Aden finlay Security officer player report

Yeah I have to give you that, I missed most of the convo with the antag but I can see from the logs that he said Ill do it
He then came in into shuttle brig and screamed

You as a player may know that
But what about your character?
No they do not, all they know is that all shifts so far went without a fuss and only the current shift is abnormal

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If you wanna go as a character.

Man does bomb threat in a small room filled with cops and civs.

I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get shot.


Then the incident was caused by Shotgun bullet spread roulette and heat of the moment, dunno how the deflected bullets didn’t detonate the tank on the first hit (potenital bug?). However i can’t deny that firing a shotgun targeting someone right next to a welding fuel tank next to it isn’t a good idea.

Once again, I’d say this is just a big fluke overall and just a unpleasant, yet forgettable incident that could’ve been avoided with a little more consideration, and also that’s just my opinion as a dev.


No attempt was done to talk to them,
All Aden do was shoot first ask questions later which I expected better from a staff member of all places to try to roleplay and deescalate the situation.

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I think the key takeaway was that in a shitty situation with no good answers, they chose basically the shittiest possible option and it resulted in people getting hurt. Seriously, who thinks shooting literally next to an explosive using a weapon that fires in a cone is a good idea. This resulted in breaking:

From the explosion caused by you hitting Anxiety and you apparently just shooting Anxiety again


From causing the prisoner to die because you shot the welder tank.

I don’t tthink manslaughter and high negligence is just an “oops my bad” problem especially when the potential hazard is that fucking obvious

Another thing I want to point out is this. This is a very terrible attitude to have. You obviously need to elaborate further, as you made a poor decision that resulted in a death and numerous injuries. You left out a lot of information, whether that’s intentional or not who is to say.


Closing this before it degenerates further.
Please wait for Headmins to resolve this.