WHATDAFUQ200 banned by winterdarkraven

Title: WHATDAFUQ200 banned by winterdarkraven


Admin’s CKEY:winterdarkraven

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Both

Which server did the ban happen on?:Golden

Ban Type:Both Servers,IP Ban

Ban Length:Perma

Ban Date (02/03/2021):

Round ID:26716

Ban Reason: Meta Communication. Already warned for meta communication – helped one another wordlessly such as giving AA. Auth - RukoFamicom

Appeal Reason:I wasnt even bwoinked before being banned

Additional Information:I was teaching my friend the game.The admin that warned me about metacoms said something like “if you are going to teach your friend the game and use metacomms,tell the admins that you are doing that” and after that day I ahelped saying that Im teaching my friend the game and we are using metacoms and he wont tell me anything that would give me unfair advantage.And he didnt said anything that would give me any kinds of advantage.I couldnt explain the situtaion because I was banned without warning while tending to a patient.


[2021-02-03 12:59:32.444] ID: WHATDAFUQ200/(Amos Bicknell) assigned /datum/job/captain job to Michael Smith’s ID Card (VIP), overriding all previous access using the captain’s spare ID at Head of Personnel’s Office (102, 120, 2).

You wordlessly met up and gave them a mechanical advantage. Giving AA out as a head or not is not allowed, too.

Or first check if this happened.

Tomorrow I’ll go over this with a coffee.

I don’t see the point of him ahelping that he’s not going to metacom to give an advantage when I’ve proven they wordlessly met up, gave AA, then continued to work together.

Perma is excessive. You and your friend can come back if you keep your word and only use communications to teach.

From what I saw in the logs, you weren’t playing as CMO to lead the round, you were playing CMO because of the additional access it gave you.

You gave out AA for no reason, opened up Armory, generally made yourself a nuisance.

Giving your friend AA while meta-comming with them was icing on the cake.

As a heads up to anyone reading this, there’s nothing wrong with being meta-friends with someone, that is carrying a friendship between round. However, it cannot be exploitive in any way. If you wouldn’t do it for anyone else in the round, don’t do it for your meta-friend.

Especially don’t give them AA.

Im really sorry,our native language is not english so we dont want to speak in game that much.We wont do it again

RIP Amos, died too young. Maybe one day you’ll return - Ruth Less

Ban was reduced to a week. You should not give one another mechanical advantages in game via meta-communication, at all.

Don’t repeat this. You and your friend do not need to meet up. If they have a question, they can talk over voice for your help and you can respond.

Ban will be over by tomorrow. You’ve been warned enough about metacoms, you should be very aware of its limits, now.