We need to make tiding bannable on LRP

The Valid system fucking fails when it’s 5 people rushing the cap/hop office or armory and it absolutely obliterates the stability of the round. I’m fine with you looting those places after they got busted in but if you or the group you’re in are busting it open that’s self antag as far as I’m concerned.

Hell, “subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role” should take care of it because you as a group are bypassing the hop or hos.

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Pretty sure you can validly kill people who break into cappy’s.

I’m 100% sure you can kill people who break into armoury though.

Rules are being rewritten right now. Pretty sure rushing spare will be bannable.

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It being bannable sounds super lame. I would make it make you valid.


Game is not fun when 5 assistants rush spare every round.
They are valid already. It doesn’t work. AA is still getting leaked every round and it’s just not fun.


How to avoid leaking AA : Have cap take the spare and run. Super easy.

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Captain doesn’t spawn every round and it’s not easy to defend against 5 guys.
He would just get shoved in the halls or lynched by mob.

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You just gotta be robust and throw all the shitters in perma.

Don’t engage all of them at once and you’ll be fine.

cap tries to prevent 5 tiders from getting spare
starts resisting the tiders
he is now valid
gets killed 5 minute into the round

top tier gameplay B)


you can, but

but that’s the gist of it. Why do I have to deal with tiders stealing all the fucking meds or guns or armor or access or whatever? it genuinely ruins the game

We need mappers to setup a literal disposals pipeline from captain’s office to perma.


Needs to be a turret in there that doesn’t target renault or cap, with the switch behind his desk. Problem solved.


I fully agree that spare rushing is actually killing LRP, its not fun to play as command/sec right now because it essentially becomes deathmatch mode, where the 100 tiders relentlessly rushing you are trying to banbait you as hard as possible


Toning down spare rushing? Yes.

Banning tiding? Absolutely not.


I repeat, Do not ban tiding and spare rushing. It’s not just part of the culture/meta it’s also what makes LRP players come together. They literally sit in a line waiting for their turn. Aiding eachother for the access. Stop turning LRP into MRP.

at that point, their already valid. Just kill them holy shit

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the day i get banned for rushing the spare on LRP will be the day i quit 2d spessmen for good


I’m going down with you

maggot be like join LRP for the first time in several months

sees people rushing spare

“I don’t like this it should be bannable”


If greytiders constantly getting the spare is such an issue, just reinforce the area around cap’s locker so that you need more than a few tools and a spear to get it.


why not? genuienly it ruins rounds for everyone when you allow anyone to just break into anywhere and steal shit like it’s an anarchy server