Aden finlay Security officer player report

In-game report:


Your Discord:nhygfkhgrtdthdrioj

Offender’s CKEY:Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name:Aden finlay?

Server (Sage or Acacia):Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD):2024-02-17

Round Number:47724

Rules Broken:rule 8

Incident Description:at roundend an engi comes in with a welder tank into security on shuttle, (which I assume was Bieyes an antagonist who I heard fucked up the SM but I that’s just hearsay) then asks where is the chaplain, before anyone has anything to say Aden comes in and shoots buckshot at the man HAVING A WELDER TANK
Biyes not having any option starts killing security after that

Additional Information:
Joey told me to make a player report since they don’t handle ahelps after round end

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Aden Finlay is an Admin (@tamumus ((nevermind i forgot the forum username :skull:)) ) so this should be an admin report


Is that so?
I moved it to staff reports then
Thank you for telling me

A crazed man walks into the brig full of prisonners with a tank (after an idiot left him in). And starts walking towards me and civilians.
Yes, he gets buckshot.
No, I won’t elaborate.


You didn’t even try to talk to them!
It could have resulted in great RP but you decided to rush in and whack the valid which resulted in the harming of the brig prisoners and other officers already in there.
Yes it might be pointless to talk to them but this is an RP server, we should at least give people a chance to explain themselves, the attitude of shoot first ask questions later will get us nowhere, this is why we have silent antags who go all steath, they fear getting shut down by sec like you.
shouldn’t you at least try to make them stand down peacefully? you could have bought some time by talking to the guy with a welding tank so everyone could at least leave the brig but no you decided to shoot.
Earlier in the round we had sydney shaw make a bomb threat and security tried to talk them to stand down, it was great rp up until a brig phys rushed in and tried to shoot the bomb person, if it was a real bomb we all could have died!(the brig phys was dealt with by Joey)
Now that makes me wonder, IF YOU SAW THAT BOMB WOULD YOU HAVE SHOT?
“A crazed man walks into medbay which is full of civilians with a bomb (after an idiot left him in). And starts walking towards me and civilians.
Yes, he gets buckshot.
No, I won’t elaborate.”
I think I know the answer


Think what you want. The very fact you report me for griefing of all things pretty much kills any will I have to interact with you.
I’ll discuss it with headmins if they think there is a need.

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I’m sorry but I really don’t know how to enforce the rules I try my hardest to follow them and I am giving it the best I got, I hope that’s good enough
If you think you know which rule I should put in this section(or anyone else) let me know and Ill edit the original post,
At least we have admins to enforce the rules.

Well sorry for trying to roleplay with antags
But even then if I roll antag and try to pull of a gimmick I believe I will get shot by you but I’ll be damned if I won’t at least try to make the round more interesting even if it costs me my IC character’s life because I want every player to have fun and create an entertaining story.

I think the more relevant thing here is that they shot at someone hauling welder tank. That is risky as all hell and could’ve easily resulted in other people getting grievously injured.


Depends from what angle it was shot, if they shoot him from behind there was no chance the welder tank was gonna go off, unless the person being shot went into crawl

And at what distance from the shuttle-brig it happened

I wasn’t there so I can’t say, but the post says it happened on the shuttle. Pretty much the worst possible place. Don’t forget people can move 1 tile instantly so the only “safe” way is if the person is dragging a tank around the corner and the tank is around the corner while you shoot.

If the person is in front of the tank, they could sidestep and GG. To the side? Good chance buckshot hits it. Behind the tank? That one’s obvious. If there’s multiple people around then you have less chance to hit the tank but more chance to hit other people. You can’t rationalize shooting someone as volatile as a welding tank as a safe action man.

I made a totally accurate diagram to show my thought process

As you can see, it is a very risky proposition. Only scenarios 1 and 3 are safe, and scenario 1 is only safe so long as the person stays absolutely still. Which is a big if, shuttles are small and people get pushed and moved all the time.


Alright I will shed some more light
The welder tank hit me, It hit the explorer that was also in shuttle brig chilling, It hit anxiety the moth (I think), it hit the perma prisoner, aden also shot anxiety by accident, Biyes had a scroll of karate which deflected all range, the welder tank was RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the brig shuttle which resulted in lots of people getting wounded and the prisoner dying


Tanks only immediately detonate if shot with lasers, they should take a few buckshot pellets. Projectiles are also sprite, not tile based.

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I’ve tested the scenarios here with a riot shotgun, Scenario 1,2 and 3 are safe, 3 is marginally riskier due to being a drag away to just explode and 2 is even more risky as just aiming a bit wrong or sheer bad luck will blow the fuel tank.

However this can’t be really discerned due to the lack of further context, as we don’t know where the welder tank is, Tamus and Dhyt didn’t specify where they was (assuming also that where this incident happened is in fact the evac shuttle, by how this discussion devolved i’m not sure if it happened on the brig shuttle or the evac’s brig)

Therefore, I would say this is somewhat a lapse in judgment on Tamus part, Definely not Griefing, even if it blew a hole in the shuttle.

On the local tests i’ve done, a stray rubber pellet was enough to detonate a weld tank, so i think that this should be a thing, but i’d expand it on pretty much to all projectiles (aswell add an option to “fast drain”/refill tanks with the nowadays grossly underused plumbing system, but that’s for another time).


Thank you for the info, I don’t know how to find shuttle map files to take a screenshot, but if you can send over a screen of DELTA shuttle I’ll make sure to recreate what I remember so I settled for what I found on tg station wiki which is somewhat close to the layout
Now behold an remake in MS PAINT


not sure if im reading this wrong but it sounds that bullets or lasers instantly detonate it, regardless of its integrity (300)

integrity less than 0
damage flag

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Now this is much clearer, so that engineer managed to slip into the evac shuttle’s brig, then Tamus assuming that the engineer was about to do something with said weldtank there, tried to subdue the engineer with a riot shotgun, but due to either flawed aim or bad luck, hit the weld tank instead, detonating the shuttle’s brig.

I’ll hold on the fact that there was a lapse on judgment on Tamus’ part as at that range shotguns are quite accurate, as the detonation was caused by either heat of the moment aim or bullet spread roulette.

if the current function and object integrity is less than 0 and if it’s hit by either any bullet or laser, it will explode, meaning that it will indeed ignore it’s overall integrity if it’s hit by either of those two sources; This proc triggers also if it gets destroyed (not via disassembly, somehow), by blob, by explosion (duh), fire, tesla and, of course, misrefilling a welder.


Actually, the guy was screaming “I’ll blow it”, welding a fireaxe and screaming to give him a crewie. I took a shot at the guy…he had sleeping carp(some pellets he deflected hit the tank but didn’t blew it).
Fumbled my second shot and hit the tank dead on, detonating it.

Whoever is trying to rush their objectives in the last minute of the round on shuttle isn’t there to Roleplay.

They’re there to GET THAT GREEN TEXT.