What simple features is Bee missing that other servers have, that you think would improve the experience here?

Never thought about that question… I have no idea what server is remotely similar to our code now, would have problably been an easy port from like anywhere that had it around 3 years ago. Definitely wouldn’t want fallout server code though

Find a server that has the feature closest to what you want and I will take a look

Once my head injury is healed up, I’l go explore some servers and come back to you with a couple then, as some other people have mentioned too being able to select things like what limbs are prosthetics, what langauges you know, might also be on one of those code bases hopefully

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Goon station ticket system
As security you can write tickets with the ticket writer or the pda app for specific people as a sort of punishment that deserves no time

Examples of use

Ticket the chef for not serving food

Ticket the bartender for serving the wrong drink

Ticket your liver for failing security.

And they also show at the end of round.


We have fines as a system, it could be tweaked to include some stuff, but damn it would be the ultimate shame or “point and law” of round end if a player gets a ticket like “refused to serve food, got robusted by punpun” it’s an interesting addition but it could get a bit meme-y


Yogstation has a great French PR that adds lots of cheese, its nice



idk if any server has this but a cross between blob and vines would be pretty neat

Talking about vines, some servers have kudzu that starts with two man-eaters (simplemobs that can be double clicked to control as ghost) to help defend, and they also have a timer for ghosts to know when a new man eater is gonna spawn

they’re a liiittle broken but they make fighting kudzu more engaging than just… click it with a welder

You both get gibbed if you do that.

oh, TG has “bible farting” which SIMITES you if you…
Fart on a bible.

TG has this as well? I thought it was just Goon

TG is GOON isn’t it?
Isn’t “TG” short for “THE GOONS”?

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i believe TG station is named after the 4chan board /tg/ which stands for Traditional Games
TG station and Goonstation are seperate servers


I’d be careful about wasting your time on flavor text because Crossed and Archanial already slapped down a PR for it

Doesn’t seem like his opinion has changed either.

So I guess the real arguement for it is partly not what you really think of it, it can be used, it might not be used. But what’s important about it is that the first thing new players see is the character creation window most times, so having things that are associated with role play servers will definitely set an inital impression with players about the kind of server this is.

Bare bones of it is that it is the most basic way of describing your character in a way that shows that you actually give atleast half a shit, also makes it easier to filter out people who don’t care and are just here to dunk on valids. It’s definitely a worthwhile addition that’s worth being pushed for.

Yeah, for preference stuff I’m leaving flavortext well alone for now.

My goal atm is just to un-gameify the traits a bit to make stuff like prosthetics an organic(ironic) part of a character’s backstory, rather than some DnD-type shit that you can take advantage of for quirk points.

All I care about is making the framework for RP, I don’t particularly care if no one wants to use it, then it’s the culture being blamed, and not some fantasy that somehow our codebase is “inherently lrp”


Add more character customization options and quirks that show up in description blurbs and/or alters how a character looks, moves, etc. That is a vastly superior method to handle character building than to rely on an open text field.

The problem is that flavor text is cheap and easy, whereas building something that’s actually integrated into character customization requires actual effort.

In an ideal world, we’d have a system to generate observable ID cards that have a portrait photo of your character that you make during character creation to give a visual feel for things. Nearly everything else should come out based on how you play and interact with the world/other people. Some mechanical changes (like wheelchairs, limps, etc) could account for the rest.


Yea that’s the point, it was in the instruction of what to do when the station is full of xenomorfs

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