Unknown Player (Nightmare) Player Report

CKEY: Bieyes

Your Discord: bieyes/manitu#1733

Offender’s CKEY: amitech

Offender’s In-Game Name: ? Nightmare name: Mii`mahza

Server: Sage

Date: 2023 9 19

Round Number: 45906

Rules Broken: Antagonist Conduct (13) , No Metagrudging/Metagaming (14)

Incident Description: After an incident where the nightmare broke my fusion and killed itself and me, which was fine, after I argued with them after being angry about what they have done, they proceeded to say something along the lines of, ‘If I knew it was you who created the fusion then I would’ve 100% destroyed it anyways.’ Which is implying they would’ve metagrudged me for whatever reason if they knew I made the fusion (which they didn’t know when they destroyed it.)

The second incident is later after the nightmare got revived after being in the dark for so long (This is right after the last incident.) After some time, security engaged on the nightmare from the morgue and it fled. It fled into science maintenance where it proceeded to grab a plasma gas canister and break it so all of the plasma gas released. After making all the plasma gas release they proceeded to ignite it by breaking the light which they now clearly knew what they were doing and obviously wanted to kill the security chasing after them but instead created light which is against their orders and exposing the station to more light by leaving holes to space (which counts as light.)

Additional Information: Not really important but when I asked for their ic name in dchat they refused to give out the information, which is fine but could be counted as trying to stay anomalous to make it harder to find their identity?

I didn’t delete it?

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Author in this case is him.

He wrote it and deleted it himself.

Ah im stupid lol

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If You’re wondering what ic char name of offender is I recommend you checking this report:

Confirmed by logs.
Overall a ton of clicking peoples horizontal and meme says.

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