Um! unbased and bluepilled Yorpan admin report

In-game misconduct:

Title: Yorpan Admin Report

CKEY: AlbertBlackwell

Your Discord: AlbertBlackwell#7506

Offender’s CKEY: Yorpan

LRP or MRP server: lrp

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): n/a

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 08/09/2020

Round Number: 21005

Rules Broken (if relevant): rule 8
Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): admin bus uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh probably a few other things but cant tell until logs

Incident Description:

be me

hijack objective


boning away killing a ton of NPCs

some corgi comes up to me then does a time stop spell


slap the corgi a few times with a fireaxe

“why wont it die”

realise it’s name is eon the immortal corgi


“he prayed for himself to be killed so i gave him the opposite”


admin thinks it’s pretty funny

antag round in shambles because my bb cant get to my body because timestop

spaced by an immortal corgi


ahelp goes on, admin first says they weren’t immortal then later on says they were immortal until they started validhunting to which they gave them 1000hp


Additional Information: why also yes i am very salty.

@GameAdmin hide until round over thx


why is this unlisted?

Because round hadn’t ended

Did you get a token?


20202020202020202 characters

we live in a dark age this is even more proof…

@yorii please explain why you gave someone god powers and didn’t fucking gib them the second they started murderboning and breaking the rules?

A) I did.
B) They never actually killed anyone, they were only given non-harmful spells.

The moment it became evident they were attempting to impact the round in an unacceptable way I put a stop to it, and then went to investigate what parts of the round might have been affected.

At first I presumed the person they had managed to stop murderboning was a griefer since they were using the murder method of axing people in the head in the medbay, but as soon as I realized it was an actual antag trying to hijack the shuttle, I gave both him, and his BB partner, antag tokens.

I was all handled by the letter of the policy to the best of my ability, and anyone with access to the logs should be able to confirm this.

thats why you dont give people random “harmless” spells and an gigantic enormous health, seems like admin abuse to me…

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Player prayed to be ended, so I made him endless, seems like normal adminbus to me. But head admins can surely correct me if I’m wrong.

If nothing else it can hopefully serve as a precedent for where the line between adminbus and admin abuse actually goes.

admins really do be laughing in our face and saying “yeah it was adminbus, what are you gonna do about it”

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In my defense, I did not learn this all by myself, I only picked up the behavior from still active senior admins.

he gave him an antag token though
that’s like having 2 antag round instead of just 1 (also he was bb so bruh)

yeah this is really bad.

Why did you do this?


??? this doesn’t fucking add up, sounds like he killed someone

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You misunderstand, I meant I did gib them. And no the corgi did in fact not kill or even harm anyone, OP was killed by another completely unrelated player, but the Corgi’s spells were the major cause of their murderboning progress being halted, thus antag token was in order.

see edit, your story doesn’t add up. If they didn’t kill anyone then how did they space a guy?

Closing this for a bit to stop the peanut gallery forming