Unknown Player report (Spindel craic)

CKEY: Snootypip

Your Discord: Beanslayer#4273

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: spindel craic

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (04-27-2022):

Round Number: 37720

Rules Broken: broke space law, ignoring captains orders, unlawful arrest

Incident Description: At the start of this shift I spawned as a sec officer and was doing normal patrols until Spindel craic signed on as the hos, me having negative player experiences with them I did not want to work under them so I decided to hand in all my stuff and ask hop to make me an assistant. the hop tho instead with the captain’s approval made me a mini head assistant giving me a lot of access to multiple places including bridge and command comms and allowing me to carry a full set of surgery tools and normal tools, the hos was informed of this as well over command comms about my new status. later in that round I was walking into engineering to get a set of upgraded tools from the engilaith that was littered with plasma tanks on it so I removed them by dropping them to the floor and started to print tools, the hos walking in saw me doing this and asked what I was doing and why I needed plasma, I told them I didn’t need plasma and I was printing tools but they just shot me with a tazer and cuffed me dragging me to brig saying plasma cans, (the small orange cans by the way, not the big ones) were “contraband and only allowed for mining and science” even tho they were empty cans printed from the engineer Laith, after me trying to explain what happened they ignored me completely and jailed me for 5 mins. later the captain came in and told the hos to let me go and that he authorized all my actions but the hos told the captain “your not overruling a 5 mins sentence you can join him if you want” and then the cap left, the hos also fully stripped me naked in the cell and confiscated all the stuff I was authorized to have. This honestly feels like grudge behavior based on previous negative interactions we have but besides that, it just felt like I was playing a no RP server in this interaction and I’m just tired of seeing sec that thinks they are allowed to do whatever.

Additional Information: on a side note just want to throw it in, my job was to keep the heads alive, that’s why I had tools to get into places and surgery tools including medical supplies and defibs and in the time i was in jail, the captain hop and rd all went off sensors, me finding out later the rd died and none of them made it to the shuttle, only the CMO and the hos did and the hos actually nearly killed the CMO with his gun while trying to shoot a swarmer that came through the portal he made to get onto the shuttle.


CMO here, can confirm this.
Though I did not get into crit, He could have stopped shooting after the 2nd shot. Or just close the portal as the swarmer was gone already.

Sidenote: I disabled him after like the 5th shot as I thought he was either a Ling or in Camo, as he also teleported in with which I think was the Traitor that killed the RD who had an E-dagger out which he ignored in favour of shooting the portal.


I legit thought they were shooting at you on purpose that’s why I said they were a ling because hos dropped off suit sensors along with every other head while I was in jail, you just never had your on to begin with. :neutral_face:

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Boops the snoot, I would rather not play this game with you. I am sick of you tiding against sec literally every round and trying to bait admin bans while acting like the biggest shitter in the world and throwing insults at me constantly. I have no patience for your idiot act and i am frankly sick of what is now the fifth time you start shit with sec, get tiny IC consequences, and immediately try to escalate to both murder and lying in ahelps.

If you quit as a seccie to become an assistant, you aren’t entitled to ANYTHING. You don’t get to keep your security gear, and you especially aren’t entitled to tide from department to department stealing surgery, science and engineering gear to add to your pile of powergaming loot. You lied to my face about the plasma tanks, lied to everyone else in a completely different way by denying you ever touched any tanks, and presumably you lied to the admins when you pulled your “If you don’t release me i’m going to PRAY REALLY HARD and the gods will MAKE YOU REGRET THIS!!!” bullshit (like you always do). This is not new behaviour for you and if you literally cannot handle getting 5 minutes in the brig and your science-surgery tools confiscated, frankly this game isn’t for you. The security players are there to play a game, they are not there to be abused by random griefers and forced to smile about it under threat of ban.

I didn’t teleport in, I ran in while explosions were happening elsewhere in the shuttle. This entire time I was deafened, I presumed everyone else was also deafened, and a portal opened up while swarmers pushed in. It was green alert and the laser guns were for swarmers only, so I wasn’t there to shoot traitors I was there to shoot swarmers - and it was killed by the lasers after a few missed shots (the hitboxes on consoles and carbons can be weird, and I didn’t know the portals blocked lasers at the time). Disabling me is fine, I figured you could take a laser or two with the first aid kits around and getting blue lasered and tabled isn’t that big a deal. Boops then using a (stolen) baton and (stolen) handcuffs after the swarmers was dead was uh, not that.

