Unrobust Security

Security is staffed with majority of new bees, would it be against rules if i asked people here if they wanted to have a go at creating a metasquad of organised security?

At least we will have competent people doing jobs while still teaching new seccies how to do their job properly. Probably a horrible idea but give me your thoughts.

They’re probably gonna abuse metacomms at some point and when they do they’re not gonna disband the metasquad once they get good, at least a few of them won’t.

This reminds me of the CM MP metagang.

That’s not a good thing.

You don’t need a metagang to do this. Just play warden or hos and actually teach people in-game. You don’t need more than that!


the most hours in bee i have behind scientist is as hos.

no matter how much you try, people dont give a shit. they always assume they know better than you

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A hos burdened with teaching 2 green sec officer while half a dozen antag running around sound like a good reason not to play hos. I experienced it, and i saw multiple hos experiencing it too, and i felt bad for em. Most of em hos got shanked and permanently removed from the round while the new bees doing whatever.

But yea on the otherhand, metagang sound just as bad, so… maybe do a visible extended once in a while for people to just learn roles they dont know yet, or new bees to learn how to be competent sec.

Antags get instant stuns, security does not. Security was nerfed by rules, SOP and space law to make it a reactive force.

When you don’t get instant stuns, and don’t get the first turn in combat since your hands are tied under threat of OOC punishment, it’s logical that the side with instant stuns and first move advantage will prevail regardless of your skill or experience.

Then you get HoS players that actively play to sabotage security efforts and defend antagonists. It’s all a mess.

Every time I see the fun-vampire sec players crying about HoS players stopping them ruining the round I feel great joy.

Your approach to and vision of security is fundamentally incompatible with any non-TG style server and I recommend you either go elsewhere or stop playing security.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make special rounds that focus around teching a certain skill ?
Like for exemple, proper techniques to be good sec, and organized robusting matches.
Some of these skills that can only be developped with proper training and not theory.
Because it is true that teaching these takes a lot of time that especialy the Security departement doesn’t have.
Or make a sec instructor or something.

I’m not sure what issues you’re dealing with, but we’ve never interacted in the game and I’ve never even seen you online.

In case you’re confused about what I’m referring to, it’s the players that start to talk in LOOC about how we should release this and that antag because they got caught by accident or too early. Then they start talking about shitsec.

New Bees literally don’t care enough to listen, I tried playing HoS and teaching them but it always ended up in me doing all the work because of several different reasons, examples: I teach them how to act, they get bored and go SSD; I tell them exactly what to do but they still do it the old way once I look away to do other stuff; They don’t care about RP and while they do realize the proper way to do sec work, they don’t RP upon it.

Overall extremely frustrating to babysit multiple new security officers, if you want me to teach them I need some actual people to do security work before they are ready to be at least good flesh cameras.

edit: I absolutely do not mean metagang security should also metacomm, that is a genuinely BS and overpowered way to basically have a blood brother implant via discord or such, I just meant that we could share information and try to play more security together to teach people to the point that they become naturals. it’s a childish suggestion but that is he best I can come up with, show instead of tell in my opinion is a better way to teach people something.

Your security instructor idea is extremely good, I would love to have a job to just teach new bees how to play instead of having to deal with command burdens or protecting brig/armory like warden.

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i have lost about 40% of battles as sec (which is a very good ratio) despite all the nerfs you mention. get good.

and also stop complaining about not being able to murder antage, jesus, that’s literally all you fucking do in life bro

You mistake my explanation of current status quo for complaining. I wrote to the original poster as to why the new players to security are unrobust, since the game is rigged against them.

I don’t appreciate you insulting me and making up lies yet again, but I also expect nothing less. You need help.

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I already made a suggestion about that but it did not gain any traction.
You can search for it on my profile.

don’t know if you know this but security gets an item called a “flash”, if you click someone with it they get stunned just long enough to put cuffs on them


That is very advanced and obscure technology!

You can’t expect


People with 1k hours

to know it.

Last time I tried to teach anything as HoS I just had a hurl of abuse thrown at me by my more inexperienced warden.

I don’t play HoS anymore.

Flash stops being usable after a while, since everyone (antags and non-antags) rush advanced sunglasses.

rushing advanced sunglasses as nonantag is powergaming and should be ahelped