Absolute Crapola tier ideas thread

In response to the “entire new systems ideasguys” thread, I decided to make a thread for the absolute worst fuciking ideas possible, ideas so absolutely shit they would completely destroy large parts of the server.

I’ll start.

In order to make borgs, you have to knock up the AI. Anyone should be able to make borgs, but they have to get the AI pregnant to do it. As a result the AI chamber and all doors on the AI sat are now All Access.


in order to eat, attack, even move, you have to yell out your action in game. This will effectively stop all greytiding and provide lots of definitely useful and easy to read logs for the admins and ghosts to look at.


Manual blinking, you have to manually blink every few seconds or else your vision gets fucked, there is no hotkey for this, you either type that bitch out or hit the button in the IC menu. Blinking puts a message in your chatlog and the logs of everyone around you.


All races can only speak their language and not any other. This makes it so communication is more action based.


All sounds including but not limited to: stepping, breathing, coughing, sneezing, and the swoosh when your arm moves past the air when running. This has new audio clips for each action.


Shrapnel, if you’re shot, stabbed, or get caught in a grenade’s radius, you get shrapnel stuck in you. Shrapnel causes large amounts of damage over time, and the immense pain causes you to go slow as fuck, if you get shrapnel in a vital organ you instantly go into crit. The only safe way to remove shrapnel is a 5 step surgery which must be researched. You can try to manually remove the shrapnel but that will deal major brute damage and cause heavy bleeding.


this is a terrible idea. Instead, the AI should have to get YOU pregnant. In order to force borg someone, such as an antag, you have to carry the baby to full term, c section the resultant “baby borg”, remove the brain from your very child, and put the criminal in the child. Also rounds are now 9 months long to accomodate this


What the fuck
20 characters


In order to accommodate the 9-month-long AI-induced pregnancy, the shuttle cannot be manually called until the 9 month emergency shuttle refueling period is up. Instead, rounds end when either the antags win by destroying the station or summoning their god, or over 90% of the entire crew are dead and the shuttle is called automatically. This helps promote bravery among the crew and an animalistic viciousness among the antags, ensuring a fun and laid back round for all involved. This is an especially good choice for greenshifts.


When fighting, you and your opponent must stop fighting everyfew seconds and talk about your plans and tricks like in jojo
If you attack them while they are talking you get bwoinked on sight


That’s pretty much how LRP works already.


In order to make death more permanent and make medical doctor a more active job, cloners not only need synthflesh in order to make a clone, but also large amounts of blood of the same type as the person you’re trying to clone. Hopefully this will encourage the use of strange reagent and defibrillation, as well as getting rid of the “kill and clone” strategy that many medical players tend to use. Also defibs now have three uses before they’re completely useless, and strange reagent requires omnizine.


Your name is literally “God of Sex”, your point is invalid

In order to promote inclusivity, players will moan loudly upon taking any action or pressing any button, including but not limited to:

Opening doors

Undergoing an Appendectomy

Drinking Water

And so, so much more!


Because I am the God of Sex,I can declare what is based and what is not therefore you are not based.


The IC muting of all vowels as to discourage the use of slurs such as br*h


Gender neutral characters.


cock and ball torture machines


Replace cloning with ERP


Find one guy with O-.
mix blood with unstable mutagen.

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Shadowshrooms 2, it’s like the original but now in 3-D and your IRL cat is glowing black too and it doesn’t make you valid! (because doing your job as botanist = KILL HIM PULL HIS LEG BLIIIIIND HIM REEEE)

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