WaifuThread Banned By Moccha

CKEY: WaifuThread

Admin’s CKEY: Moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Unsure

Ban Type: Job Ban; Brainwashed Victim, Deathsquad, Drone, Lavaland, Mind Transfer Potion, Posibrain, Sentience Potion Spawn

Ban Length: Permenant

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/17/2019

Round ID: Unsure

Ban Reason: “Escalated a situation in charlie station by welding off an engineer in engineering and escalating the issue further, past record for shitter behaviour in charlie station, boasted about how the engineer would get banned”

Appeal Reason: All of that is so, so wrong, I did not escalate the situation at all, he did, he began by turning off power to the station(s), claiming he wanted to save power for whatever reason, while charlie station begins with a S.U.P.E.R.P.A.C.M.A.N. generator, not requiring any kind of conservation of fuels.

in addition, he was already near a dead body when i spawned in, he had claimed he tried to save them for 10 minutes, but the defib was nowhere in sight, thus meaning it was completely incorrect. in addition, he had already taken all supplies out of the matinance areas in the main charlie station, including the backpack crate, leaving only one in security, which spawned there to begin with.

he told me he was doing solars, and i told him i could do it and he decided to ignore me, telling me to just leave engineering, which i did, i proceeded to security to grab the laser guns and armour and kill the hivebots in the science satellite, which i did, for a whole 2 minutes before the guns ran out of ammo, which i then had to charge, and i couldn’t, because he was stupid and turned off power, i decided that he was a troll for doing so, and it was clear he was, as he decided to report me the moment he saw the doors welded, and after having pre-emptively made cable restraints, along with 1 spear, wasting approximately 30 cable peices, of Charlie Stations sparse supply.

he then decided to attempt to cuff me twice, put me into crit, cuff me for real, then kill me because he could, and then i said something along the lines of “I’d Be Suprised If You Don’t Get Rolebanned”, which he took to reporting as me bragging that he would get banned. Moccha then closed the report after saying the guy was completely in the right for all of this, as i was typing something. so i opened a new ticket, and promptly got banned by moccha for just opening it.

This ban was very undeserved for me, I have no record of bad behaviour in Death Spawner Jobs, in fact, i’ve been quite the beloved face in Death Spawner Roles, Champion Of Ash Walkers, Guy Who Smoked Themself To Death As A Preserved Terrarium Spawn Off Ambrosia Gaia Infused Weed. Point being, i have no record of bad behaviour in Charlie Station either, in fact, usually it is the other spawners that have records of bad behaviour.

In addition, after i commented about this in the discord, moccha decided the best course of action was not to take it profesionally and explain the ban further, but call me a salty bitch, which really isn’t the kind of behaviour someone does after giving out a deserved ban, but rather one someone has when they ban someone they don’t like, i should know, i used to admin many servers.

Additional Information: This turned into a half Admin Report about moccha, but i do believe moccha is a terrible Trial Admin, and does deserve a swift demotion, I do hope it is resolved quickly too.

Can ya post screencaps about this? Or got anyone that can back you up about this?

Alright, first thing the ban isn’t permanent it’s a 1 week ban.
And the main reason why it’s a one week ban is because you already have previous notes for this kinda of behaviour specially in charlie station. About the commentary in question i searched both the discord and the chat logs and all i could find was me telling you to stop salting in dchat.

i decided that he was a troll for doing so

So you decided for yourself that he was a “troll” and took the matters to your own hands, without even stopping to think that he might be either a begginer who dosen’t know what he is doing or some external factor might hava caused the lack of power.

he then decided to attempt to cuff me twice,

Couldn’t find anything in the logs of him attempting to cuff you, he did later on cuff you when you were in crit.

and then i said something along the lines of “I’d Be Suprised If You Don’t Get Rolebanned”,

What you actually said [2019-12-17 22:59:18.624] WHISPER: waifuthread/(Zayden David) “You are ■■■■■■ed, enjoy roleban” (Charlie Station Engineering (96, 111, 6))

This ban was very undeserved for me, I have no record of bad behaviour in Death Spawner Jobs

Wrong you do have past record for this kinda of behaviour and this is the main reason why i turned this into a ban instead of just a note.

lordgrievous on 2019-12-14 03:27:25 (10209) [note]
Murdered charlie station security officer as charlie station scientist because they printed a single shield and ‘wasted’ resources, then attempted to borg them because then they wouldn’t be able to refuse their orders.

Moccha then closed the report after saying the guy was completely in the right for all of this

Wrong i never said he was right, in the dchat i told you both parties were wrong, and i noted him and warned him about his actions.

In addition, after i commented about this in the discord, moccha decided the best course of action was not to take it profesionally and explain the ban further, but call me a salty bitch

Well i couldn’t find me saying this neither in the discord nor on the game chat, If i did call you names i’m very sorry and this was completly immature of my part.

Else i say that the ban stay’s the same.

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Aight Listen, He Did Attempt To Cuff Me Before, While I Was Typing A Response To You, If you can’t see it, i’m sorry for your vison impairment.

and also, with the guy that wasted resources, i had warned him 5+ times that if he printed a single weapon i’d kill him, he then built a durand with resources we could not afford, and i then killed him justifiably. he was a retard anyways, building a positronic brain and a borg after i told him we didn’t need it, before telling the borg to go fucking medical. and a ton of other stupid things.

Also, nowhere on the ban reason did it say a length of the ban, leading me to assume it was permenant. in addition, the way you said a lot of the things while handling the ticket just gave off an air of bias, as you told me i was soley responsible for de-escalating the entire situation, you never said you would warn him for anything, and you never said he was wrong for killing me, when he quite clearly was

Yes I Do Have A Couple of People To Back Me Up On this, namely through my detailed descriptions of events i gave them, one being pinkblossom6#0919 on discord, i told them what had happened immediately after it occured, and got their help formatting and wording some of this appeal because im not very good at wording.

