The requirements to become mentor

Could someone with only basic knowledge of engi and atmos still become a mentor, or will you get downvoted to hell, even if you have obscene memory of all the other (important) departments.

You don’t have to know everything to be a mentor. It’s good to have lots of them because if you have 3 mentors on, the chances of one filling in for what the other two don’t know are pretty great. You might be absolute trash at atmos/engi, but if you can tell someone how to work plumbing, you can help them where I can’t.

In my experience you don’t just get questions regarding engineering and atmospherics as a mentor. A lot of it tends to just be very vague and very broad questions, so having a lot of game knowledge is quite important.

So to answer your question you don’t NEED to know engi/atmos. But knowing it can be quite useful - and it’s recommended you are somewhat familiar with it.

It’s where the most indepth and frequent questions tend to be however so generally it’s a must-have.

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Although I’ve only been a mentor for a few weeks there aren’t many questions. I’ve seen a bit of engi questions but its been mostly when something is wrong about the sm or atmos and the easiest way to fix it. Most of the questions I’ve seen are about being an antag.

So like if I knew how to keep an sm stable and how to fix a plasma flood id know enough to not get absolutely rejected?



This. You also get a lot of really vague and or weird questions

Such as.

“How am I stuck here?”

“Why am I dead?”

Well go reply to me to application and let me learn about mentoring it for myself

I’m actually currently typing a reply. :flushed:

Yes I will personally -2 you if you don’t know SM.
Edit: But for real now, you should have basic knowledge in every deparment, and setting up the SM is so easy.

He said he can do SM but doesn’t know atmospherics beyond that.

eh atmos, changing 3 pumps. But for real, wiki guides are great, you can learn from them too
Just get the atmos guide, look at the pictures which tell you what pump does what and after few rounds you ill be fine in atmos

yea I know, just wanted to tpose them.

I can’t blame someone TOO much for not knowing atmos (Kinda important for meteor gang though). It took me a while for it to really click.

Can’t argue with that.

I just told them how i learned atmos (in edits). It was the hard way, but satisfying, and doesnt take more than few rounds