Unknown CKEY (Sandal) Player Report

In-game report:

   Title: unknown CKEY Player Report
   CKEY: Mc Mashugana

   Your Discord: Mc Mashugana#6627

   Offender’s CKEY: unknown CKEY

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Sandal

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 3-31-2021

   Round Number: 28392

   Rules Broken: R2, 5 Don't be a dick. Used deadly force and lethal weapon without any case of escalation

   Incident Description: So I became sentient potion spawn from Xenobiology and got lost by space wormhole anomaly. Got spaced with others so I decided to help one of the crew to go back to the station. Went all around the station and arrived in brig calling for help. The warden Sandal then killed me with lethal weapon without  even saying a word. The body I dragged for help was left behind never to be revived.

   Additional Information: This is what I was saying in front of the Sandal the warden before getting killed.

The bee (Mutagenic Agar) buzzes, “HELP.”
Sandal analyzes Snappy’s vitals.
The bee (Mutagenic Agar) buzzes, “DEAD PEOPLE IN SPACE.”
Gravitarmata Maxima flutters, “Uh.”
The bee (Mutagenic Agar) buzzes, “THIS IS ONE OF THEM.”
Sandal sniffs.
Gravitarmata Maxima sneezes.
The bee (Mutagenic Agar) buzzes, “ANOMALY.”
Sandal drapes the surgical drapes over Snappy’s chest to prepare for surgery.
Gravitarmata Maxima flutters, “Pretty sure i just saw the quartermaster float outside there.”
The bee (Mutagenic Agar) buzzes, “Took many to space.”
The bee (Mutagenic Agar) buzzes, “Anomaly.”
bee (Mutagenic Agar) has died at Transfer Centre.

did you check if he was tator?

Wardens cant be traitors.

Bees are not protected under space law, MRP might not know of the word “Valid”, but xenobio monsters can be disposed off without any thought.


Did the Xenobio monster do anything or was the Warden just being a cunt?

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Xenobio monsters do not always count as valid anymore. Unless they present an active threat or are actively hostile. You cant just (And shouldnt.) kill them for no reason. At least thats what i gathered from the rules. So i dont see any reason for the warden to kill.

Also Bees arent normal Xenobio spawns. At least not Chemical Bees. I think a Botanist gave you a Sentience Potion.


he was being a “cunt” I was saving people from space when they died spaced by anomaly. warden just shot me without even saying a single word

Where did you spawn when you became the bee? And who was your master? (The one who applied the sentience potion.)

He was a xenobiologist. and called me a son too. I dont remember the name sadly

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To defend the warden here

xenobio monster in brig without access
drags a corpse behind it somewhere

yeah, i get why he shot first and asked afterwards

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Odd. Chemical Bees arent normally xenobio spawns. He must have been doing some Apiary stuff.

Yeah i would say the warden was being a cunt since you were actively saving people and not a present and actively hostile threat.

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He never specified if he went in the brig though. And he was screaming for the warden to help the body.

“Went all around the station and arrived in brig calling for help.”
he did though.

Ok but that begs the question. How the hell did he get in the brig in the first place? Did the warden let him in then kill him? That makes no sense. If he broke in, how, he was a bee? If someone else open the door, why didnt they take the body?

Good question. There might have been a breach already that he slipped through maybe? OP has to be a little bit more detailed about this aspect I suppose.

I came from space. the place was already open via space.

Did you go through permabrig?

Also, who were you dragging? As in their job?

I was dragging the QM. I dragged right from the east to the station right to west. Saw the place open and it was where sec would kill people there by opening the room with shutters. I went to there cried for the warden and others for help but the warden replied by shooting me ignoring the body i dragged and never reviving it. I have no intention to harm why would why drag the body to be saved all the way round the station to tell the crew to save it and the others?

Yeah. I would say that warden was being a cunt here. He had no reason to kill you. You were saving people.

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Cringe warden

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