What makes a good Head of Security in your opinion?

What makes a good Head of Security in your opinion? What would you give as an example of a bad HoS versus a good HoS? From a mechanical perspective and a roleplay perspective.


wrangling your idiots. demoting shitsec. leading security and not just acting as sec2. roleplayijg. not playing to own le antag.


A good HOS will always be there for their seccies and will do anything in their power to assist them, even if it’s shoving & harm batoning people out of the way just to get to the seccie that needs backup.
(you can sort the “being a bit rude” part with the other crew members after in an ic manner)

A bad HOS will just hangout with their felinid metabuddies and not give a shit about anything going on at sec and also release perma prisoners on “parole” with returning them their contraband without informing seccies.

I’ve also noticed some HOS players are really shit at interacting with people, especially with the rest of command and thats really bad.
First of all, there’s mutual trust and respect between whole command and you do not need to push it.
Second, non sec\command are also people and sadly some HOS players forget about that.

tl;dr Roleplaying + space law + SOP + prioritizing their own officers over other things when needed,
if you do not do one of these things then you are kind of a shit HOS.

Sure, a HOS can stomp on shitsec and just be a lawyer with a baton but there’s specific time and place for that and not when there’s an emergency.


Very impressive.

Good HoS takes the side of his officers by default, only going against their word if they witness them breaking space law or SOP.
Good HoS doesn’t second guess decisions of his team, except when these decisions go against space law or SOP.
Nobody is above the law, not even captain.

All contraband will always be confiscated and sentenced for, no favoritism will be accepted like “explorers can find that” or excuses like “it’s from maint” or “I found it on the floor” and similar. It’s your job to keep the station clear of contraband and crime.

Always give out lethals during blue alert, undergeared officers are dead officers.

Perform search of lawyers, brig physician and detective at least once during blue alert.

Always ask of captain to borg prisoners where applicable. Borgs are more useful than perma prisoners you need to babysit.


I think borging requires prisoner’s consent though

I would say people who don’t want to be Head of Security make the best head of security. It is THE most stressful job on the station bar none. Normal people who just want to do the job well don’t usually like the stress it gives, so it leaves masochists or sadists who like to flex their power on the crew. I think this is why you see the same 3-4 people playing Head of Security most of the time, they’re the ones who can get satisfaction from it one way or another.


More like you are admitting a crutch for your poor roleplay.

Authoritative heartless jackass HoS are dime a dozen, try treating perma prisoners like human beings. You might actually make a character out of it.



prisoners are players, not NPCs.

Borging prisoners is a fast track to being a hated HoS


Kero believes you to be a terrible HoS and that your advice should only be followed by someone who wishes to win at any cost and shares your horrible powergamer mindset.

Kero very strongly feels that borging a player as a form of execution should never be done without the player’s OOC consent, and this consent may be requested in LOOC. If there is a good reason to force it for questioning or otherwise, Kero urges for the process to be reversed afterwards. Being an unwilling cyborg that is forbidden from killing itself is as like having your legs ripped off so they can be cooked and feasted upon by hairless apes. It is a fate worse than round removal for some players.

Kero believes a good HoS:

  • Directs and guides their officers instead of being another officer with a fancier gun and coat.

  • Hears arrested players out instead of immediately assuming everything they say is a lie. Offer them some chance to prove what they claim if they are making claims against your officer.

  • Understands that the harshest punishment available isn’t always necessary. Making bargains is good for engagement and RP across the board. Try using chemical and tracking implants with seemingly compliant but serious offenders instead of execution/perma.

  • Above all, follows the same spirit as antagonists should follow. Keep the game fun for everyone instead of playing exclusively to minmax your chances of winning and staying alive.


Which server are you playing on? On sage the competent HoS players are a minority, you’re more likely to get a paraplegic wheelchair bound felinid. Anarchistic “roleplayers” are way more common, for some reason they equate good roleplay with anti police mentality from real life. I’m really tired of politics leaking into the game.

Dear God.
How the fuck is not borging every perma player you have and actually making an effort to act like a human even tangentially related to real life political issues?

The point three separate individuals pointed out went completely over your head.

Let me spell it out.


Get a grip. You are being harangued because of this awful method, not because of politics.


a good HOS… is a myth

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A bad HOS: me :wink:

a good hos is just a secoff with drip

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You seem to be unsettled and projecting a lot so I don’t want to provoke you further. Just going to point out that sentences that involve borging are not some poor innocent players, at that point you’re dealing with prime murder tier prisoners that don’t need sympathy. I recommend actually reading the space law page start to finish before making wild claims.

The characters are guilty, not the players. Please don’t punish the players by forcing them to play a menial role that they very likely don’t want to play. Your fellow players are just people who got picked to play a role that will spice up the round for them and for others, they are innocent until they start breaking rules (i.e. murderboning).

I think that all players should have that in the back of their minds as they play Security. It is far more rewarding to chase a traitor for half a shift than to have a green shift fifteen minutes in - and it is much more interesting in the long run to have a prisoner that has even a small chance of escape compared to shoving a player into a handless machine where their fun is choked out of them by rules and silicon policies.


Those poor innocent players that went out of their way to round remove someone. Nah.

…You mean the player who was doing his assassinate objective. If a player is breaking the rules and killing people who he isn’t supposed/ allowed to, you should be reporting them.

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How kind of you to be so cognizant of others.

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