Waifu Thread Banned By bastian0930

CKEY: waifuthread

Admin’s CKEY: bastian0930

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Server Ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 04/22/2020

Round ID: 14990

Ban Reason:

Murderboned on greenshift, lied about accidentally shooting people by swapping mech weapons on accident. Problem is, they shot once, then they shot again after they used a shotgun. This was in a mech. Appeal on beestation13.com

Appeal Reason:
I Got Banned while writing a response to the admin message, which is just, rude. secondly, i had been told previously that free golems had the right to kill people on sight if they see fit, which directly contradicts the ban reason i got, i was free golem, keep in mind, not crew at all, i think it was even the same admin that banned be that told me free golems have permission to kill people if they see fit.

also, i did not just shoot once, i shot many times, and the person i shot (character name Phil Smith) had griefed lizards and by extension golems due to the fact both were co-operating with an alliance during the round, meaning i had a perfectly in character reason to kill Phil Smith, that being he killed someone i was affiliated with.

in addition, the logs given seem to be inaccurate, i fired at minimum 12 shotgun shots and 5 disabler shots, and 2 accidental missile shots (which is what caused so much of the collateral death), seeing as how i initially engaged the target i was after inside of medbay, which was very crowded at the time, meaning it was difficult to avoid hitting people with my 2 AOE Weapons

the accidentally shooting people part was not a lie either, i genuinely did not mean to shoot anyone except Phil Smith, the reason i was utilizing the scattershot was due to advice given to me by the other free golem in that round, being that the Scattershot would be the most effective way to dispatch Phil smith, i used that advice, and it led to me unintentionally hitting and killing many other people which i did not want, had i known the place i would have been fighting phil in would be so crowded, i would have used one of the LMGs instead, as the scattershot & Missile launcher are VERY EASY to unintentionally self antag with

Also i do not see what the point of the comment:

This Was In A Mech

it seems unnesicary and as if to make the action i did worse than it was due to this being a ban from both servers, however, this comment seems to imply that part of the reason i was also banned from golden is an issue that is only really present with sage rules, that being most jobs and races are prohibited from using combat mechs in most situations

Additional Information:
If i remember correctly, before this ban, the admin who ISSUED the ban had stated previously to me that golems were allowed to attack anyone they wished to, as they are a lavaland spawner mob, meaning they use lavaland aggression

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Lavaland escalation means that you may escalate any conflict with someone to lethals. They steal from you, shove you, etc. You do not have to use reasonable force. The reverse is true as well. Golems are not valid on sight to crew, but they can immediately up any conflict to lethals. Both parties are allowed to kill as long as they did not initiate the conflict.

I personally allow miners and golems to attack each other on lavaland. Golems because they are defending their only free home, and miners because they are constantly in battle for loot.

Non-free golems without directive or a master can do whatever they please and follow lavaland escalation. Enslaved ones must listen to directives, but can use lavaland escalation in response to threats or direct impedements if harming is not against directives.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. I’ll weigh in on the ban after Bass has his side up.

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Stopped reading here. Yes the logs from the server lie.
Good meme.

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Not how it works.

No, this is a self antag rule break. You broke both servers by murdering.

No, I didn’t.

Golems attacking miners is self antag, and miners attacking golems isn’t.

If you treat golems randomly attacking miners as valid, that’s not cool.

do you know what LAVALAND SCALATION IS because you dont seem to know.

You didnt only shoot Phil, you also shot me few times intentionally, then shot a rocket into a crowd, and when you see me downed you shot me with shotgun one or two times.

Phil speaking I’m not mad about the whole Phil death hunt thing I’m just wondering why you chose rockets and scattershot to be the best to kill me in a crowded medbay. This is a real bruh moment.

Yeah no unless he specifically attacked you that’s not really cool

The reason i had brought those is because the other free golem thought it would be the best way to kill you, and i had no reason not to think that until i found you on station and found out you were in medbay, which is just, the worst spot for either of the guns i brought, if i knew you’d be there, i would have brought a laser or an LMG instead of the missile launcher

You were a miner, yeah? wearing explorer suit and explorers gas mask? i go off of looks while in combat, not by taking time to hover over someone to see their name to confirm if thats the person im after, because that would be wasting time and i would probably die every single time i fought somone if i bothered to check the name mid combat, habit mostly came from changling rounds

I was in fact the miner but you should still check names you don’t want to kill a different innocent miner.

Here’s the thing about this, it wasn’t random and it wasn’t self antag, phil had attacked a group the golems had allied with and were co-operating with (ash walkers) and had stolen all their things, so Phil and by extension the miners had provoked the free golems by attacking an ally, so me, the other free golem, and a miner from station decided we would kill Phil, unfortunately the other golem went AFK until the game ended, and the miner we allied with died to another ash walker who spawned after phil took tendril, so i was the only one of the group who could finish what we agreed on.

in addition


Seem to contradict each other, however, i’d say Kasuals view on this entire Golem Escalation topic would overrule yours, as all other non-human spawners from lavaland follow lavaland escalation while on station, so it shouldn’t be tooo far of a stretch to say golems also should follow lavaland escalation while on station

Alright, I see where your coming from.

I also apologize, kasual was right. However, I don’t see killing a ash lizard as making him valid to you. Still need opinions.

As far as i am aware the ash walker died inside of golem ship. also Phil did attempt to steal a ripley mech made by free golems (more specifically me) that was holding an ore crate containing many ores the golems were running out of, after killing me in my first spawn as golem, which are 2 actions against the golems directly if the Ash Walker ally being killed by him is not a good enough reason


No, I was a medic, WAY different look from a miner, and you intentionally shot me few times, even on the ground.

at what point did you get shot? i hit many people with the spread of the shotgun unintentionally, because after he tile the mech is standing on, the spread quickly expands to three tiles, resulting in some accidental kills

Thats my point, you went to a VERY busy medbay, to kill one person, but most of the guns were AoE, including rockets shot blindly down the hall. And shooting me on the ground looked very intentional, as you loaded one or two buckshots just to be sure.

If he stole a fucking mech, why didn’t ya say that at the start of the appeal?

fuck now I have to log dive

Cause He didnt bring it back to station, i dont know what he did with it before the golems got it back, i saw him enter it after i died to him then saw him walk away with it, when we got it back it wasn’t DNA locked and nothing was missing, no clue where he had gone with it, so i didnt think it mattered too much

I feel it should be lifted since there was wrong done if the logs support it. Even if not though this seems to be more of a ghost role issue than a full MRP one.