What do you consider powergaming?

What do you consider powergaming?

Historically there’s been complaints about MRP being full of tiders, griefers and self-antags that the admins do nothing about.
What do you think about rule 8 at the moment. Does there need to be anything added to it?
A list of items that should be watched for?
A standardised punishment for it?


8. No Powergaming

As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.
Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.
Use reasonable self-defense; subdue, but do not try to revenge-kill, any assailants.
Do not run around with all of the genetic powers, three buffing viruses and the entire armory in your backpack. This is an example of severe powergaming.
Antags are exempt from this rule.

Meme-free zone please.

interesting question bob, see i knew you were a hearty lad capable of the right tool and left whole capable of inflicting great and serious quiz, he didn’t do it just for the joke and the ambiance and im glad, thanks for this bob you’ve been great help as of late.

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Cake Hat - shouldn’t be added to the list but should be nerfed so it isn’t a better weapon than a welder or even a functional weapon at all. 15 burn with chance to dismember is absurd for a supposedly cosmetic item

Sunglasses similarly are sought out for appearances, but offer valuable flash protection to shitters who then cry when sec is forced to use more force than should be necessary to detain them.
I propose a non-security sunglasses be added to the game without flash protection and used for maint spawns so that players who genuinely want to look cool still can without the stigma of borderline powergaming.

Beer Goggles should be considered powergaming if someone breaks in for them, because they’re sunglasses++ and should be for bartender use only on Sage.

Those kind of already exist as the clothing vendor glasses, i.e. orange glasses, red glasses and jarjar glasses.

Amassing items for the sole purpose of becoming more powerful in a fight. Sunglasses can be used for this but I don’t think they should be considered powergaming because they also provide welder protection and look cool. Tools are not powergaming in any way shape or form. If someone has tools they should face no charges, using the tools to do bad shit should be punished but punishing someone for just having tools (which are found in maint and tool storages, places which assistants have full access to) is fucking insane. Taking the fireaxe as someone other than an atmos tech if there’s no current situation that a fireaxe would help with is pretty bad. Banana peels and soap should be fine for clown and mime. The janitor and chemist should be allowed to have soap, and the botanist should be allowed to have banana peels. Cargo shouldn’t order guns unless there is some reason to believe they’ll have to fight something, miners should be allowed all of the megafauna loot they can get, and if science or robotics have the resources and research to make a gun or mech with their prolathes and fabricators then they should be able to make it. If it isn’t illegal the chemist can keep it on him.


To be fair, it’s unique unless you actually try and find another way to get one (I don’t really know if it’s obtainable via arcade games, clothesmate or Cargo). Maybe get the dismember part out if you really wanna make it just a glorified welder hat.

personally I see nothing wrong with people knowing what they’re gonna drink.

Like, the whole thing about sunglasses, EVEN if they’re flashproof and people are gonna yell “unga bunga sec bad because they harmbaton me instead of flashing”, it doesn’t really make sense?

On one hand, it’s just fashion.

On the other, what if they are flashproof? If “shitters” use it to fuck with sec, they’re gonna get ICly punished by it. If they REALLY push it and break RP rules (Assuming that is ever actually enforced instead of yelling ‘powergaming’) by roleplaying as an Assistant whose character is based around breaking into Security and Bridge, then sure, admeme intervention.

The argument of “X negates/abuses an aspect of combat, hence, powergaming, hence remove” can only be used correctly so far before it becomes stale.


choose: get sunglasses and beans for dinner for powergaming vs Impossible to win a melee fight becuase AOE effortless stun.

Remove the flash from the game.


Retards ignore that sunglasses are welding protection that doesn’t obscure vision unlike welding goggles and helmets


IMO powergaming is about hoarding guns, powers, and items that give you a large advantage in situations where it is not needed for your job or current situation. I do not think tools for assistants should count as powergaming, since the most readily available situations to help in that do not require extra access or a IC mentor are fixing the station, renovating places, and cleaning. The wiki page on assistants itself says in multiple places that assistants primary duties involve this stuff, and that they normally should get tools.

Greytiding and job dereliction is already not allowed on MRP by rule 3 and 13. If we take circumstance away entirely and just look at people having tools, I do not see that as a problem without additional negative action or context. Already rule 3 and 13 are redundant in my opinion, but due to the amount of issues we had, 13 was necessary. We don’t also need to use a large powergamming umbrella to consider items that each one of us would have in a kitchen drawer as unreasonable to have. Just because something has mechanics that can be used negatively, you cannot ignore the main uses for them either.


When HoP gives himself AA


flashes aren’t accessible by the public, but u can produce an unlimited amount. sunglasses are available to the public, but in a limited amount. I think it’s fine as is

not having a full toolbelt on you at all times, and flash protection, is a death sentence and shouldn’t be considered powergaming


honestly with game modes like gang and cult, if ur not allowed to protect urself through some level of power gaming, then ur fucked. i really don’t think of power gaming as detrimental to the roleplay environment

Flashes can be mass produced in the robotics lab, found in every head office, and found in the tech storage. They’re easily concealable, take zero effort to use, and unless you’re a next level dumbass they pretty much guarantee a win in any fight against people without protection. I’d say the flashes are way too powerful as they are.


also, if there’s a confirmed threat to the station such as a cult it should be reasonable for people to have weapons on them
if it’s traitors or a non-conversion antag then generally i think people having weapons shouldn’t be as ok, but a personal defense weapon is definitely fine, such as a guitar or switchblade


yeah ngl ruko saying he was gonna nerf sunglasses triggered me

As things currently are someone can kill two armored opponents with a flash, a crowbar, and some basic level of competency when it comes to combat.

U could literally kill an entire station with a chainsaw and 4 flashes if nobody had sunglasses and there was no sec

Like can we consider the percentage of times antags have won in antag vs the whole station? there is no way the station is winning the majority of rounds, so the idea that sunglasses gotta go bc powergamers is WACK TO ME