You’ll want to do this until you have dumped a full 3 canisters in, use your analyzer to check when the canister is at 0 moles.

While it’s being emptied (this will take time) go into the research room, research industrial engineering, go to the protolathe, press the “Stock parts” button and press these


Gather your parts into the RPED and head back to your lab.

Upgrade this freezer, set it’s temperature to the lowest it’ll go (43k), turn it on and wrench the oxygen canister onto it’s port. If you’re on a map other than meta go into toxins and grab another oxygen canister.


Next move this heater down here, construct it and upgrade it with the parts from the RPED

Repipe the whatever setup that was there into this, make sure it’s the exact same as the picture (yes, that includes the volume pump that’s turned on). Set the freezer to 43k and turn it on, set the alarm’s scrubber settings to this.

At this point all 3 of the oxygen canisters should be fully emptied into the chamber. Set the lower pump to 101kpa and wrench down a plasma canister then hit the igniter button.

Next you want to wrench down an air pump to this connector (DO NOT TURN THE PUMP NEXT TO IT ON YET!) and get an oxygen and plasma tank from the tank dispenser and use the portable scrubber to filter out the plasma and oxygen from it. Stuff them in your backpack for now.

Next you’ll wanna start using your analyzer on the manifold below the freezer.

If the mole count is between 30-40 moles you’re good to move onto the next step

Update the air alarm settings to this. Turn it off before setting it to filter plasma.
Keep analyzing the manifold until the temperature is ~43k. When it’s on turn this pump on.


Analyze the manifold tile it’s at 0 moles then ‘vent’ it which is to unwrench every pipe and pump, unwrench the pump (the blue thing one you can pull around) and shove it somewhere in the room. Also deconstruct the freezer like so.


Rewrench only the pipes, don’t reconstruct the freezer.

Turn on both volume pumps and update the air alarm settings one last time like so.

Put your plasma tank in the pump, and adjust it’s settings like this

Then turn it off and eject the tank and stuff it in your bag.

Now find the other pump, do the same settings, but don’t take the tank out.


Get the oxygen canister that was attached to a freezer and wrench it on one end of a port-pump-port setup like so. The blue pump goes on the other end.

Turn the pump on.

Turn the blue pump off, take your tank out.

Screwdriver a signaler and attach it to a TTV, then attach your oxygen and plasma tank. You can mess with the frequency if you like beforehand.



Head over to the launch site, put your TTV one the launch thingy and press the button


Turn the intercom’s microphone on.


Send your signal using your other signaler.




Good job, you made a very large boom. Enjoy people singing your praises on comms.


Optional: Use the leftover o2 and plasma to make more bombs, launching them to the site and blowing them up without the intercoms on to make the crew shit themselves

Exploding the main one on your hand too because you forgot to set up different channel for each of em.

So it isnt too different than before the atmos change? beside the plasma cannister to chamber gas pump (Before it was 50kpa if im not wrong right)?

You can do 50kpa if you wanna. It’s really not that much of a difference. Also yeah I did the same setup before, during and after monstermos.

How hot does the plasma need to be? I got slow with the setup and had to use a second plasma can which I think was not hot enough, giving me only 41K

It doesn’t need to be terribly hot. Just grab the plasma shortly after your tritium is done and it should be good as long as you don’t take too long.

Didn’t want to necro to say this but it’s already been bumped now so whatever.
Good guide. Was helpful when trying to remember how the fuck toxins is done optimally.

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Slightly quicker/less wrenching way to get hot plasma. Replace the first volume pump with a gas filter and set it to plasma, then, when you think the gas it hot enough, add plasma to the scrubber, for a couple of seconds then turn it off again. Now you have collected your plasma without doing a load of wrenching.

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Good guide, helped me get my first 50k bomb