Why does Kate keep getting only 1 day bans for overescalation despite having 8 overescalation notes in the past 6 months, 2 of which occurred in the past week? AND WHY THE FUCK IS SHE A COUNCIL MEMBER

Seriously, why? She has like 2 or 3 active player reports against her for killing people unnecessarily and 2 bans for over escalation in the past week, but her latest ban was only for 1 day? What? Aren’t repeat offenses supposed to INCREASE the time? Over 30% of her 32 bans are for overescalation and she’s still only getting a 1 day ban each time? How does that work? How is that even remotely congruous with the current stance on repeat offenses? I mean if I get escalated to a 1 week ban from a 1 hour ban from 6 months ago, why did she, with 8 un-expired escalation notes in her pocket, get ONLY a 1 day ban on friday, and then on only her 3rd day back (today) get another, only 1 day ban? It makes absolutely no fucking sense. Hell if you want to argue it wasn’t over escalation even though she was falsely using lavaland escaltion to kill, because she was just rebelling as a posibrain mech. she has a history of attacking people in mechs AND breaking silicon policy too!

Going to @bloons3 because he was involved with/authed the latest two bans and @Caecilius because he seems to have the most ban history with @Kate_bishop1 of the active admins.

Edit 9 hours (wait 9 hours?) later:

I said this at the bottom in comment 139 but obviously it’s going to get buried, so I’m saying it again here. This was in response to a private discussion where it was discussed a possible reason as to why Kate gets preferential treatment.

Although that may explain Kate’s behavior, it does not excuse it. We all have problems we gotta deal with, but there is a point at which constantly making mistakes or doing mishaps stops being excusable and becomes a YOU problem. I believe Kate has reached that point.

For those on the outside looking in, it’s not some grand Beestation cabal, she’s not in some inner circle, or anything like that. It has to do with something she posted at one point on the forums, and possibly being given extra grace and chances due to that. But at some point you have to realize what you’re doing is not acceptable in the wider world, and as rule enforcers, there has to come a time when you put your foot down and say enough is enough.

I no longer believe that Kate is acting with bad intentions, but Kate, you need to get your head out of your ass (as I and everyone else has to from time to time) because even though what you’re doing may be okay on a technical level, it’s pissing everyone off.


This is how admins work.They ban some people for almost a month on first offense,because they don’t like said people,but let other constantly grief and ruin others game because they’re a mentor/more likeable person for the banning admin.Kate has insane amount of overescalation notes and bans,but imagine how many occasions remained silent.And she still gets fucking 1 day ban.This is actually hillarious tbh


Wait wait wait, why the fuck is she council with that history?

@Crossedfall why are you letting someone with like 5 notes in the past 2 weeks be a fucking council member, what the hell

Edit: Ok so one of them was a job ban, but it was a job ban FROM SILICON, MY POINT STILL STANDS


Ive been perma’d 3 times bc of my terrible history but I just looked at Kates bans and holy shit. Every time I do something wrong, I get a week/month. Kate literally gets banned twice a week and it just lasts a day or 2. wtf

edit: i have 24 bans, some of which aren’t even completely true (most of my ruko bans are somewhat bullshit but appealing takes too long) and i’ve been told that my next ban will most likely be perma.

Kate will probably keep fucking around murdering people for the slightest reason and get AT MOST a week ban.
Even the LRP shitters don’t like Kate, that’s when you know you’re a bitch


Don’t think a player with worse ban history exists or at least she’s sure close to being the worst.Not permabanned,not demoted from mentor though


Yeah this is really funky, ngl

@Kasual because he had about as much involvement as Cae and @Bastian0930 because his status as a former goodmin gives him a unique perspective

yeah exactly, what the fuck? Aren’t mentors supposed to be held to a higher standard too? And council? The hell?

It’s fucking rediculous, that’s what it is


I actually agree with you maggot, its a bit much

It could be an admin report as well,obviously a normal admin should check her history and give her a longer ban each time,but I don’t see it happening

Let’s also be fair, she did appeal 3 of her bans. I don’t know if that means they get removed from https://beestation13.com/bans?page=1&q=kate but they were appealed.

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I got demoted from mentor during this ban:

(this ban was complete bullshit btw. somehow i metagrudged the captain who I never even interacted with before)

I’m pretty sure Kate isn’t council anymore though, but she is still mentor

Part of the reasoning for the length of the ban is whether it was done out of ignorance or misunderstanding a detail, or if it was done intentionally without care.

Another factor is how many other players were affected, and to what extent were they affected.

I would rather have a conversation with a player and get them to understand why what they did was wrong and why it won’t be tolerated again in the future. They’ll still be banned for an amount of time for what they did.

If a behavior repeats, that is no longer ignorance of the situation, it’s acting in defiance of it.

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Overescalated against their creator and killed them as a posibrain inside of a mech. As a positronic brain, you’re expected to help the station and to never harm the crew. This is not Lavaland escalation. “You are a positronic brain, brought into existence aboard Space Station 13. As a synthetic intelligence, you answer to all crewmembers and the AI. Remember, the purpose of your existence is to serve the crew and the station. Above all else, do no harm.”

Type: Server

Ban Date: 2020-07-28 05:59

Expire Date: 2020-07-29 05:59

Round: 19117

Server: All

Admin: bloons3


ok then why were both her bans for bad escalation in the last week only for 1 day each

Theres a fucking huge message in chat"you’re a posi brain,serve your creator,don’t harm"and she fucking killed her creator.Also has enough hours to know silicon policy,there can’t be any ignorance


Ok this is going to be one of those 100 comment threads isn’t it, let’s fucking go


Me: Becomes posibrain after dying, and I call the captain, who I never even interacted with that round, a ling. 1 month ban because ‘muh metagrudge’.

Kate: Kills her creator using a mech that was made for the posibrain. 1 day because she didn’t understand ‘muh lavaland escalation’, despite having a terrible history of overescalation.

Recently, I killed a clown for making an automatic explosion machine, which my banning admin said was valid. However, Ruko decided that I should have known that the automatic explosion machine was harmless because I used to play chem.


Because there isn’t really a written escalation policy for positronic brains, only the flavor text.

And while that flavor text exists, I would also expect a positronic brain inside of a mech to be loyal to their creator, up to and including killing others on command of their creator.

That’s generally accepted in gameplay, to the best of my knowledge, but there isn’t a written ruling about it in either direction.

Kate assumed that they were on lavaland escalation, where poking someone with a feather enables them to kill you.

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Why would she assume that something bound to serve his creator can lavaland annihilate him?Seems like lying and playing dumb to me


I mean its pretty obvious posi brains just follow the standard cyborg rules… because thats literally what they are?

Killing your creator as a borg on standard lawsets, with kates expeirence on ss13 is blatant grief

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The flavor text that appears when you spawn as a positronic brain was included in the ban message.

There’s no clause about serving your master or creator specifically.

It’s silicon policy,you serve to people and don’t harm,she broke both as a silicon,because"I’m gonna lavaland escalate"why tho?