Zoom9337 staff report for round 39554

Your Discord: wueue#5150

Offender’s Discord: Zoom9337 ( i think it was zoom who handled the ticket fully)

Rules Broken (if relevant):

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description: i opend a ahelp in the round 39554 about the HoS wantign to torture me for the location of my antag gear ( which i find is not ok) first they wanted to cut off my wings ( which the captain protested against ( later i found out he was against the whole torture thing) so they began flashing me for it ( i was a moth)) then when i didnt tell them they wanted me brainwashed so i cooperate with them, which i found a bit harsh for crimes thats amount too 10 minutes of brig time. all the crimes i committed were:
possesion of contraband ( syndiecat hardsuit, binary key, the SM extraction kit). i also when i got to the stsation i didnt resist their arrest even when i was not cuffed. i was then dragged to brig.
now back to the brainwashing. after i was brainwashed i ahelped thats in the same ticket again and the brainwashign objective they gave me ( cooperate with security) was removed which is all fair.
But afterwards the hos didnt want to let me go and a implant search was requested as they soemhow didnt find my binary key in my headset which before the surgery began even told it was in my headset and where said headset was.
i got flashed multiple times in brigs surgery room.
after they took my syndi impalnt out ( they didnt knew about this one) they threw me otu of brig almsot completly blind and onyl with my shows and skirt. the rest they did not return.
The main offender was the HoS thats round i sadly forgot his name off , the brig pyhsician proablyl just followed order but didnt question why they hsould even brainwash me? and vicne randoplh who was a officer who later on chainflashed me and enforced the hos will and did not take space law ( punsihements) into account.
I dotn know how the HoS player was handled but i think his treatement and actions are a violation to
Rule 12
His behaviour is not fitting of a head of staff i find and should have accodring to my end resulted atleast in a minor ( a few days to maybe a week or so) head of staff and security band. and the other two palyers should maybe ( i cannot confirm this) to not blinldy follow orders from the head of staff if they are questionable ( liek brainwashing ).
Their should also be a part of the rules thats activly forbid torture ( atleats one where atleast one of the involved parties is against the this IC or OOC) but if both agree to it for RP reason ( consent given via IC or LOOC means should be fine unless it isnt too over the top.

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I believe I was able to handle this in-round and issue judgement according to our policy, and I hope you got that it was resolved successfully via the message (I don’t remember what it says since I’ve never been bwoinked)

it says :

your ticket has been resolved by an admin. The Adminhelp verb will be returned to you shortly.
for when a ticket gets resolved

and for the handling part:
I didnt felt thats way thats it was resolved properlly for me as i cannot see what things you did ( expect bans on the ban page ) and how you handled the ticket.

I used to put “thank you for ahelping” and wait for a response but now I don’t really do that anymore especially on rounds with me managing three different situation tickets at the same time.

As for the handling, there are punishments that aren’t shown to the public and you, as the plaintiff have zero right to know what the other guy got via us telling you as per our policy, so that’s why I didn’t say anything about it.

i am aware of thats and thats why i cannot really say anything abotu thats. just in the round i felt like nothgin has happend and i was treatet as before.
but what is your opnion on the rule i propossed in this report?

Also i personnaly can understand thats you are busy with more tickets , and i am thankfull for your service as a admin.

i think this report should be closed but my side should be represented in the other report thats just was made on the same roudn and issue as it contaisn information my report does not
the report in question is:

Zoom9337 Moderator Report/ Future of Security - Player Input / Staff Reports - BeeStation (beestation13.com)