Yorpan aka yorii staff feedback thread

Hello! I have been an admin for 3 days now, unfortunately I have not yet had time to visit on LRP yet, but many will probably have encountered me in their tickets on MRP already :smile:

Feel free to spill your hearts out here, but please keep it civil, and if you are here for a ban appeal or player report it would be better to create a separate thread for it to save me the trouble of deleting your posts.

Bwoinked me to ask for the reasoning behind something I did as AI. After my Input, gave me quick feedback that he checked logs, which supported my claims, and ruled it as IC issue. Its always good when I get bwoinked and then not just left hanging on how my side of the story is getting received by the admins (and leaving me wondering whether I have done something wrong).
Keep up the good work.


seems like a cool guy based on forum activity
unfortunately my only in game contact with him was him perma banning me (validly of course)

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detective go bang bang
i kinda respect them for having a sense of humour


They were nice to me when they asked why I was chain tablestunning an ipc after I threw their body at a shocked door 20 times and revived them.

Very based and sensible admin :slight_smile:

(Note: They were dead for a while when I started throwing their corpse at the shocked doors)

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Based admin

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Good Admin

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