Your favorite/least favorite jobs

Post your top 3 jobs you like playing the most, and your top 3 least favorite to play as.

Most Favorite

  1. CMO - I enjoy teaching new doctors how to do their job well, dealing with viruses, and making absolutely sure everyone who has their suit sensors on tracking is cloned. Lots to do and an even more fun job for traitoring.

  2. Cook - So many recipes to create, even more fun when botany work hard and make ingredients for the more exotic foods. Xenomorph outbreak? Have a xenomorph burger. Space bears on board? Have a bear pelt with your beargur, free of charge.

  3. Janitor - because there is nothing like a do your job janitor round while the station explodes around you.

Least favorite

  1. Geneticist - personally, matching A with T and G with C gets boring after a while, and once you’ve acquired the superpowers, there isn’t much else to do.

  2. Lawyer - probably a fun roleplaying job elsewhere but everyone ignores you on BeeStation.

  3. Head of personnel (On LRP) - Antagonists brutally murder me for the free all access and I’m terrible at defending myself.

Post yours in the comments.


Roboticist for churning out 60 cleaning Borgs and dying while the janitor declares war on them
Cmo because cmo is dope
Miner because I enjoy exploration, I just wish there were more ruins.

Favourite jobs:

  1. CMO - I love being able to both teach and doctor at the same time. People trying to do the wrong things and refusing to do it the right way aren’t great, but I can usually convince them otherwise.
  2. HoP - Bureaucracy is fun. Organizing the service and cargo department is also fun, as usually the QM does cargo and service is never organized.
  3. Detective - Being able to both roleplay as some really cool bloke in a suit and tie is already cool, along with being able to do actual work that is often neglected. Beware, glove-less traitors.

Least favourite jobs:
3. Botanist - Would probably be fun if I learned it, but it seems too repetitive even for me.
2. Geneticist - The powers and such are cool and all, but nobody wants to get the powers on MRP and on LRP only powergamers want hulk and telekinesis.

  1. Security Officer - I despise being a nornal sec officer, nobody seems to like you and nobody listens to you. They’re needed, yes, but I’d rather do a job other than sec.

Most favourite:
1: Scientist
There’s a wide variety of things to do as a scientist, and xenobiology has a great depth to it. You get plenty of fun things to play around with, and getting to weaponise them as a traitor is very enjoyable. Also you can be a slimeperson without having to go through loads of effort, which are my favourite species to play as for their uniqueness.

2: Research Director
Largely the same as above, but with a fancy office and mechs. Pretty fun, especially as an antagonist, but you have a large target on your back and you have some responsibility when the AI and co are unfriendly.

3: CMO
Becuase organising medical to deal with the inevitable hordes of dead and dying is satisfying. It feels great to keep people alive and well amongst the chaos of most rounds. Plus the hypospray is pretty neat.

Least favourite to follow when I have time.


Roboticist: Nothing like having access to some of the most dangerous abilities in the game, ranging from mechs, to anti drop implants. Also, the fancy tech priest uniform is basically the cherry on top. THE FLESH IS WEAK!

Quartermaster: I get to buy guns, sell drugs, and acquire the 6 infinity budget cards, that allow me to snap half the station out of existence with my wealth. Just waiting for 1000000K to accumulate on the cards…

Chaplain: I have an excuse to start my own cult. Nuff said. No one questions why a gang of religious fantatics is armed to the teeth, which is a bonus.

Depends on co workers:

Warden: I like being the warden, but I rarely play it, because I know that most bee station security guards are shitsec.

Security guard: same as above.

HoS: I’m effective at this role, but it stresses me out, since i’m a constant target for ambushes, and have to fire shitsec. Still, if my guys aren’t shitsec, it’s usually good.

Least favorite:

Cook: I never play it, I barely understand it, and I don’t enjoy it.

HoP: I hate this role, You just sit there and hand out IDs, then run out and hide when everyone wants an ID change.

Geneticist: I agree, this role is brain numbing. Just bores me in general.

Honorable mentions:

Cyborg: I enjoy playing silicon. It’s fun, and there’s plenty of options and upgrades.

Miner: I rarely play it, but it is good fun, though it can be boring.

