I didn't ERP

CKEY: Mynameajeff

Admin’s CKEY: BrawlerHorde

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-04-20 08:21

Round ID: 14882

Ban Reason: Posted lewd message IC. Has been warned SEVERAL times in the past about his actions. Permaban authed by Ruko and Bacon.

Appeal Reason: It was far from erotic roleplay and no rules were actually cited in what I broke. Moot ban. It simply was not ERP.

Additional Information: I don’t think any is necessary.

Authorized my ban you say? Hm…

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That was in a thread called Absolute Crapola tier ideas, and your lewd messages were IC after continued warnings to stop. However, since they were a joke I don’t really think this should be kept on as permanent, since ultimately it was just a joke taken too far.

Denied 8 days ago. Shouldn’t be changed yet

Yes, that’s exactly my point, if you take a message out of context you can make someone look bad and everyone needs to contextualize the circumstances behind my ban. These messages while in context look like a joke but outside of it, they may seem like genuine ERP.

The context is literally in the quote though.

You were denied 8 days ago. I still stand with the headmins on this one, in that this shouldn’t be lifted anytime soon.

Just because someone was denied an appeal in the past does not mean they cannot file another one, that type of judicial system would be abusive and draconian. What I’m trying to state is in a peaceful way that what I did was not ERP, harassment, or anything that broke the rules even though I had past warnings of not to “ERP”. I just don’t see this ban as just and it doesn’t reflect as a normal punishment if you look at other players, especially with how I am a longstanding player and it’s clear I had no intent to actually ERP. If the person I said it to felt harassed and told me I would have stopped but they joked it off in-game and OOC relaying ironicism and satire as they always do. I think a different look is to be shed on the events that happened in-game rather than to spew hearsay and conjecture.

Denied 9 days ago. Let the ban sit. You fucked up.

Keep. It.

Like I reiterated in the previous appeal, I feel the ban should stick.

You’ve been warned multiple times by different Admins.

As in the last ban, I stand with the others (Aeder and Super).