Okay but do you have any screenshop of me actually calling you names?

eh, thought you had said what any other active discord member would’ve said, after all i only got a glance at it before leaving

So, i never called you names. And also i din’t even know you were on our discord server.

i… was, my nickname in the server for the longest time was the name of the character i most frequently used, Dr. Vertias

Also, A Mass Roleban From Spawners is rather uncalled for for the offence i made, just banning me from Charlie Station seems like a much more reasonable approach, rather than all Spawner roles and some Opt-In Post Death Roles, it feels at that point like you are banning just for the sake of it, rather than for what i did, and the fact that the guy who killed me also did deserve a roleban for wasting such valuable charlie station resources and just being a general asshole in a job where you need to work together

This is standard procedure to ban from all ghosts roles if you break rules as one, can’t just ban you from charlie specifically, i can only ban you from spawner roles in general. And taking into account your last note, i say that it is called for.

Ima back Mocca up here since we usually take ghost role cases a bit in the harsher punishment side; Most of the roles can reach the station and you proving to go against the rules as one is kind of… very bad.

Plus Charlie Station ain’t it’s standalone role. It’s part of the entire Ghost Role Spawner pool.

And also you accussed them of calling you a

When there ain’ none of that in either the server logs or the discord logs.

Unless I missed something, which I can double check or ask someone else to double check too in case you think I did miss that.

Ruediger, I don’t see how most of those comments are related to the majority of the appeal, how is me misremebering a passing comment Moccha said to me, is in any way related to the uncalled for ban? as far as i am concerned, you do not want to address the main point, that being that moccha had not properly addressed the situation that was ahelped.

being that I was not the only one at fault, the other person was also at fault after having wasted valuable cables for a spear and cable ties, using approximately 1/3rd of charlie stations initial supply of it, which in doing so, hampered our ability to expand most all of the base at all, and effectively voided any future efforts with the solars. In addition, the man that did the ahelp decided the best course of action was not to go around, but to take off his suit and then ahelp acting as if he was stuck inside engineering, when he clearly was not, moccha had taken the situation as if he was completely trapped in engineering of my own fault, when he had, in fact, pretended to be stuck in order to get admins involved, due to the fact i did not wish to unweld the doors, which he took out of context, being that he had no clue if i was going to deconstruct them, had them welded shut due to the fact that engineering takes pressure out of the rest of charlie station until atmos is repaired, which it never is, and the fact that the medical area has its tube system always functioning, but he did not wish to go and use that, instead opting to knowingly make a false situation to get an admin involved, which moccha failed to see, or even failed to recognize that medical tubes were open, and that he could have gone through them instead of calling for admin, then marking the issue as IC.

it was an IC issue to begin with, but moccha decided to take it on anyways, even though i had originally opened a ticket about the same person who ahelped the welded doors, turning off all the power and telling me he wouldn’t turn it back on until he had solars completely set up, calling him a troll, and i had that marked as IC by moccha of all people. it was always an IC issue that moccha decided to present as a non-IC issue, leading to the ban

  • Ban wasn’t uncalled for if you have a note that’s pretty much a variation of the ban reason.
  • I’m quoting it since, had Moccha actually insulted you and degraded you, I’d have dropkicked their ass from the admin team and taken this ban myself.

Also i’m not someone that frequently plays the ghost roles, let alone Charlie since it’s kind of a dull thing that gets boring-ish after a while, but isn’t the tube that leads to the medbay area outside of engineering and like, above the engineering area?
Like, the door that leads there is not in engineering but rather on the hallway.

Which wouldn’t have been powered if the generator is off, assuming you never turned it back on.

Again, i should re-check the Charlie Station map, since I may be wrong.

Again; I couldn’t find anything that screams “badmin ree”.

Now time to do the good ol’ “what you say is actually wrong”;

  • Warning someone not to make a weapon does not mean they are automatically valid if they do so
  • Killing someone for building a durand is not a valid reason unless they attempted to dunk your ass with said Durand. You never brought that up again in any point.
  • Cuffing attempts don’t show up on logs. If you do get cuffed, it does. If someone ATTEMPTS but fails, it doesn’t.

Oh hey what do you know.

The medbay tube is not connected to engineering.

Unless you meant YOU locked yourself in engineering, or that he locked himself in the station. Or something. I got lost with all the “welding airlocks and claiming he got locked out” thing. But if he was in engineering he couldn’t have gotten to the medbay tube.

He was in engineering, he had the space suit and the oxygen tank, he could have gone into space, over to medical area, taken tube, gotten outside the welded airlocks, i had welded the 2 doors leading into engineering from the rest of the station, not the 2 doors leading into engineering from space. he demanded i open the 2 doors leading into the main station, which you can see next to the single window, on each side, he refused however, instead calling an admin, on an IC issue.

So he demanded you to open two welded doors.

Yet “he refused however” as in?
Refused to go around through space?
Refused to de-weld them himself?

He Refused To Go Around Through Space, Instead Opting To Make A Spear And Break His Way in, Taking Longer Than It Would Have For Him To Simply Go Around, Hence What Made The Entire Issue Very Clearly IC In The First Place

also, with the durand guy, after he got a revive after building the weapon and getting killed, and told if he did waste resources, i could kill him, he went to build the durand, and then i told an admin, i got the go-ahead to kill him and i was told i would get the resources back. i did not kill that guy randomally the second time, i had the admin go-ahead when he built the durand


@Moccha did? or whomst

also may stop replying soon since gon’ try n sleep in like 10 mins.