Alexanderself1 Mentor Application

Your CKEY: Alexanderself1

Your Discord: Alexius Gaius Ceasar#9180

How long have you been playing ss13?: about a year, with 300 hours on bee

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I mean I’ve done some pretty competent things but I don’t know anyone that could actually vouch for it

Game Experience (More Detailed):
I’ve played so much damn medical and CMO that recently I had them disabled because I’d fixed every medical issue there ever has been. I can setup a simple SM and keep the station running as engi, but I can’t set up atmos at all. I could probably clean up a plasflood but I’ve never had to so I’m not confident in that ability.
I’ve never touched botany with any idea what I was doing so I have no experience there, but in all other service roles I have basic and solid understanding. I have had issues with space law before but I’m getting WAY better at understanding space law and rules of the server. I’ve set up the BSA but never had a chance to do shielding or dna vault. I’ve green texted as pretty much every antag (except devil god damnit I want it back just so I can win it)
I have never set up a sci bomb or maxcap on the other hand, never had a reason too.

Pretty much everything except botany I could help educate people in.

Will say I literally wrote this in class so please don’t judge the absolutely abhorrent writing here

Maybe don’t write it in the middle of class, and take your time instead?

Post your in-game hours breakdown please.

Few questions for you:

Some guy mhelps, and you respond. Down the road, somebody kills him and he thinks that the mentors used his mhelp to know he’s a traitor, despite doing nothing traitorous or having traitor stuff on him and mhelps angrily accusing you of meta. What do?

How do you make clown tears as chef, without being able to get your hands on bananium ore from mining?

How do you fix AIs as a borg?

What’s the biggest downside of the nuclear operative’s assault borg?

  1. I’d probably alert any active admins to this mans accusations, and tell him to write an staff report if he truly believes I assisted someone else via meta comms.

  2. I truly do not know, I have no clue. Imma check the wiki, but I won’t answer with wiki knowledge.

  3. Please define “fix.” An borg could disable APC’s that aren’t AI malf controlled, and additionally could disable the turrets in ai sat and upload to allow a crew member access to the ai upload/sat and reset or destroy ai.

  4. Probably it’s lack of energy which it needs to make ammo, or the way the syndicate pinpointer doesn’t work well with Borgs.

Playtime for Alexanderself1 Playtime:

  • AI 15h (5%)
  • Assistant 5h (1%)
  • Atmospheric Technician 10m (0%)
  • Bartender 2h (0%)
  • Botanist 1h (0%)
  • Brig Physician 40m (0%)
  • Captain 14h (5%)
  • Cargo Technician 5h (1%)
  • Chaplain 2h (1%)
  • Chemist 7h (2%)
  • Chief Engineer 1h (0%)
  • Chief Medical Officer 20h (7%)
  • Clown 3h (1%)
  • Cook 30m (0%)
  • Curator 1h (0%)
  • Cyborg 7h (2%)
  • Detective 5h (2%)
  • Paramedic 9h (3%)
  • Geneticist 13h (5%)
  • Barber 40m (0%)
  • Debtor 30m (0%)
  • Head of Personnel 2h (0%)
  • Head of Security 9h (3%)
  • Janitor 1h (0%)
  • Lawyer 1h (0%)
  • Medical Doctor 27h (10%)
  • Mime 4h (1%)
  • Quartermaster 4h (1%)
  • Research Director 16h (6%)
  • Roboticist 1h (0%)
  • Scientist 7h (2%)
  • Security Officer 15h (5%)
  • Shaft Miner 3h (1%)
  • Station Engineer 13h (5%)
  • Virologist 5h (2%)
  • Warden 15h (5%)
  • Living 265h (100%)
  • Lifebringer 20m (0%)
  • Ash Walker 1h (0%)
  • Free Golem 20m (0%)
  • Hermit 20m (0%)
  • Translocated Vet 10m (0%)
  • Ancient Crew 1h (0%)
  • Beach Bum 10m (0%)
  • Lavaland Syndicate 1h (0%)
  • Ghost 33h (12%)

The biggest weakness of any NON-FLASH RESISTANT borg, is… flashbangs first, ions second, flash in third place. Syndi assault borgs are not flash proof XDDDD I shit you not.

+1, I’m cool with the answers.

Ngl that seems like coder oversight

@Mentors input please compadres

don’t ping mementorsosoos +1

You can vote here doe

One job moccha- say +1

hmjhmmhkhmhmh yes yes

I’ll take that that’s

While understanding atmos and or engineering isn’t a hard requirement to be a mentor. I would at the very least recommend you read up on how pipenets work - and maybe try a game or two as engi/atmos.

Also botany is pretty fun once you learn it.

Here are a couple questions. I’m leaving a +0 as of now.

Someone mhelps saying they accidentally spilled acid on their plant data disks. Where can they get more?

Someone mhelps a question you don’t know the answer to. You notice there are 2 other mentors online. What do you do?

  1. Honestly I’m unsure, botany is the opposite of my specialty, but probably service lathe or protolathe.

  2. I believe there is an mentor chat thingy majiggy but I’d never encounter it without being mentor so- I’d probably find someone contact them and ask them to handle it or tell me how to handle it

Yea mentors metacomm all the time, why do you think mentors greentext so often???

But yeah, if we don’t know we use mchat, or just message the person if they already responded to someone.

Any questions for me Mat? Also what score do I need to like pass

I am very bad at questions, and score is generally up to headmins. Being around +5 is generally your best bet to be accepted, but we can’t possibly know what headmins have planned for us. :woman_shrugging:

Answer to #1 is that they can be made in the service lathe. And ordered from a crate in cargo “Hydroponics crate”.

And for #2 there is the verb Msay which is pretty much mentor OOC and it’s a very chill place.

I’ll leave my +1

Score is subjective to the headmin. The more the better, but a low score app can be accepted and a high score one denied ect.

We’re at +3 right now Mat, you never gave a score