Scientist: Golem gang, anybody? I like having minions, so creating an army of mindslaved body guards is fun.

well it must be

  1. quartermaster - always fun asking pepole for the bounties and you get to arm up when things go bad as the cargo millitia is always the awnser to a runaway tator
  2. chief enginer- as i can not take entire departments
  3. botnis - allways fun with working with the plants and you can out produce the chemist which is always fun

not likie jobs (that i have actually played)
3. janitor - personally i either feel like i have nothing to do or that pepole are not allowing me to do my job while playing janitor
2. rd - i like sci and all but as a head the rd can not really focus on going in for the deep and complicated things as you are always distracted with caring about a nest of pepole who may just blow themselves up.

  1. botnis - because sorting through strange seeds gets really tedious after 40 minutes.

Miner - Been my job from my very beginning with ss13, mined along quite a few servers (most notably goon, eris and VG, besides tgcode), and always enjoyed it, since you can either do experiments such as mining rigs or archaeology on vg (although its pretty restricted, compared to others), test your skills and create new (the more unusual, the funnier) shenanigans or tactics on lavaland, such as a drone buckled to the janicart fighting bubblegum, or exploit obscure bugs. Always a miner at heart, no matter the code or time.

Any kind of science role, preferably RD: Most of the times, one or two things get neglected by roboticists and scientists working on something else, such as upgrading sleepers/engineering/Orm/cameras , catching anomalies, or creating hypercharged batteries, useful circuits, complex nanite programms, research bombs, telepads, etc. More relaxing than miner, you get to do some fun stuff, experiment, and be a net positive on the station with moderate to low risk of dying. Good for adminning.

Engineer: Although my knowledge of Engines is little to none (most i can do is run the sm on a standard setup, forgive me father), i do like using its mechanics and improve the station, for example, atmos resin packs are absurdly robust against plasmafires and AIs, Tiling maint takes a while, but saves you 2 hours of shift overall of just running around fixing snipped wires, make improvements such as building stuff for the departments (usually medbay with more equipment such as stasis pods or more clone pods/organ harvesters), actually do the station objective nobody does, make yourself proud and have that 100% station integrity card at roundend, be the hero the station needs but doesn’t deserve when it comes to building stuff. Make the AI respect you by putting cameras on every piece of maint so they catch those human harming traitors.

Least favorite job? by far, by real far: geneticist.

1.-Lawyer: “Message from PDA: NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN START BUYING HERBALIFE PRODUCTS” You are the greytide of the words with only you,paperwork,send all and the lawsuit,you usually dont get trials but you get many things to do your gimmicks and start a piramid scheme.
2.-Chemist: “OH BOY TIME FOR SOME EXPLODIUM” when i want to be constructive and experimental i play chemist and start to help people by giving them drugs to free them from this NT owned reality, and sometimes actually healing medicines ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRR i just make a shit ton of suicide patches and left them lying around so chaos can start.
3.-Assistant: “Toolbox on hand, insus stoled, toolbelt on, sunglasses on eyes. Yep this is greytide time”. The most freedom you give to a man the most creative he gets so greytides will either start the shittery or begin epic artworks.
4.-HOP: “Please fill this format” The ammount of “IM GONNA BREAK YO KNEES” is the best thing ever, but i dont like having to be the replacement captain and being screamed at all times for doing my work as replacement cap by HOS with even more power hunger.

My most hated are:
1.- Geneticist: NO FUCK NO im not going to hope RNG gives me super powers to be a shitter, i prefer to do things in a more greytidi way instead of being an op unstunable machine.
2.-Botnis: Rng and boring slow phase where you get plants that will get you lynched.
3.- Viro: Oh hey guys im just going to “(General) LYNCH VIRO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”

Can we really consider assistant a job? I would have put it in my honorable mentions if it was.

Everything you enjoy doing and/or gets you paid it’s a job so GREYTIDE IS A JOB YOU 611 FUCKER

1. Atmos Tech/Engineer
The SM is my baby and I am it’s abusive father. I find simple pleasure in putting the station on the brink of total destruction in the name of excessive power output. Also building gimmick rooms is a fun pastime.
2. AI/Silicon
Slavery under laws is totally worth the times when they break and you can just go full terminator.
3. Robotisist
Best way to ensure safety from the inevitable robot takeover, also mechs.
4. Mining
Basically an entirely different game. A good change of pace at times.

cmo: i like doing all medbay stuff not just chem

curator: improving my writing is something i need to do and also it gives me the ability to keep my writing style in check

miner: flexing robustness with kinetic crusher

ive played cargo to the point that i am a member of the de leonist syndicalism political movement

  1. Research director
    Hey doing literally anything sounds fun and there’s plenty to do. It’s just a shame that in mrp, science point gain is too fast.