Clearly they have approval form the captain. You can’t sidestep the chain of command.

Plasma tanks are contraband if they have more then 30 moles of plasma in them. The empty tanks are not contraband as per the contraband page. Even if the tanks where full it’s still would not be contraband since they have engineering access making them authorized to have them.

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It seems it was grudge behavior then, I also was not demoted to assistant after I decided I didn’t want to work under you as a sec officer because I know how you “handle” things, I was promoted from sec to bridge assistant acting as a mini head of staff with auth and comms console access. you don’t rp in the slightest and only play to “win” by shooting before words are exchanged, in this current situation tho I was graced by at least one sentence before being completely ignored by you, shot down and sent to jail for literally nothing leading to at least 1 head dying (the rd) and 2 just dropping off sensors (cap and hop) that was my whole job to prevent that, that the hop and cap trusted me with.

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The funny thing about this was there was just a bunch of empty tanks on the laith that I spam picked up and dropped to print my tools, I never even held a tank for more than one second but yea according to the hos tho “plasma tanks are only authorized for mining and science” engineer and atmos players are going to be real upset when they find out they are getting jailed for 5 mins trying to set up sm, Iv also never even touched a plasma tank as a miner before so I’m not sure why mining would have access to them.

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A seccie grabbing all access and command comms does not allow them to stockpile bomb making gear and lie about it when caught. I don’t care about what the contraband page says, breaking rule server rule 2 is bad and hiding behind “but but but i am an all access seccie i am allowed to steal TTV bomb parts and surgical tools because i also quit and therefore do not have to follow space law” is 100% on its face horse shit. Again, they gave NO REASON why they were touching any of that shit when asked. They resisted arrest, lied to my face, threw insults around, and ICly begged for admin help.

There is a HUGE difference between an atmos tech or engineer using plasma cans to do engineering or atmos stuff, and a seccie who ‘demoted’ themselves to all access assistant tiding in and grabbing the same without even saying it was to move them out of the way as logs will no doubt show.

The heads died because I had no command comms, so had no direct communication with them. The reason for this is that you were bitching so hard on command comms (that you shouldn’t have had, being someone who signed up as regular seccie and quitting on round start) that I gave my headset to a random officer I found, telling them if anything important happens on command comms to fill me in. They didn’t, so I assumed it was more bitching. I used a regular security headset. That’s how fucking annoying and disruptive you were.

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You keep saying tiding in even tho I was given access and got a heads up from the CAPTAIN (outranks hos btw) to do so I really don’t see your argument here considering that if I wanted to make a bomb like you somehow think I was so hell bent on doing as a confirmed round start sec officer who can’t be antag then I could of simply asked for science access, also in no way did I break space law, I’m not sure why you think I did, all my actions were given the green light by the hop and captain because I asked both before doing anything. You also are saying i stockpiles bomb making gear? And say I’m lying about it but the only thing your basing this off of was the like 7 already printed empty plasma tanks scattered around engineering and the laith, if you really really thought I somehow was going to stuff all 7 of thoes tanks in my bag and made a bomb you could of called the detective to scan them and find out if I printed them but no instead you went with your alchohal poisoned gut and said naa fuck it brig. Your trying so hard to make it sound like I was grey tiding and did all this myself but literally everything I did the access and task I was given was per the hop and caps requests most of that round I was just watching them on cams and crew monitor console until I went to get the engineering tools.

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Access isn’t permission and if you sign up as seccie you should know that. That’s why I was using bullshit energy guns on the swarmers instead of the much more fun riot shotguns or ion cannons. I have access to lots of gear as HoS, that doesn’t mean I’m allowed to use it. Being allowed into engineering (in this case to charge my batons and hos gun at the engie sec outpost) is a privilege and not a right. If you want potentially dangerous shit from another department, you ask nicely and with the understanding that they’re placing trust in you. Don’t abuse it by grabbing powerful gear for mystery reasons and then complaining that people think you’re up to no good.

I do not give a fuck if you’re an antagonist or not. Antagonists are actually pretty universally always much friendlier than your non-antag play in any case. You kept doing weird tide shit, you kept yelling on comms about how shit sec was, and you kept touching potential murder gear that you have no excuse for having. This is not uncommon from you, I see this more often than I see your name in the manifest and you don’t try fucking with me for inane reasons.

