xDyou Muted/Demoted

**Discord ID:**xDyou#1612

**Admin Discord ID:**no idea

**Ban Type:**muted foreva

**Ban Length:**forever

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**7/30/2020

**Ban Reason:**harrasment and posting a picture that had the gamer word by accident(i wanted to deepfry it but forgot it had the nword real bruh moment there) also got demoted from mentor ruko said to talk here

**Appeal Reason:**Emmm i didnt harras anyone tho here is le proof

some guy called betton messages me and calls me a cunt

i then tell him to jump off a brigde and block him

also i apparently harrased syndi man,but infact he metagrugded me 2 rounds in a row,got baned,pinged me on discord and we argued a little then i just left it at that you can check discord for proof its all in general chat.

**Additional Information:**betton dms me and calls me a cunt cries to admins when i tell him to jump off a brigde :cry: , also you cant demote me if there is no mentor conduct to follow???

if there was a mentor conduct where it said i needed to be nice to everyone i woudve done that.

its almost as if uhmmm
almost as if the ban/demotion was actually fair


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Its not harrasment,i did not go out of my way to attakc any one of them.Betton called me a cunt for no reason and syndi started pinging me on discord when i didnt respond to his provocations ingame.

No rules say that i cant verbally defend myself from harrasment.

escalate the conflict further by telling a guy to off himself

pick one

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Actually i told him that,and then blocked him so that ended the fight.I did not pursue the fight

bro either you’re trolling or you’re just plain stupid


He messaged me for no reason,i did not say a word to him.Its affairs from outside the server admins dont have anything to do with it

time for a small image dump on my behalf, to highlight some of the amazing stuff xdyou has said

i mean apart from the fact you have an obvious metagrudge on me and then you gloat on ooc about how you killed me, multiple times, oh and also if you reguse to believe you have a metagrudge on me i will gladly dredge through the discord logs on bee to find where you admit that you hate me and because you know my IC character you will metagrudge on me.
please explain whats the issue with lying and manipulating people on ss13?
also please explain why you gloat on OOC constantly when you kill people oh and if that wasnt enough when you decided to kill 10 people on the station during a cult round, because you wanted to prove you were “robust” when in reality you just let a cult an easy victory because of your stupid incompetent ways. so really shut the fuck up, unlike you i can take a ban.
Hey XDYOU i guess you could call this a win for me now huh

Emm i killed 10 people because they all attacked me,the stuff i said in general is all legit.Why dont admins post logs of your provocations ingame.I did not respond to them so you decided to ping me on discord and bother me there

he called you a cunt which to be honest you totally deserve from what i see
you told him he should off himself
its not the same


feel free to go ahead :slight_smile:

im just gonna say… metagruge gay, both of you metagruge is fucking disgusting . it: ruins the game for you, for the other party, and usualy everyone else.

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You tried to lynch me 2 rounds one after another and got baned for it.Then you started spamming ingame that you are better then me and when i didnt respond you decided to ping me on discord to get a response out of me,which you did and then you cried to admins to punish me please stop acting like the victim.

oh yea i know what i did was gay dont worry, anger got the better of me which is exactly what mr serb over here was trying to do and he suceeded, even admitted on OOC to trying to make me mad

I didnt meta grugde him tho,i just arrested him for breaking into sec.Im preety sure he even had an mask on

didnt you also gloat on ooc about how you were better than me?

Never said that im better then you

ooc is public go check all his ckey mensages.

I said that you suck,and then quoted your cries over comms for your “gang”(aka metabuddies) to come to save you,which they did try but they all died for it

you called me trash multiple times and im sure the other players on at the time can verify that you were acting like a complete and total cunt to me because of your metagrudge against me which you still refuse to admit that you have