Yeetmister appealing of a banning

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
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Asking for a repel for multiple reasons to begin with. yea ive have a lot of notes , but those where things that i clearly new where againsed rules. i.e (slur bypass,spam,self antag,and form shitposting,) but this time I generally thought that this whould not count as a bannable type of metagrudge. I thought I was perfectly within the IC rules that I was able to do what I did despite the personal reasons, since i was a antag thought what i did was allowed. I apoligise to jacktheling who the metagrudge took place against, and he also dosent care about me getting banned and wants me unbanned. I didnt damage anyone in the round. And if i wasnt there the outcome would have remained the same. I will think harder about these action next time. Please unban me. I like beestation a lot

again. i was not trying to break the rules this time. i only did the things on fourm as a joke. because no shit it was a metagrudge but i thought in the situation i was in it whould have been allowed
Additional Information:
i play this game everyday please un ban me

not gonna name names but right after you got banned i saw someone with the same look, similar name, and same role preferences, but diff ckey

yes there 3 diffrent people with the aldof hateler type theme. ive been confused by that aswell

if i was gonna ban evade i whouldnt pick the same or similar character to what i had when i got banned

Oh so now it is metagrudge?

You’ve been lying in appeals and reports since the initial report, and have had your appeal denied multiple times, and so I highly recommend this stays.

yeah ive said it wasnt metagrudge because of how obvious it was, i compared my case to oj simpson

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do you even play on golden

and again the victum wants me to be UNbanned

The stance isn’t going to change. Find a server you aren’t permabanned from and convince them to tell us you aren’t a terrible person.


No, I did. Making fun of someone’s spelling doesn’t add to the appeal in anyway. We have a lot of people who’s native language isn’t English. Yes Yeet causes problems for the community, but keep them on topic and not ad hominem.