Voxel model poll 2 : sons of liberty


Additionally turns out Super12 seems to be at the head of the liked posts for Lizards, so I guess that means he’s getting bumped up in que to 3rd place.

Here’s the Model que So far.

  1. Taylor Fisher - COMPLETED
  2. Martin Spess - Phase 1, head completed, Phase 2 Clothing, Phase 3 wings and Phase 4 Satchel are Pending.
  3. Topith-Jeer - TBA
  4. Roomba - TBA
  5. Nazuux-Raj - TBA
  6. Has-Many-Faces - TBA

1 apid research director, an eld, fated request, delivered as promised.

“Apid and Moths often try not to crush the bases of their wings with their backpacks, in the case of the more recently discovered Apids, their wings are smaller and lower, thusly they remain straighter and do not bend to gravity like cloth as a Moth’s does. In this case the Apid’s wings rest atop the worn satchel.”


Judging by how many folks have modeled them, when it comes to the station’s reptilian types I AM THE LIZZARD KING!

You may notice the legs, in my modeling world, inspite of NT’S best efforts, even the best postured Lizard folk still have a slight digitigrade.
co-opting the banter of the mad assassin lizard “Skies-herald-floods”, describes it most aptly.
you can’t fight nature Jeer.


I love their little tie

that’s not a tie, just the joining point on what I interpreted as a button up shirt.

Oh! Apologies, at a glance it made me think of a tie.

yo this is sick, we should totally port SS13 to 3D

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I’d be pretty well happy to provide the models I make to em for next to nothing.

Are they still active or mortis

They don’t use voxel style though :pensive:

and it’s in unity which is kinda bleh when Godot exists.