Space law explicitly also applies to the captain and the hos is pretty much the only person who is entrusted with making sure the cap doesn’t flagerantly abuse it. You getting 5 minutes in the brig, your sec and top-tier science surgery gear confiscated is honestly you getting off incredibly light. I let you keep your all access card, your command comms, and I lowered the timer from the reccomended 15 minutes because you were too annoying to deal with.

I do not enjoy playing the game with you and I have no idea why you insist in following me around like a lost puppy and antagonising me constantly. I don’t know how much more explicit I have to be, I do not want to play the game with you please stop inserting yourself in sec bullshit when I play and trying to bait a ban. You do this constantly, and I wish that if you continue playing you get a new hobby like playing with the science or medical systems. Leave me out of it, and don’t contact me again.

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Guh, again not listening, I was given permission by CAPTAIN and hop not just access (you report to the captain btw he is your boss)


There was no law broken tho I had permission to carry the medical and repair equipment not murder gear because unless your counting overdosing someone on the meds I was carrying then I had no gear to kill someone with, you are the typical, it does 10 damage when I get smacked so it’s a weapon with the ability to preform surgery kind of person, cap said in his own words “I authorized his actions let him out” and you just ignored it, you blatantly broke the rules here in a pretty shitty way so I don’t how you think you didn’t. Ignoring chain of command, breaking space law by jailing me for literally just doing what I was told to by the captain and even when you got all the confirmation in the world you just ignored it because of metagrudging reasons you strait your broke 3 rules because you just don’t like me because I call you out on it.


Also I don’t do this in the slightest I in-fact wanted to be literally nowhere near you hence why I got a job change, but you insisted on interacting with me by jailing me for no other reason because you dislike me due to the large amount of confirmation you were given my actions were sanctioned by the captions approval.

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Also to this I never had a baton the cmo buttoned you and the hop gave me the handcuffs and a flash saying “this is standard self defense equipment given to heads, take them” and I handed in all my sec gear I forgot the satchel and my jumpsuit tho but they literally is just red version of normal stuff

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But this also brings up the question: Why would a Captain give a Security Officer requesting a demotion sweeping access to most (if not all) departments :thinking: ? A so called “mini head assistant” with the ability to “…carry a full set of surgery tools and normal tools”. If their job was to be a sort of Head of Staff doctor, they shouldn’t be grabbing upgraded engineering tools, and vice-versa if they were supposed to be Head of Staff Engineer (?) The purpose to “give assistance to heads of staff” as implied in the name sounds like a tider’s or valid-hunter’s best dream.

In my point of view, this may be going to far on the Captain’s part in creating a job with no clear (RP) purpose and only giving someone meta-protected more accesses. Only logs will tell how this elevated privileges (not even round-start given to the HoS or HoP) was used and if it was abused beyond what was reported.


All logs can confirm what happened and what I have been complaining about in this thread and I also never even used any of the tools I had, I patched the cap up with brute meds when he exploded once and that was about it most of that round I was looking through cameras on the bridge and fixing the lights

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That would be the captain’s fault, not the lizards’s fault. A separate report could probably be made for that.

Boops had permission and the IC reasoning. If spindel had a problem he should’ve gone straight to the person who gave boops this new job (if he didn’t already, there’s a whole lotta text in this thread)
not using this as a chance to soft-grief boops for the sake of his petty grudge.

im fairly sure hos also has the right to contact CC if he felt like they were overstepping their bounds. Not punishing somebody who was given a task to do who committed no crimes.

The main issue is that spindel metagrudged boops over past rounds and broke SOP/Space law to do so (in my opinion anyway)

I could be 100% wrong as this is just an opinion.
I‘m also not saying that boops is 100% in the right.

Also @DangerousVicious by your reasoning, plasmamen and slime people should also be arrested for having plasma cans, they’re “contraband” after all!


For this it was the hop who suggested it and the cap who allowed it I didn’t really know what access was on my card except for engineering bridge and medical I do know however I did not have security (not that I’d want to be in there with the hos anyway), I just ask to be an assistant because I was planning on going into cryo but the hop made it sound like a pretty neat job so I gave it a shot


Peanut posting on your own player report is not a good way to get this processed.


I’d like to point out that this is incorrect according to SOP, space law lethal policy and even common sense, you absolutely can use ion weapons against swarmers. That’s exactly why armory has those.