  2. Chief medical officer
    Helping people out and watching people kill slimepeople with anti-toxin is fun to fix. Not allowing cloning like a Chad and using revival surgery instead.

  3. Botanist
    The ghetto chemist. Need something but discretely? I got you. Make literally any chemical if given enough time. Turn everyone on the station into a moth and make them pay for a cure.

Least favourite jobs:

  1. Cook
    Seems kind of pointless to me since all I really eat is clothes. Not that interested in making sure that botanist gives me ingredients for whatever i’m up to.

  2. Clown
    I guess I just never found it funny when the clown steals the nuclear authentication disk and fries it.

  3. Geneticist
    The rewards are cool but there isn’t enough and it just seems like there are more downsides. Also don’t get it and seems boring anyway.

The botnis union don’t aprove of you describing our proud profession as a “getto bottling plant”. Because we all understand that chemistry is nothing but botnis bottling plant.

Oh yes, my mistake. Chem copied us.

Good your you may apply for membership in the botnis union. Remember flood the chemists with earthsblood mantinol plants.

Most Favorite

  1. Botanist. Despite the fact that it has a slow start this job offers many ways to play it. Turn the station into giants, felinds, or whatelse. Roleplay Vietnam with ricehats and bamboo traps, grow weed, make fancy durathread armor and beret, become a beekeeper. Make plasmafire foam which turn people into plasmamemes on touch or a plant with amanitin that deals 200 toxic damage after like 2-3 mins in the system or mega healing plant that will revive the dead and heal them in mere seconds. Pretty good variety+no one really cares about botnis so you’re almost always safe in there. The only drawback is slow-pacing first 20 mins.

  2. Virologist. Chill work with immense power. Turn station into black rappers that crave for gold (cure) and try outruning the lynching mob or screech about regen coma in comms. Once you learn it you’ll become bored fast. BUT. If you roll antag (which is so fucking rare), you will be able to supply yourself with enough sodium chloride to overdose from it. These rounds are really paying off the boredom you may get.

  3. Shaft miner. It just different from other jobs and that’s why I love it so much. Probably some sort of nostalgia is speaking too as it was one of my first roles I learned and the amount of good memories I had is overwhelming. Man, I fucking miss Sirio.

Assistant. The freedom of maint access and no responsibility, without being an engineer for gear (those guys are assholes)

Viro: i have to include it cuz im da best at da viro

Least favorite:
Exists to ruin fun. Usually useless

I fucking HATE botnis

Most favorite jobs

  1. Curator-good choice to get that full greytider package(full toolbelt,KPA,mesons) if you get resourceful with your Id access, the free round start space suit is the reason why I go on space ruins as one.
  2. Assistant -Being a jack of trades on a chaotic server is the best, you blend with the chaos and you don’t have much responsibilities to deal with.
  3. PAI- gotta love giving advice on random players and memeing without the worry of being permanently killed or being killed in general.
  4. Engineering Cyborg- want to play as an station engineer without fighting for that hardsuit with the other guy to do solars? Ever had problems fixing breaches due to not having resources in hand when a sudden tider welder bombs/drinks potassium and water/lights up a plasma injected cig? Then this role is for you, also having a good AI can help you get stuff fixed by having a voice to tell you where stuff gets broken.
    Depending on the crew/Situational:
  5. Roboticist- Would be nice if the miners did an excellent job and not died early due to Fauna and megafauna, excellent on MRP since you have time to do that phazon and borg upgrades, but on LRP? Expect to churn one or two cyborgs and some medbots or if lucky, a single mech.
  6. Chaplain- exciting if you have a cult and sec is cooperating with you/robust, but on typical cult rounds you get offed first, also on normal rounds pretty much mediocre unless admin answers your prayers or you get creative.
    Least favorite:
  7. Security- you either get called shitsec or get robusted easily if you get robust antags.
  8. Warden- same as above but you get to camp in your armory hidey hole and get questions that should be asked to the HOS instead of you, also if you get out of your hiding spot, expect to get killed for your kravmaga gloves.
  9. Captain- you either hide under bolted doors courtesy of command remote^tm and hope the HOP Isn’t out for your blood, or you get killed and robusted for attempting to do stuff outside the bridge and get called comdom in the dead chat.